5 Best Lighting for Pantry Reviews with Buying Guide

by Malcolm Woods

So, you woke up from bed in the middle of the night, and your stomach just wants some food. You go in front of your pantry with ninja steps. There, all the Pringles and Lays. Awesome!

You turn on the light, and what, it's still dark. That leaves you with your poker face, doesn't it? Guess what? This is what happens when you use low-quality lighting in your pantry.

Now, you can keep using these junks, or we can help you get the best lighting for pantry in no time. Read the reviews, and you'll find the lighting system to illuminate your area.

Summary Table for Pantry Lighting

Need Quick Decision? Just Follow this table

Product Image Name Editor's Rating Price
Motion Sensor Light from URPOWER 4.8 / 5.0 Price Check
WOBANE Under Counter Light 4.8 / 5.0 Price Check
PeakPlus LED Wireless Motion Sensor Light 4.8 / 5.0 Price Check
Power Practical Luminoodle LED 4.5 / 5.0 Price Check
Albrillo LED Ceiling Light 4.6 / 5.0 Price Check

Benefits of Using Lighting for Pantry

Benefits of Using Lighting for Pantry
Benefits of Using Lighting for Pantry

Using LED lights for the pantry has plenty of advantages. Instead of choosing regular bulbs, sometimes it's a wise decision to get yourself this particular type. The advantages are as follows:

Easy to Install

Speaking of the installation process, LED lights are pretty much simple to set up or install. A lot of models are equipped with simple adhesive strips for easier installation. And guess what? The entire task will be successfully done within minutes!


Though LED lights for pantry maximizes illumination, it saves lots of energy to keep you always away from expending extra pence. INTERESTING!

LED Lights Are Aesthetic

Not just brighten up the surface, these lights play a significant role in enhancing the beauty of that place where you set it. The pantry, cabinet, closet, kitchen, or basement will appear to be more attractive if you add LED lights.

As Cheap As Chips!

Talking about the price range, you won't have to break the bank to get a super-efficient light for pantries. Most of these are comparatively cheap and last for a long period of time.

Our Top 5 Best Lighting for Pantry Reviews

Let's cut to the chase! Now, we are going to talk about some of the efficient pieces of lighting. These are ideal for pantries, cabinets, kitchens, and many more places. Give a read from head to foot to know which one stands head and shoulders from the others!

1. Motion Sensor Light from URPOWER

Motion Sensor Light from URPOWER
Motion Sensor Light from URPOWER

On the very first, we are featuring a super-duper motion sensor light from URPOWER. Durable, compact, versatile, you name it, the masterpiece right here equips A LOT OF striking features with advantages to make it the best pantry cabinet lighting out there in the current market!

First off, it's a battery-powered light that requires no additional wires or stuff like that. With its 4 pieces of AAA batteries, it's capable of saving time on charging and pulling. But unluckily, you have to purchase those batteries separately, which is the downside of it.

Here, you will get a motion detection system that works pretty well within around 10 feet.

Thankfully, the light will automatically turn off if the environment appears to be bright. The credit goes to the infrared technology along with the automatic sensor it comes with.

With a universal "cool white" color, each frame equips no less than 10pcs of lights to illuminate your beautiful pantry, closet, stairways, hallways, kitchens, workstations, garages, vanity mirrors, and so on. For ensuring better visibility, the model offers 3pcs together.

Even though the motion sensor light ensures maximum visibility, it will save enough cost to keep you away from spending some extras. Call it an ENERGY-SAVING pantry cabinet light!

You will be happy to hear that it requires no additional nuts or screws and professional techniques to make the job done! With the 3M rubber-metal plate it gets, it will be as easy as pie to stick-on anywhere you really want!

Highlighted Features

  • Requires 4pcs of AAA batteries
  • Motion detection system with automatic sensor
  • Illuminates the environment with its 10pcs of LED lights
  • The motion sensor light saves lots of energy
  • Needs a 3M rubber-metal plate with no screws or nuts
  • Ideal for pantries, cabinets, vanity mirrors, kitchens, hallways, stairways, etc.

