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All the while adding #renewableenergy to the grid! #CleanEnergy can help keep rates low!

28 Apr


Thank you @LVchrisbrooks & @Senatorspearman for helping us educate Nevadans about these important issues!…

27 Apr

Clean Energy Project

Governor Brian Sandoval's Committee on Energy Choice met for the first time yesterday. CEP's Executive Director Jennifer Taylor will be heading up the Innovation, Technology, and Renewable Industry Development sub-committee. So what does "Energy Choice" mean for the Silver State? The Nevada Independent has the scoop.

27 Apr

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CEP's Favorite Things at CES 2017

Every January, just after the record crowds from New Year's depart, Las Vegas refills with hundreds of thousands of people and the latest gadgets and gizmos. Electronics enthusiasts pack the Las Vegas Convention Center’s halls to see and test new drones, cars, smart devices and more. This year, Clean Energy Project roamed the halls in search of the latest in energy efficiency and clean tech. Here’s our top 5:

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The Future of Clean Energy Under Trump

Since Donald Trump’s surprise White House win on Nov. 8 and with each new Cabinet pick, environmentalists and clean energy advocates have been wringing their hands. What does a Trump administration mean for the future of renewable energy? 

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Veterans Day Guest Blog: The Cost of Doing Nothing

by Nevada State Senator Pat Spearman

“Stores are closed. Cell service is failing. Broadband Internet--gone.

Hospitals are operating on generators, but rapidly running out of fuel.  Garbage is rotting in the streets, and clean water is scarce as people boil water stored in bathtubs to stop the spread of bacteria; planes can’t fly, trains can’t run, and gas stations can’t pump fuel. This is the “nightmare scenario” that lawmakers have been warning you about.” (The Hill, May 2015)

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