Top 5 Best HTPC Case Reviews with Buying Guide 2022

by Malcolm Woods

Many people these days are planning to build a home theater PC in their home. Home theater pc- HTPC, for short, is a novel way of getting the full functionality of a personal computer in your living room. It also provides unlimited access to a variety of digital content from many sources.

To have the perfect HTPC experience, you need a quality case. The best HTPC case is the one that will fit into your living room without looking awkward and out of place.

So today, we're going to talk about the five top HTPC cases that will surely change your living room experience for the better.

Top HTPC Cases 2022 by Editors

Summary Table for HTPC Case

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Product Image Name Editor's Rating Price
Cooler Master HAF XB EVO 4.5 / 5.0 Price Check
Fractal Design Node 202 4.5 / 5.0 Price Check
SilverStone Technology SST 4.8 / 5.0 Price Check
Antec Value Solution Series 4.8 / 5.0 Price Check
Silverstone Grandia Series 4.5 / 5.0 Price Check

What Is HTPC Case and Benefits of Using HTPC Case?

What Is HTPC Case and Benefits of Using HTPC Case?
What Is HTPC Case and Benefits of Using HTPC Case?

HTPC, also known as the home theater PC, is a common way to enhance the living room media experience. You're adding a computer's functionality with the media viewing experience we've all come to expect.

Many people these days are canceling their satellite TV subscriptions in favor of digital content. Digital contents are readily available; they can be seen anywhere and in high definition.

There are many self-contained solutions for watching digital content from the internet- apple TV, amazon fire TV, Google Chromecast, to name a few. They offer excellent service and provide plenty of content to watch. But for those who want more control over their media experience, HTPC is a superb option.

An HTPC case, also known as a home theater pc case, is an enclosure for the pc sitting in the living room. All the components of your pc will be kept inside the case.

Also, it keeps them safe from dust, humidity, and other harmful components. Moreover, you will be ensured that the thermal output of your pc remains at the peak.

The case is a significant consideration for an avid HTPC builder because HTPC case will provide you functionality, style, and performance and will offer storage and optical drive options as well as multiple ports.

As a result, you can seamlessly connect your monitor and sound system with your HTPC without any trouble.

Our Top 5 Best HTPC Case Reviews

HTPC cases come in different sizes, forms, and functionalities. But not all of them are the same- different cases are suited for different types of people. We're bringing out the five finest HTPC case reviews so that you can make an intelligent purchase decision.

Our Top 5 Best HTPC Case Reviews
Our Top 5 Best HTPC Case Reviews

1. Cooler Master HAF XB EVO

Cooler Master HAF XB EVO
Cooler Master HAF XB EVO

The Cooler Master HAF XB EVO is undoubtedly a perfect gaming case for HTPC. Due to its versatile nature, this case has earned a mass-market appeal and is considered among the HTPC cases.

Its entire construction is made from steel and polymer, with the front panel containing a mesh finish. It is a mid-tower case that supports up to ATX motherboards.

You can easily remove the motherboard tray for installing, pulling, and swapping new components. Fitting a tower CPU cooler with a 180 mm limit to height is like a piece of cake.

The case also has support for up to four SSD/HDD, and they can be swapped using the HDD cage. With seven expansion slots at your disposal, you can easily install your favorite graphics card, LAN card, or any expansion you can think of.

Rigid carry handles on the side provide mobility for the case. It has an outstanding thermal output - it can support up to 4 fans. You can even install one 240 mm radiator for exceptional airflow. This is undoubtedly the best HTPC gaming case available now. For someone who wants to game on an HTPC system, this case should be a top priority.

Highlighted Features

  • It supports up to 4 fans and a 240 mm radiator for an excellent thermal design.
  • For better expansion, this case supports up to ATX motherboards.
  • Easily swappable motherboard tray for easy access to components.
  • 4 Hard disk drives or SSDs can be inserted onto the case.
  • Both sides have carry handles for increased mobility.

2. Fractal Design Node 202

Fractal Design Node 202
Fractal Design Node 202

This pc case was built with only one thing in mind - minimalism. The Node 202 is a beautifully designed case with a very compact design and is so convenient that you can place it anywhere.

In our list, it is the only HTPC case with power supply built-in. The sleek design makes it attractive to put between the TV in the living room or office desk. You can keep this both horizontally and vertically for added mobility.

