About CEP


Clean Energy Project, Inc. (CEP) is a nonprofit, non-partisan organization dedicated to powering a cleaner, more sensible energy future through education and engagement with policy makers, business and community leaders, and citizens on the benefits of developing a clean energy economy.


What We Do

The goal of CEP is to grow the clean energy economy and create jobs through policy development. CEP compiles and promotes the economic benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy investments through public education events, such as the National Clean Energy Summit, community and business outreach, and media engagement. We do this by partnering with like-minded businesses and business-focused organizations, federal state and local government, and community organizations. CEP is a technology neutral organization and focuses on advancing the “business of clean energy”.



Since CEP’s inception, it has diligently worked to help educate policy leaders throughout the West as to the benefits of clean energy. In Nevada, CEP has seen clean energy large-scale project investments grow to more than $6.7 billion alone with 31 clean energy projects completed. Click here to learn more about clean energy investment in Nevada.

Due to its geography and climate, the Silver State has seen record per capita clean energy employment growth attracting thousands of new, high-paying jobs and remains among the top states for both solar and geothermal energy production potential.

To date, there are more than 31,000 clean energy jobs in Nevada with 2,700 being added in last year alone. Click here to read our 2017 jobs report, co-authored with E2 (Environmental Entrepreneurs).