Best Hydrofoil for Outboard Motor Reviews By An Expert

by Malcolm Woods

If you've never enjoyed a smooth boat ride -especially on turbulent seas, or experienced the bliss of flawlessly maneuvering your boat on the ocean, you have no idea what you've been missing. The good news? You are about to be initiated into this life of bliss and ease.

And guess what? Hydrofoils are the highlights of this blissful boat experience.

Sure, they look like they don't make much difference in your boating experience. Ironically, they are the game-changers. They spice up your boating experience without even trying.

You just need one trial, and you are hooked for good. So, how about you follow me on this journey? Let me take you through the in and out of the best hydrofoil for outboard motor.

Top Hydrofoil for Outboard Motor by an Expert

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Let's dig in.

What Is a Hydrofoil?

What Is a Hydrofoil?
What Is a Hydrofoil?

Before we dive into the depth of this article, how about we back up a bit? Let's understand certain words. Don't worry! We would address these jargons in a reader-friendly language. Just be with me.

First off, what is a hydrofoil? Well, it is simple. A hydrofoil is similar to the aerofoil. Remember the wings-like plate in airplanes? Yes, those are aerofoils. The only difference is that engineers clamp them to the hull of boats and ships to achieve certain results.

Let's drop the vocabulary and big words for a minute. Simply think of hydrofoils as wings for boats and other watercraft. It is the key to making them fly. Yes! They fly; at least, they stay above the water surface.

Generally, whenever people clamp hydrofoils to boats, it is usually to enhance speed and conserve fuel. The process of using hydrofoils to boats is known as foiling technology.

As earlier stated, hydrofoils are the wing-like material beneath a fast-moving boat or an outboard motor. They are just the plate attachment. However, people now call ships or boats with that wing-like attachment, Hydrofoils. In other words, any watercraft that operates with hydrofoils are called hydrofoils. Get it?

No doubt, hydrofoils are versatile tools. You can attach them to a lot of watercraft. Some of these watercraft include wakeboards, ships, boats, outboard motors -which is our concern in this article, etc.

A little history, quite a few engineers made attempts at inventing hydrofoils. But, only one of these engineers was successful with it. His name, Alexander Graham Bell. And yes, he's the same guy that invented the telephone.

Now that you know what hydrofoils are let's address the question: where can they be used? This part is smooth and quite predictable. For starters, hydrofoils are used on the sea, attached to boats. Hence, most fishers use hydrofoil boats for fishing.

But, using hydrofoil boats to fish alone underplays its abilities. Here's what I mean: Thanks to its speed, hydrofoil boats can be used for a lot of purposes.

For instance, they have been used as lifesavers, especially when it comes to using them as cargo carriage. We've all been in situations where your cargo doesn't get to its destination in time.

Well, guess what? That doesn't have to keep happening with hydrofoil boats. Since the boat got an upgrade - wings, the speed it operates at is quite unmatched.

But I warn you! Hydrofoils might look small. They might even seem like they don't make much difference. However, their benefits and the huge difference they make would blow your mind. Let's dive deeper into it.

What Are the Benefits of Hydrofoil for Outboard Motor?

Remember: Hydrofoils are not only attached to ships. They are also used with different watercrafts, especially outboard motors. And the benefits? Well, they are a lot and we'll look into them.

1. Better Boat Performance/ Increased Speed.

First off, let's quickly touch on why hydrofoils are attached to boats. The answer is simple. Boats can drag in water as you drive them because they are weighty.

But, hydrofoils reduce the dragging by raising the boat or watercraft above the water surface. The effect? Your boat runs with more speed.

Hydrofoils and outboard motors are two things that go well together. Most especially because you would feel the impacts of hydrofoils more on outboard motors than on any other watercraft, especially if your boat is small.

In other words, attaching a hydrofoil to your outboard motor on a smaller boat results in an obvious performance boost. It is generally a great money saver, especially on boats that cost nearly a fortune -or not.

2. Fuel Efficiency

Hydrofoils on outboard motors effectively manage your fuel consumption. What do I mean? Let me show you. Without hydrofoils, your boat tends to drag in the water as it moves.

This dragging significantly increases the fuel consumption of your boat. That means more expenses for you. So, you're likely to purchase fuel almost every time you have to use the boat.

