A Nevada Perspective: Solar Net Metering & Energy Storage

CEP Board Chair, Curt Ledford

Nevada is certainly at a crossroads when it comes to energy issues, and the people and businesses of Nevada are looking at more and more options when it comes to serving their energy needs.  In March, I was honored to be asked by Aaron Larson of Power Magazine to sit down and discuss some broad issues that Nevada is examining in the energy sector.  In the podcast, which just went live, Aaron and I discuss numerous energy issues that are native to Nevada, but could also affect the region and the nation as a whole, and various policies relating to the same.  

Included in the podcast is a timely discussion on battery storage and some brand new time-variant rates that the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada just adopted. These new rates follow the state’s policy established in Assembly Bill 405, passed in 2017, of furthering and expanding the deployment of battery storage throughout the state. I am optimistic that these new rates will help incentivize usage of new technology that could lower the rates for both customers and utilities alike. Storage also couples nicely with rooftop solar, providing a way for customers to use their green energy at different times of the day, which Aaron and I also discussed in detail.  

On the podcast, Aaron and I also went through the state’s tremulous past few years relating to the net metering, and I describe how AB 405 reset the state’s alignment in a way that fairly promotes household use of home-grown clean energy.  There is also a discussion on the energy choice initiative, and what that could mean for Nevada and the reasons why some customers have chosen to procure their energy from a provider of new electric resources in accordance with 704B – often in a way that uses more renewable energy than even required by the state’s renewable portfolio standard.  

I encourage everyone interested in energy issues, not just in Nevada, but all over the US, to listen and join the conversation about how we shape energy policy in the future.

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