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Clean Energy Project

One of Nevada's newest industries, marijuana, is finding greener ways to grow its green.

29 Aug

Clean Energy Project

Transportation is now the largest emitter of carbon in the U.S. Here's why that's good and bad.

26 Aug


@NVEnergy @UrbanChamber goal for 2017 is 10k energy audits to help with customer energy efficiency. Great for customers & EE industry.

26 Aug

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Guest Blog: Clean Energy – The Key to Energy Independence

by Stephanie Kline, Operation Free Member & United States Marine Corps Veteran

Now that both political party conventions are over and our country is shifting into full election season, it’s important to reflect upon the values we share in common—our freedom and independence chief among them. These ideals often invoke cheers for our troops for the sacrifices they make. While certainly not an incorrect response, as a Marine veteran, I often find it feels incomplete. 

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Guest Blog: Summer Energy Efficiency Tips

by Les Lazareck, Home Energy Connection

As we plunge deeper into summer, many Nevadans are experiencing higher utility bills. Here are some tips to help you conserve energy and conserve funds. 

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UPDATE: Nevada's New Energy Industry Task Force

Last Thursday, Governor Sandoval's New Energy Industry Task Force (NEITF) met to hear policy recommendations and decide what will be presented to the governor.

Clean Energy Project Executive Director and Vice Chair of the Clean Energy Sources Technical Advisory Committee, Jennifer Taylor, and Jeremy Susac, Chair of the Distributed Generation and Storage Technical Advisory Committee presented recommendations to the task force for votes.

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