However, hydrofoils present a much better way to go about this. How does this work? First, it reduces the dragging of your boat on the water. It does this by lifting the boat a little bit above the water surface. Once this happens, it reduces the dragging. Then, Fuel consumption would be improved.

3. Increase in Stability

Hydrofoils increase stabilization. Whether you are cruising through troubled water or smooth seas, hydrofoils make it easy and smooth. You don't have to worry about tripping or perishing in the seas because of the wave.

The reason? It ensures maximum stabilization. You would no longer break a sweat to take a turn on the sea. You would drive with increased confidence with a hydrofoil attached to your boat.

The benefits of hydrofoils can be summed up into three words: easy, fast, works. In other words, they make your cruise life easy, they are fast and they work well.

Now that we know some of the benefits of hydrofoils let's dive into some outboard hydrofoil reviews.

Our Top 10 Best Hydrofoil for Outboard Motor

1. Marine Sports SE Sport 300 Hydrofoil

Marine Sports SE Sport 300 Hydrofoil
Marine Sports SE Sport 300 Hydrofoil

Everybody likes treats, including boats. Give your pontoon boats and deck boats a treat with this hydrofoil from Marine sports. Sometimes, we experience difficulty on the sea with cornering our boats perfectly. We put in too much effort to maneuver our boats on the sea.

But guess what? Not anymore. This hydrofoil will help you exert greater control over your boat. You can even impress that girl you brought on the boat in the process.

That's not all though.

It is compatible with 30- 300 HP. What do I mean? Simple, it is compatible with most of the outboard motors out there. I guess that makes it a flexible hydrofoil. It is made of plastic, specifically Polypropylene polymer.

Okay. So, let me stop right there and quickly chip this in. You've probably heard from some "lord of the boats" that the best hydrofoil materials are carbon steel. Well, they are correct.

But, hydrofoils made of plastics are also a great option. The reason? They are lightweight. They are also corrosion-resistant and are strong. So, expect plastic hydrofoils to last.

What is the best part? It features parented Turbo trac for amazing control. It gives you perfect control of your boat as you drive through the sea. Let's also not forget that this hydrofoil reduces plane time.

So, you don't have to spend all day on the sea. You can confidently take your boat on a quick drive with this hydrofoil and be back within minutes.

But there is a catch.

Although, this disadvantage is some kind of a blessing too. Which is, it is a drill mount hydrofoil. Compared to drill free hydrofoils, you have to install it by drilling it onto your outboard motor.

But then, it is a better option compared to drill free hydrofoil. Also, drilling it in is fast and easy. And with a template that works, you'll mount this hydrofoil in no time.

Highlighted Features:

  • Patented Turbo Trac.
  • Built to improve fuel efficiency.
  • Made of Polypropylene Polymer.
  • Compatible with almost all engine power.

2. Davis Doel-Fin Outboard/Outdrive Stabilizer

Davis Doel-Fin Outboard/Outdrive Stabilizer
Davis Doel-Fin Outboard/Outdrive Stabilizer

When aeronautic engineers decide to design or create hydrofoils for watercraft, expect nothing but the best. Nothing short of "the best quality" is what this Doel-fin hydrofoil is created with. Let's dig deeper into it.

So, the first feature that caught our attention is the material used in carving this beauty right here. It is made of high-quality synthetic that delivers strength and durability.

It would take your boat through water for as long as you want it to. It is also forged with a flex that aids stability while sailing through the ocean. It also acts as a great shock absorber.

What more?

Of course, it boosts speed. But beyond speed, it allows you to control the boat as it sails at high speed. The motor strain is at a minimum. Nevertheless, to ensure fuel efficiency, you might experience a reduction in high speed.

That is, the regular high speed of your boat might seem slow. It doesn't mean your boat is faulty. It just means that the hydrofoil is trying to ensure your outboard motor is at its best performance. Also, your fuel is a property managed.

It works perfectly with engines from 5 - 200 HP. So, it's kind of flexible.

Also, it is a drill mount hydrofoil. If you plan on getting it, schedule 20-30 minutes for the installation period before you take your boat out for a spin. Yes, it takes that long to install. But once you install it successfully, your boat will thank you for it.