2. WOBANE Under Counter Light

WOBANE Under Counter Light
WOBANE Under Counter Light

Do you prefer wired LED closet lighting more than battery-powered? If so, then you should get your hands on this one from WOBANE to illuminate a wide variety of surfaces in no time, including pantry, showcase, cabinet, bookshelf, TV back, kitchen, cupboard, desk, and many more.

With a total length of about 9.8 ft, this unique wired light is super bright and offers no less than 1500 lumen. The color it gets is the exquisite "cool white," engineered to take your pantry's outlook to a new level!

However, you can also choose the 'warm white' if you want. This will cost a little less as compared to our favorite 'cool white;' the ball is in your court now!

The best part? This little bomb right here has got a wireless remote. And guess what? The remote equips 17-key for dimming, timing off, brightness adjustments, rematch, and hot buttons. As you can see, everything will be under your thumb!

Even after keeping yourself 60 feet away from the device, you will be able to control the stuff pretty smoothly. With minimal voltage and heat, the item provides a UL-listed adapter to run this under counter light.

Speaking of the installation process, it's easy-peasy, and you will need just around a few minutes to make the whole job done. The model delivers straight connectors, cable holders, and U-style connections for easy installation.

Equipped with adhesive tape, the light is made of a screw-free design to keep your wall or furniture away from scratches or such types of things. For illuminating your pantry, kitchen, or even cabinet, it delivers 6 pcs of LED lights in total.

Highlighted Features

  • This under counter light gives 1500 lumen
  • Total length is around 9.8 feet
  • Offers two different options to choose from - warm white and cool white
  • Packs a wireless remote for optimum functionality
  • Cable holders, U-Style connections, and straight connectors for easy installation
  • Delivers 6pcs LED light to illuminate your cabinet, pantry, cupboard, desk, bookshelf, kitchen, TV back, and so on

3. PeakPlus LED Wireless Motion Sensor Light

PeakPlus LED Wireless Motion Sensor Light
PeakPlus LED Wireless Motion Sensor Light

So, you are hunting for the top-notch motion sensor light to brighten up your pantry in the best way possible, right? Well, have a look at this one from PeakPlus. With a stylish small-sized frame, it will be fitted to most of the surfaces, such as - closet, camping trailer, cabinet, kitchen, pantry, bathroom top, and stairway.

As for durability, the wireless motion sensor light's cover is made of top-quality aluminum alloy. It's 2 times more durable than the typical "cheap plastic." So, without a doubt, it will last easily for years at a stretch!

Unlike the low-end models, this one has got a specific motion sensor function. Consequently, the light will TURN ON if there is even a slight movement. Plus, it will automatically TURN OFF within seconds after no motion. Impressive, eh?

Well, good to know, the motion system works well within 10-17 feet. It keeps itself OFF when the surface is bright, or let's say it's daytime.

A single piece contains 10pcs LED lights for ensuring maximum visibility. In total, you are going to get 3 pieces of frame, and each requires 4 AAA batteries to run with efficiency. You will have to get those batteries individually.

It stands out from the crowd when we talk about the installation process. With its magnetic strip mounting system, the entire task will be done within just 2-5 minutes or so. But to be honest, you will have to change batteries frequently!

Highlighted Features

  • Equips 3 stylish pieces of frame, and each gets 10pcs LED lights in total
  • Automatically turns off when there is no movement, thanks to the motion sensorfunction it comes with
  • The light works pretty well within 10-17 feet
  • Each frame needs 4 AAA batteries
  • Effortless installation process
  • A great choice for pantry, kitchen, cabinet, camping trailer, etc.

4. Power Practical Luminoodle LED Push Lights

Power Practical Luminoodle LED Push Lights
Power Practical Luminoodle LED Push Lights

If you want to get warm white for your pantry instead of cool, Power Practical Luminoodle Lights is the way to go. The functionality of this model is a bit different as compared to our previous picks. Let's say there is a "click-on" option instead of the motion sensor.

Want to illuminate your kitchen while cooking mouth-watering foods? Well, this one has got your back! This super-bright LED light equips three frames to make sure of maximum visibility, and that too makes it one of the best pantry lights for kitchen. Each frame contains 18pcs LED lights.

