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Undergraduate Energy Policy & Business Outreach Internship

The Clean Energy Project will be hosting a series of convenings about clean energy policies that will affect Nevada’s business community in the spring of 2018 to inform the Interim Legislative Committee on Energy and other policy makers. Meeting summaries and recommendations from these convenings will be incorporated into white papers. Working with CEP’s Executive Director and Director of Program and Communications, the undergraduate intern(s) will help organize these convenings by:

  • Drafting meeting announcements and pre-meeting materials;
  • Identifying possible attendees and speakers;
  • Coordinating meeting logistics;
  • Taking meeting notes;
  • Communicating with attendees before and after meetings; and
  • Writing summary materials.

Working with the graduate student intern and the Executive Director, the undergraduate interns will also help research the issue areas for convenings and help draft fact sheets and other materials to inform the discussions with the business community. Students must be able to devote at least 2 full days or 3 half days a week to the internship.

Application Instructions: Please send a resumé, cover letter and two references, academic or professional, to