Highlighted Features:

  • It is a drill mount Hydrofoil
  • It is compatible with the 5-200HP engine.
  • The flex also acts as a shock absorber
  • The material makes it durable

3. SE Sport 200 Hydrofoil

SE Sport 200 Hydrofoil
SE Sport 200 Hydrofoil

People often say that it's the small things that make big differences. Of course, that is true with this Hydrofoil. It is one of the three series in the SE hydrofoils. And guess what? Although it might be small, it is definitely mighty in its little court. So, what's the deal with this hydrofoil?

Here's the deal.

For starters, it is best used with small outboard motors. Trust me; you'll feel the impact more when you attach it to small outboard motors. By small motors, we mean motors that operate with 8- 40HP. Let me show you how it works and what it does. Keep reading.

So, after attaching this hydrofoil to your boat, you would notice that you are more in control of the boat. You will, especially, be able to steer the wheels better with more confidence and control. That's what this Hydrofoil does. It puts you, as the driver, in charge of the direction of the boat.

Let's also not forget that it reduces the plane time to 4-5 seconds. Trust me; it is a good thing. Note: if you happen to have a motor that operates within 8-40HP and you want a hydrofoil that cuts the planning time to 4-5 secs, you should jump on this hydrofoil.

What is the best part?

It won't mess with your top speed. Rather it would increase it. It would also stabilize your boat as you sail.

Even though it's a drill mount hydrofoil, rumor has it that you can still attach it without drilling it. In other words, you can attach it as though it were a drill-free hydrofoil.

Highlighted Features:

  • It works with motor engines within the range of 8-40HP.
  • It comes with mounting hardware.
  • It reduces planning time.
  • It is fashioned to give you maximum control over your boat.

4. Davis Instruments Whale Tail XL Hydrofoil Stabilizer

Davis Instruments Whale Tail XL Hydrofoil Stabilizer
Davis Instruments Whale Tail XL Hydrofoil Stabilizer

We all know that hydrofoils imitate whale tail. But the entire creative crew at Davis instruments resolved to name this hydrofoil after the source of inspiration. Hopefully, when we take a dive in, it would be worthy of its name. Without further ado, let's dive in.

So, what's special about this hydrofoil?

Well, it is made of Marine Grade Aluminium. Why does this matter? Be with me.

Marine Grade Aluminium is a great choice of material. It means that this hydrofoil is corrosion resistant. This feature protects it from the ocean's corrosive condition.

More fun facts? All thanks to its hydrodynamic design, your boat performance is about to be amazing. It is also sturdy and durable.

Clearly, the Davis instruments put a lot of effort into ensuring they create quality hydrofoil. We could easily call it the best hydrofoil for outboard motor. But, there are clearly others.

Nevertheless, this hydrofoil gets our thumbs up because of its mind-blowing features. Aside from boosting speed and performance, it aids a smooth ride. When the sea gets turbulent, you can trust this hydrofoil to give you a smooth ride.

It is a drill mount hydrofoil. But here's the twist: it comes with stainless steel hardware. And guess what? The installation of this hydrofoil only takes 15 minutes.

Highlighted Features:

  • It is a drill mount hydrofoil.
  • It is made with Marine Grade Aluminium.
  • It has a different hydrodynamic design.
  • It brings stabilization to bow-light boats.

5. SE Sport 400 Hydrofoil Reviews

SE Sport 400 No-Drill Hydrofoil
SE Sport 400 No-Drill Hydrofoil

So you want to maneuver your boat like a Pro (actually, who doesn't?). But no matter how hard you try, you can't seem to fully be in control. You literally experience some sort of resistance.

It's like the kind of resistance Voldemort felt with the Elder wand while struggling so hard to use it. But guess what? You don't have to struggle anymore, especially if your outboard engine operates with 40HP and above.

So, here's the deal.

It was specifically designed to help boat owners achieve better handling of their boats. Also, so they can enjoy speeding in the ocean. You heard that right. It is forged to give better speed performance to your boat.

In essence, while you take your boat out for a spin, you can raise your hands in the air and scream away while you feel the pressure of the wind slap against your skin.

Also, the Turbo Trac plays a vital role in enhancing your control over your boat.

That's not all.

It is carved with a one-piece polymer. This material facilitates strength and ensures that the hydrofoil lasts.

In order to leave the choice to you, the manufacturers made this hydrofoil both as drill mount and drill-free. Now, you can decide to drill it on your outboard motor or just simply mount it.

