How to Use iPhone Mic on PC? [Easy Way]

by Malcolm Woods

Did your headphone suddenly start malfunctioning? Are you looking for a good alternate way to use a mic? Then we have just the solution for you. Many of you who own iPhones do not know that an iPhone mic can be used on a PC.

This makes video calls convenient for those who work with audio files and more importantly, you ensure a backup in case of any emergency. Continue reading to find out how to use iPhone mic on PC so that you may stay better informed of a much-used hack.

Why Should I Use My iPhone Mic on a PC?

 IPhone Mic On A PC
IPhone Mic On A PC

There are no particular reasons why you should use your iPhone mic on your PC. But it is always better to be informed of technological hacks that may come in handy in case any malfunction occurs.

Current circumstances of the world have transformed our work and study lives in many ways. Numerous events, processes, and meetings are now being delivered online which leads to many of us work and create from home.

In order to know about backup measures in case any aspect of your mic malfunctions, it is wise to know of some hacks that can surely come in handy.

Many of you may want to make recordings to use in your own blogs, vlogs, business, or social media accounts. If you are on a low budget but want good audio to support your content nonetheless, then surely you will love to learn and apply this hack.

Professional quality microphones are sure pretty expensive and using your iPhone as a mic is a great way to save some money.

How Can I Use iPhone Mic on a PC?

How Can I Use IPhone Mic On A PC?
How Can I Use IPhone Mic On A PC?

Without further ado, let us take a look at the way you can use iPhone mic on a PC. For your convenience, we have written it in such a way that is easy for you to follow.

Use the App 'Megaphone'

 Use The App 'Megaphone'
Use The App 'Megaphone'

Megaphone is a user-favorite app and a go-to for people who want to use their iPhones as a mic. This may get a little confusing as there are more than one apps named 'Megaphone' in the App Store.

We recommend you either download the 'Megaphone: Voice Amplifier' by Smudge or 'Megaphone Live' by Von Bruno. This surely is the easiest and can be called the most followed path when it comes to using iPhone as a mic.

You will also need an audio cable to connect your iPhone and the PC. Which cable you will need depends on the model of your iPhone. For iPhone 6 and earlier, a 3.5 mm aux audio cable will work perfectly.

For iPhone 7 and later models, you can use the same cable if you have an Apple lightning to 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter.

  1. Download either of the apps from the App Store and install it on your phone
  2. Launch the app on your phone
  3. Connect one end of the cable to your PC and the other one to your phone
  4. Launch the sound settings on your computer. Choose 'Microphone' from the list and speak on your phone. You will see some green signs. If they move, you are good and ready to go!

In the event that this does not work, there are other methods you can follow though they are a little longer and take a little more time to follow.

Take a look below to know more about the steps:

  1. Close the app and launch it again
  2. A lot of users say that turning up iPhone volume all the way works for them
  3. In the app, turn the mic on. This also has been proven to be helpful.
  4. Now you need to follow some very easy steps. Go to Control Panel > Ease of Access > Set Up as a New Microphone. Select 'microphone' from the list and make necessary adjustments depending on your preference. And you are done!

Recording Tips and Tricks

Recording Tips And Tricks
Recording Tips And Tricks

Though this is a great way to save some money and use your iPhone as a mic, you will still not get as good results as you would have if you had used a professional mic. Below, we have included some tips to make sure that even when you are using your iPhone as your mic, you can get the best outcome possible.

  • You can put a cloth over the top of the phone to reduce noise and make sure that alphabets like B, P, and V sound less popping.
  • Close all the windows and doors before doing any recording. iPhone mics are of good quality but will pick up outside sound which will worsen the quality of your recording.
  • A great hack that is often used by a lot of people is recording right in the middle of the room. That way, you will be away from the walls and there will be less echoing.
  • To avoid echoing or acoustic reflection, another thing you can do is record your audio in a room that is big.
  • Turn off any machine that will otherwise worsen the quality of your audio. Examples include but are not limited to air conditioners, air filters, tables or ceiling fans, etc.
  • Try to keep the iPhone still while you are recording otherwise the final audio file will have noise. Many people use a camera stand or a selfie stick for this.
  • Turning up your iPhone volume all the way up helps get a better signal and record clearer audio.

Final Words on How to Use iPhone Mic on PC

Final Words on How to Use iPhone Mic on PC
Final Words on How to Use iPhone Mic on PC

Now you know how to use iPhone mic on PC effectively and successfully. We hope you have a good time creating and spreading content that brings you and many others joy.

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Malcolm Woods is a blogger who enjoys writing about technology and solar power. He has a passion for learning new things, and loves to share his knowledge with others. Malcolm is also an advocate for sustainable living, and believes that everyone has a responsibility to do their part in preserving our planet.

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