NACEC Collaborates With Clean Energy Project To Release Unprecedented Principles For Nevada’s Energy Future

RENO (Oct. 12, 2016) – Nevadans for Affordable Clean Energy Choices (NACEC) collaborated with the Clean Energy Project to release an unprecedented set of updated principles to advance the state’s pioneering clean energy economy ahead of Nevada’s statewide vote on Question 3, the Energy Choice Initiative.

NACEC is a campaign formed to support the passage of the Question 3, which will appear on Nevada’s statewide ballot in November.

Question 3 is a ballot measure to provide Nevadans with options for cleaner, more affordable electricity and will create an opportunity for Nevada to lead the way on renewables, technology innovation, and consumer choice. The measure is expected to grow Nevada’s economy through clean technology job growth and innovative new businesses. Question 3 is backed by leading Nevada-based companies such as Switch, Sands, and MGM Resorts.

The new principles are:

●      Energy choice benefits – more clean energy, lower bills, improved energy efficiency and more – should be available to all consumers, from individual low-income users to the largest industrial customers and everyone in between.

●      Protection of Existing Customers – Any restructuring should ensure that existing customers, especially low-income Nevadans, are not left with increased costs when large users choose different energy providers. It must also ensure that stranded assets are dealt with fairly.

●      Renewable Energy Targets – A restructured energy market should require that all energy providers meet the renewable portfolio standard. Nevada should set a new long-term goal of achieving at least 80 percent clean energy by 2040, with interim milestones to steadily move toward cleaner energy.

●      Distributed Generation – A restructured energy market should allow for customers to install local clean energy with fair compensation that accounts for the societal benefits of increased Nevada jobs and economic development, reduced climate pollution and improved air quality and public health.

●      Energy Efficiency – A restructured energy market should ensure that all customers, regardless of energy provider, contribute appropriately to insure Nevada can increase its energy efficiency. Robust energy-efficiency programs should be offered, including significant options to enable low-income consumer access to energy efficiency measures.

●      Small-scale Community Choice – A restructured energy market should allow for programs like community solar (shared solar among neighbors and others) and community choice aggregation by municipalities and other entities.

●      Jobs – A restructured energy market should create good-paying jobs for Nevadans and should provide a fair transition for workers displaced by changes in the market.

●      Oversight – A restructured energy market must ensure that energy providers and energy distributors are adequately regulated to prevent market manipulation, price gouging and other unintended consequences. Nevadans must have a clear place to get information, file complaints and have problems remedied.

“Clean Energy Project, as an early supporter of Q3, strongly supports these principles that will guide the discussion of our new, open energy markets through continued collaboration with NV Energy, Governor Sandoval and the Nevada State Legislature”, said Jennifer Taylor, executive director, Clean Energy Project.  “These principles, serving as the foundation for Q3, will allow Nevada to maintain a grid-flexible energy system, while providing new and exciting energy choices for consumers large and small, a stronger path to clean energy implementation and adoption, innovation and technology advancements, and the opportunity to create high-paying jobs and increased investment, while helping to reduce Nevada consumer energy costs."  

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With deep roots in Nevada’s clean-tech revolution, the Clean Energy Project is Nevada's premier advocacy organization to educate civic, community and business leaders on the importance of smart, forward-looking energy policies that strengthen the State's economy and improve its environment.  

Nevadans for Affordable Clean Energy Choices is a campaign formed to support the passage of the Question 3, a ballot measure to provide Nevadans with options for cleaner, more affordable electricity and will create an opportunity for Nevada to lead the way on renewables, technology innovation, and consumer choice.

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