For a minimal footprint, this case maintains a volume of only 10.2 liters. Moreover, it has a brilliant interior design up to its sleeve - the graphics card and motherboard compartment are separated. The air filters keep the interior dust-free.

Mini-ITX motherboards are compatible with this case. It also has support for SFX power supplies and can support GPU up to 310 mm in length. This is a quiet HTPC case with its intelligent fan design that creates the slightest sound possible.

For anyone looking for a small build that does the job, the Node 202 might be your choice.

Highlighted Features

  • It has a small footprint- 10.2-liter volume for mobility.
  • Contains air filters for a dust-free interior.
  • Intelligent thermal design: GPU and motherboards are placed in separate chambers.
  • The case supports mini-ITX boards for a smaller footprint.
  • Can easily keep up with 310 mm expansion slots so that you can install full-sized graphics cards easily.

3. SilverStone Technology SST-GD09B-USA

SilverStone Technology SST-GD09B-USA
SilverStone Technology SST-GD09B-USA

If you're planning to buy a small-sized case to fit inside your home theater cabinets - this should be on your lookout. You can add components to it to make a good HTPC gaming pc.

The positive air pressure design keeps the dust away from the interior. ATX motherboards and expansion cards are supported.

Moreover, the case also comes with quick access filters as well as drive cages with multi-purpose mounts to eliminate the need for adapters. The quick access filter is included with the case.

It is probably the best ATX HTPC case for looks and thermals, with an incredible 358 mm depth. You can fit it easily within any space - inside your home theater cabinet, besides your TV.

Highlighted Features

  • Contains a positive air pressure design for extra cooling.
  • For better expansion, this case supports up to ATX motherboards.
  • Incredible 358 mm depth for an easy fit into home theater cabinets.
  • Easy accessible graphics card vent for swapping on the go.
  • The case generates low noise and provides good heat output.

4. Antec Value Solution Series VSK200-U3

Antec Value Solution Series VSK200-U3
Antec Value Solution Series VSK200-U3

Antec VSK200-U3 is a notable addition to the HTPC market for its slim outlook and compact size. This mid-tower case is compatible with up to micro-ATX motherboards. The VSK200-U3 supports one 3.5 inches hard disk drive, one optical drive, and one 2.5" SSD.

There are four expansion slots in this case. A plastic stand is included if you want to keep it upright, along with four rubber feet to protect the shelf from getting accidental scratches. TFX form factor PSUs are supported for power input.

The best feature of this case is the tool-less, quick-release ODD/HDD housing system. This will enable easy installation and swapping of hard disks without the use of any tools. A 92 mm temperature-controlled fan is added for extra cooling. You can also install a CPU cooler up to 65 mm in length.

Because of its modest size, this case cannot be used with a full-size graphics card. Smaller-sized graphics cards up to 200 mm in length can be added easily. Antec VSK200-U3 has support for one ODD, one HDD, one SSD, and support for TFX form factor PSU.

Highlighted Features

  • The case is designed to fit inside compact spaces.
  • Can support motherboards up to micro-ATX for a smaller footprint.
  • The 92 mm fan provides enough cooling and temperature control.
  • It has a tool-less quick-release mechanism for easily swapping HDD/ODD.
  • The included base allows for vertical installation.

5. Silverstone Grandia Series GD06B

Silverstone Grandia Series GD06B
Silverstone Grandia Series GD06B

The Silverstone Grandia GD06B is one of the best media PC cases available on the market. It is a well-made efficient casing for all your HTPC needs. Small size and low form factor allow it to accommodate into any home theater cabinet easily. The case feels relatively sturdy and well built for its size.

Up to micro-ATX motherboards are supported, enabling you to expand the system with more cards and functionalities. Seven expansion slots are present with two hot-swappable drive bays.

There are three silent 120 mm fans included with the case for maximum airflow and thermal output. You can add two extra 80 mm fans as well. The case provides support for up to four 3.5" HDD and 2.5" SSD for maximum storage. We recommend this product as the overall best case for HTPC.

Highlighted Features

  • Small size allows for easy integration into any home theater cabinet.
  • It can support up to two full-size graphics cards up to 11 inches.
  • Three silent 120 mm fans are included with the case.
  • You can insert up to four 3.5" HDDs/ 2.5" SSDs
  • The case ensures positive air pressure for exceptional cooling and dust prevention.