Highlighted Features:

  • It works with outboard engines ranging from 40HP and above.
  • It has Turbo Trac to enhance control and thrust.
  • It is forged with a one-piece polymer.
  • You have two options for mounting it on your outboard.

6. Marine Dynamics Hydro Tail Junior Stingray, Black

Marine Dynamics Hydro Tail Junior Stingray
Marine Dynamics Hydro Tail Junior Stingray

Small boats can also speed on the ocean. It's like they say: there is space for everyone at the top. If you have a small boat, you no longer have to feel intimidated in terms of speed. The reason is that Marine Dynamics has got you covered with this classic hydrofoil.

Marine Dynamics has been in the business for 30 years now. It's no wonder why they are on our list. And guess what? They packed this classic hydrofoil with incredible abilities. Let's dive right in.

If you have a small motor, this hydrofoil might be the next big thing for you. What do I mean? Just as it is referred to as "Junior stingray," it works well for small motors. Specifically, these motors have to operate on 1- 40HP. Using it with a motor more than 40HP engines would have no impact at all.

Undoubtedly, the manufacturers created this hydrofoil to suit the needs of small boats. It is built specifically for a performance boost. So, small engine or not, you won't feel left out in the game of boat performance.

It perfectly lifts small boats in the water to achieve quite a wide range of results. The result ranges from improved stability and control to help to efficiently manage or use your fuel.

If your cavitation plate is smaller, you don't need to worry. Why? This hydrofoil is adjustable. You can easily adjust the width to fit.

Highlighted Features:

  • It is compatible with motor engines ranging from 1-40HP.
  • It is designed to help you manage fuel.
  • It comes with an installation package.
  • It is a drill mount hydrofoil.

7. Attwood Outboard Motor Hydro-Stabilizer 9401-7

Attwood Outboard Motor Hydro-Stabilizer
Attwood Outboard Motor Hydro-Stabilizer

Attwood deserves a pat on the back for 100 years of quality work. They have served the marine industry, creating high-quality products that make life on the water easier. And Yes! They showcased their prowess in this hydrofoil.

So, what's the real story? - of this hydrofoil, of course.

It works for both outboards and Sterndrives, significantly boosts their performance. How? By lifting the boat and reducing the drag.

Install this hydrofoil and you will notice a significant improvement in handling and stabilization. This improvement is undeniably great for your boating experience.

As usual, the wing of this hydrofoil is forged from plastic. Remember: plastic hydrofoils are corrosion resistant. Frankly, they are perfect for marine conditions.

Now, what motor engine is this cool hydrofoil that is compatible with? Simple. it is compatible with engines under 50HP. And if you're wondering what HP means, it simply means horsepower. Let's not forget to add that the horsepower compatibility is a disadvantage. But, it still delivers in other aspects.

So, what more should you expect from this hydrofoil?

You will have to drill the hydrofoil in place to use it. The budget time for the installation is no more than 30minutes. Tip: put on the radio or listen through your playlist while you install the hydrofoil. It should keep you entertained if you get bored easily or dread the installation task.

Oh and, let me say this straight: this hydrofoil is durable. Now, that's in period!

Highlighted Features:

  • It works with motors that are below 50HP
  • It was designed to enhance stability and reduce plane time.
  • It can pull Skiers and Tubers.
  • It is forged to clear off low bow rise.

8. Sting Ray Xriii Senior Hydrofoil Stabilizer

Sting Ray Xriii Senior Hydrofoil Stabilizer
Sting Ray Xriii Senior Hydrofoil Stabilizer

There is a big difference between mere speed and speed beast or speed god. And the difference is glaring. Speed beasts or speed gods outruns those with mere speed.

What am I aiming at? Simple. This hydrofoil stabilizer from Stingray is much of a speed beast or speed god. No, it is not an assumption. Check it out yourself.

Interestingly enough, it's built with Speed XP. Speed XP is the stuff of legends when it comes to boating speed. Frankly, I don't other hydrofoils come close to this hydrofoil in terms of speed.

What do others do? They make use of regular speed to boost your boat performance. But Stingray uses Speed XP to get ahead of others in the speed game. Is anyone else getting the Zoom vs. Flash vibe, or is it just me?.

