2017 Wrap-up, Part 1: Clean Energy Legislative Wins

Celebrating CEP’s Successes in 2017

We thank you for being a part of Clean Energy Project’s successful, exciting and busy year. We had a lot on our agenda throughout 2017, but we have been thinking of the past 12 months in two parts: the first half was dominated by CEP’s work with the Nevada Legislature to pass a record number of clean energy bills, and in July we immediately turned to relaunching the National Clean Energy Summit, which was held in October at the Bellagio. Along the way, CEP brought on a new executive director, Karen Wayland, new Board member and former FERC Chair Jon Wellinghoff, and a new Board Chair, Curt Ledford. We convened clean energy thought leaders and business owners around topical clean energy issues, partnered on a clean energy jobs report, made new investments in our creative and digital assets, and participated in national and state conferences on energy markets, economic development and corporate stewardship.

Over the coming weeks we will be posting a series of blogs outlining details of all our greatest hits of 2017 as well as conclude the year with an outline of what we hope to accomplish in the coming year.


Clean Energy Legislative Wins

Assemblyman Chris Brooks and Governor Brian Sandoval celebrate the signing of AB405

As a part of our year-end wrap-up, we will kick off our 2017 overview blog series with a piece about what became the “energy session” at the Nevada State Legislature.

As many of you already know, state policies in blue and red states alike have been driving the declining cost of renewables, the growing adoption of energy efficiency practices as well as the development of innovative regulatory and financing mechanisms to encourage clean energy. That is particularly true in Nevada, with much of Nevada’s strong growth as a clean energy hub credited to a history of smart state-level support through policies and incentives.

Building on this history, the Nevada legislature passed a record 11 clean energy bills in a remarkable show of bipartisanship. These bills restored the state’s residential rooftop solar industry with a groundbreaking compromise on net-metering rates, created new financing programs for energy efficiency and renewables, improved access to clean energy for low-income Nevadans, and created a clean-energy-first approach to energy planning in the state. Despite the veto of an increase in the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard and a community solar bill, the 2017 legislative session produced a suite of new laws that will grow the state’s clean energy economy and serve as models for other states. As Nevada’s leader in clean energy advocacy,

Las Vegas band BRUMBY testifies in support of clean energy before the NV Legislative Energy Committee

CEP worked closely with the bills’ sponsors on legislative language, educating the public and other legislators, and showcasing the business voice in support of the new policies. Clean Energy Project delivered more than 50 unique businesses to engage with lawmakers on clean energy bills during the 2017 legislative session. CEP also gave a presentation on the nexus between business development and clean energy policies to the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce and hosted a Legislative Update event with the legislature’s clean energy leaders, Assemblyman Chris Brooks and Senator Pat Spearman.


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