Comparison Chart Of HTPC Case

Name Dimension Motherboard Support Expansion Slots Drive Bays Front I/O Panel
Cooler Master HAF XB EVO 17.4× 13× 16.7 inch Up to ATX 7 6 USB 3.0 ×2 & Audio
Fractal Design Node 202 13.07× 14.84× 3.46 inch Mini ITX 2 2 USB 3.0 ×2 & Audio
SilverStone Technology SST-GD09B-USA 17.32× 14.09× 6.69 inch Up to ATX 2 2 USB 3.0 ×2 & Audio
Antec Value Solution Series VSK200-U3 18.6× 15.9× 7 inch Up to Micro ATX 4 3 USB 3.0 ×2 & Audio
Silverstone Grandia Series GD06B 17.32× 13.39× 5.91 inch Up to Micro ATX 7 4 USB 3.0 ×2 & Audio

Things to Consider Before Buying HTPC Case

There lies some stuff that you need to consider before you buy an HTPC case. Everyone has different priorities, and so other cases have different feature sets to match that priority. So we're going to list all the stuff you need to take into consideration while you buy an HTPC case.


What size case fits your needs might be one of the topmost priorities while buying an HTPC case. Everyone has different styles of living rooms and different needs. You can buy a slick and slim case with limited space for an easy fit, or you could sacrifice mobility and size a bit for a more powerful pc.

Build Quality

Not every case is made with the same materials. Different cases have different structures and build quality. You should check for the best quality of cases within your budget. A case with good structural integrity and build quality will serve you well for a long time.

Thermal Output

Thermal output is one of the biggest things that should guide you in your purchase decision. Evey pc component radiates heat, and you need to get that heat away for the maximum output.
If you want a slimmer case, you have to sacrifice a powerful component for a cool and quiet system. Or you can get a bigger case for more thermal headroom.


Motherboards are the heart of your system that will connect every component. If you plan to make a small size pc, go with a mini-ITX or micro-ATX motherboard. For a better opportunity for expansions and functionality, go with an HTPC case ATX.

Storage and Optical Drives

Your case should have storage for optical drives like Bluray or DVD drives to fit. And you need hardware space to save digital content.


Make sure your case has enough USB and audio outputs. Other peripherals like wifi, Bluetooth is necessary for connecting to the internet and using wireless mice and keyboards.

Expansion Slots

If you're planning to add your favorite graphics card to your HTPC, don't forget to ensure that it has enough space and enough PCI-e expansion slots. HTPC cases are usually smaller and don't have the room needed. For adding a GPU, make sure to keep the number of expansion slots in your head.

Cooling Solution

To keep your components cool, you can go with various cooling solutions. You can add extra fans for optimum airflow. Liquid cooling solutions and radiators can do wonders when it comes to proper cooling. But liquid coolers are harder to maintain.

Dust Filters

Dust filters are a great way to keep the dust out from the inside. Dust can and will accumulate over time without the dust filter. Make sure your case has one or buy one for the case.

HTPC Case Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an HTPC?

HTPC is called a home theater pc that sits in your living room for an enhanced viewing experience.

2. What is an HTPC case?

An HTPC case is an enclosure for your pc component. The case sits beside your tv or in the office room.

3. Do I need a graphics card for my HTPC?

If you're only watching media content like movies, then you don't need any graphics card for your HTPC. But for playing games, you need one.

4. Do I need small cases for HTPC?

If you plan to look sleek and stylish, a small case will suit your goal. But for maximum output from your pc, you need a more oversized casing.

5. Should I get an HTPC instead of an apple tv or amazon fire tv?

This decision depends on you. You may want to have a more customized experience with seemingly unlimited content to watch. Then go for an HTPC. And you can watch all the streaming services from your HTPC too.

Final Words for HTPC Case Buyers

If you have reached this part of the article, then you have enough knowledge about HTPC already. We have tried providing you with reviews for the best HTPC case.

HTPC can be a great addition to enhancing your living room experience. There are so many HTPC cases available on the market. Not all of them are built equally, and every single one of them is targeted at a specific niche. They have different feature sets for different types of customers.

If you know what to look for while buying, a good HTPC case will serve you for a long time.

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