However, you can also choose the warm white or even daylight white with 1 or 3 pieces of frame. The range of price will be different as well, keep in mind.

What about batteries? Well, it's powered by 3 AA batteries to make sure you can run the stuff for a long period of time without having much of a problem. Not only it's great for your kitchen, but this one can also be used on the pantry, cabinet, bathroom, wardrobe, shed, garage, and tough-to-reach areas.

Hopefully, you won't experience any kind of issue while installing it. With the 3M tape it packs, it will be way too easy to attach the stuff. But you have to stay away from providing heavy pressure while installing the light because the material it has used is not that durable!

Highlighted Features

  • A battery-powered LED light that requires no expert technique to install
  • Comes with a 'click-on' system to make it user-friendly
  • 3 pcs; each contains 18pcs lights in total
  • The light takes power from 3 AA batteries to illuminate your kitchen, cabinet,bathroom, wardrobe, garage, and so on
  • Packs a 3M tape for easy installation

5. Airand 5000K LED Ceiling Light

Airand 5000K LED Ceiling Light
Airand 5000K LED Ceiling Light

Whether it's your pantry, kitchen, stair, basement, balcony, or anything else, you will be capable of brightening up the lighting with the Albrillo LED Ceiling Light. Thanks to its stylish outlook with the reasonable price tag, which makes it outstanding and a top-selling model out there in the shop.

The thing that makes it completely unique is the 2-mode system it gets. On account of the feature, you can turn on the "motion sensor" mode or sometimes the "always-on" mode. It turns on immediately within 9-17 feet and turns automatically off within 30-40 seconds after no movement.

With a matte finish, this small-sized light is a better combination of plastic and aluminum to make it aesthetic and durable at the same time. Talking about the light color, you will get two options to choose from, including daylight white and warm white.

This energy-efficient light is just around 15W, and most importantly, it delivers 1200lm high brightness to light up the scary dark corners. What's the wow factor? Well, the LED light will run for no less than 30,000 hours, making you able to use it for years with no issues!

The way of installing it is a bit hassle, you will have to get screws, nuts, and a drill machine to fix it to the wall or where you want to attach it. This is why it's necessary to read the user manual before installing it in your home or basement.

Highlighted Features

  • Features a dual-mode system; "motion sensor" and "always-on"
  • Two different color options - daylight white and warm white
  • An energy-efficient ceiling LED light with a longer lifespan
  • Equips a matte finish and gives 1200lm high brightness
  • Ideal for basement, stair, balcony, kitchen, etc.

Comparison Chart Of Lighting for Pantry

Product Name Power Type Quantity of Batteries (If Included) Light Color
Motion Sensor Light from URPOWER Battery Powered 4 AAA Batteries Cool White
WOBANE Under Counter Light AC/DC Adapter - Cool White
PeakPlus LED Wireless Motion Sensor Light Battery Powered 4 AAA Batteries Cool White
Power Practical Luminoodle LED Push Lights Battery Powered 3 AA Batteries Warm White
Albrillo LED Ceiling Light Electric Powered - Daylight White

Things to Consider Before Buying Lighting for Pantry

Let's face it, more than hundreds of different models are available in the current marketplace when we talk about lighting for pantry. In that case, it will be not only challenging but also WAY TOO CHALLENGING to pick up the best lighting for pantry!

Say your stresses and worries bye-bye permanently since we are here to show you some of the necessary things that you should consider before getting the versatile, long-lasting, and reliable piece of the LED light. Stay connected!

Power Type

Before getting yourself a specific light for a pantry, it's a must to consider the power type. Around the shop, you will basically get two different options to choose from; battery-powered and electric.

Both of these types are energy-efficient. If you choose the electric one, you won't have to pay extra dollars for batteries, but installing this type is a real bummer to some users.

On the flip side, a battery-powered LED light is super-easy to install. Here, you won't have to be an expert, and you won't even need to call an expert to make the job done!

Color Variants

The color you will get will be two types - warm white and cool white. Choosing a specific one is a matter of priority. Some users prefer getting a deep and calm feel, which is why they always go with the warm white.

On the contrary, most of the users think the cool white is brighter and ensures more visibility. In our opinion, it's all up to your choice!

Motion Sensor Technology

According to more than 95% of users, the motion sensor is a must-have feature. It will turn the light instantly "on" if there is a motion nearby the light. Also, if there is no movement, the light will automatically "turn off" within just a few seconds.

Considering these benefits, we suggest having the one with motion sensor technology. But in case you are on a limited budget, it is okay to choose the one that equips a click-on system to easily start it up.

Easy to Install

We all don't want to spend hours and hours installing or setting up a specific device. And when it comes to the lighting for a pantry, it should also be pretty simple to install. Fortunately, most of our picks out there are relatively simple to attach or set up, and these will take only a few minutes or so for installation.

If you are very new, then we don't suggest having electric-powered lights; guess why? Because you will have to get screws, nuts, drills, and most importantly, some technical knowledge. But if you still require electric types, feel free to call an electrician.


You will be happy to know that the LED lights are the best way to go when we look at the most energy-efficient options. Most of these use a short amount of voltage and watts in order to save heaps of energy even after delivering maximum light.

The items we have mentioned above are very well-known for their energy-saving capability.

How to Install Lighting for Pantry

Installing the lighting for pantry is not rocket science. However, it's necessary to learn the basics to make the job successfully done. If you don't want to take any kind of risk while installing, make sure to follow our below-mentioned guide:

Installing Strip Lights

First off, you have to select the right LED strip lights. Checking the brightness is the first and most important thing. The brighter is always better if you are wondering about using this light for illumination. On the flip side, it's okay to pick the less intensive strips for decoration.

The way of installing an LED strip is straightforward and comparatively easy. Make sure to take the measurement of your pantry, as well as where you are going to attach the lights. According to that measurement, you have to cut off LED strips.

As we know, almost every strip light equips adhesive back along with a cover on the peak. This will be more than enough for pantries, cabinets, or closets. But if the surface seems kind of rough, you can use extra adhesive.

After completely setting up the strip, you can plug it into your nearest power outlet and turn the switch "on." There it is! The entire process will take no more than 15 minutes, as we guess.

Note: A few strip lights are included with screwed-in clips for making a better attachment to the pantry. If the task needs hardwiring, it's much better to take help from technicians.

Installing Puck Lights

Keep in mind, when you are going to install puck lights, it's essential to gather some of the necessary things, including screws, nuts, saws, drills, and such types of equipment.

While installing, make sure to fasten the mounting cap with some screws. The next job is to twist the LED light onto that cap for safe or secure installation. If you are not that good at drilling job, it's a wise decision to take assistance from expert electricians.

Before mounting the puck light, ensure to get a hole saw to cut through the pantry very carefully. After that, your duty is to fasten the mounting cap with some screws. The power hub (which joins the light with the power outlet) should be mounted under the pantry.

In order to ensure a more aesthetic outlook, you can keep lights on the front face of the pantry.

Best Lighting for Pantry Frequently Asked Questions

1. What color should I choose for a pantry?

The cool white suits best with pantry and modern kitchen decors. It will look pretty awesome and improve the visibility of that place. However, you can also go with warm white if you prefer a deep and calm environment.

2. Which one is the best LED lighting for basements?

In our opinion, you should get your hands on the Albrillo LED Ceiling Light, which is the best LED lighting for basements.

3. What's the difference between strip lights and puck lights?

In a nutshell, strip lights are equipped with a specific adhesive magnetic strip to install the light pretty smoothly. On the other hand, puck lights require screws, nuts, and some other equipment for installation.

4. How many types of lighting are available in the current market?

Usually, you will find a wide variety of different types these days. But the common and most popular types are - LED, XENON, Fluorescent, and Halogen.

5. How long does an LED light for pantry last?

It depends on how you actually treat it. Generally, LED lighting for pantry will last for 5-6 years with proper maintenance.

Bottom Line for Pantry Lighting Buyers

So that was all about the best lighting for pantry. We hope now you are strongly capable of picking up the right one in order to illuminate your closet, cabinet, kitchen, and most importantly, pantry. From the options we have mentioned above, any of one can be your ultimate purchase!

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