Honestly, if you are a water skier or powerboat racer, you should lay your hands on this hydrofoil. The reason? It gives you the perfect holeshot.

Beyond this speed talk, what more can this hydrofoil do? I'm super glad that you asked.

Well, for starters, it is compatible with motor engines starting from 70HP and upwards. And let's not forget that it comes in two models. There are senior models that are compatible with 70HP and above. The other model is the junior model. It works best with boats from 75HP and below.

Logically, this hydrofoil could pass as the best hydrofoil for Mercruiser. But this depends on the model, though.

And you know the drill! This hydrofoil is also great for planning faster, maximum stability, and reduced dragging. It is perfect for fuel efficiency too. So, don't worry. The speed it gives does not swallow your fuel so fast. Instead, it manages well for you.

More so, it is a drill-free hydrofoil.

Highlighted Features:

  • It operates a 3-point locking system that aids the drill-free installation.
  • Work for engines with 70HP and above.
  • It is great for stability.
  • It works with Speed XP.

9. Marine Dynamics Starfire Stingray Black Starfire Hydrofoil

Marine Dynamics Starfire Stingray Black Starfire Hydrofoil
Marine Dynamics Starfire Stingray Black Starfire Hydrofoil

We've all been in a position where we do not want to make any markings on our newly purchased items. They are so precious to us. And, we would love to use them the way they came. At least, before getting creative with it. This hydrofoil helps you achieve that. What do I mean? Keep reading!

It is a drill-free hydrofoil. Undoubtedly, this news is great news for people with brand-new outboard motors. For what it is worth, you wouldn't want to create holes for the hydrofoil on your precious outboard motor. That is understandable.

Since this hydrofoil is drill-free, you can easily mount it on your outboard motor.

So, how can you actually use this?

For starters, it is best used -or paired, with outboards that are small plus mid-ranged. That is, it is compatible with your outboard motor if it's within the range of 15-40HP.

But, it delivers optimum performance. Specifically, it enhances your boat's speed and limits the drag. The reduced dragging effect of this hydrofoil is all thanks to the inverted concave trailing edge.

This is the point where I chip in that this hydrofoil enhances stability, giving you more control over your boat.

Highlighted Features:

  • The drill free design facilitates easy installation.
  • It operates with an inverted concave trailing edge.
  • It is compatible with engines within 15-40HP
  • It is built for stability.

10. Hydroplaner Stainless Steel Hydrofoil

Hydroplaner Stainless Steel Hydrofoil
Hydroplaner Stainless Steel Hydrofoil

Chine walking is dangerous. Unless you have the daredevil spirit, you shouldn't try to chine walk at all. Nevertheless, it happens unexpectedly, especially when you are driving at more than 50mph or higher. Now, the question is: can you control chine walking?

A straight answer: Yes, you can. One of the ways to control it is by using this robust hydrofoil. Why? It was forged to curb the urges of your dear boat to chine walk while speeding.

Okay, let's back up a bit.

This hydrofoil is made with aluminum steel. The perks of the aluminum steel are that it ensures that the hydrofoil is strong plus durable.

Fun fact: it is manufactured by an American company. In the light of that fact, what does this hydrofoil offer? Let's dive right in.

It works well for the fast hole shot. Honestly, water skiers and powerboat racers should check it out. If your dream is for your boat to dive through water without dragging, fall in line. This hydrofoil offers that too.

What's fascinating is that this hydrofoil allows the driver to control the boat by merely adjusting the engine's trim. Hence, you won't need more trim tabs. Simply adjust the trim on the engine and you're good to go.

Aside from reducing chine walking, it also gets rid of cavitation and ventilation.

It works well with outboards and Sterndrives with 4-350HP.

Highlighted Features:

  • It works with engine within 4-350HP
  • It is suitable for Skiers and Tubers.
  • It gets rid of chine walking, ventilation, cavitation, and proposing.
  • It is a drill mount hydrofoil.

Comparison Chart Of Hydrofoil for Outboard Motor

Name Material Compatibility Mounting option
Marine Sports SE Sport 300 Hydrofoil Polypropylene Polymer 30- 300HP Drill Mount installation
Davis Doel-Fin Outboard/Outdrive Stabilizer High-quality Synthetic 5-200HP Drill Mount installation
SE Sport 200 Hydrofoil Polypropylene
8- 40HP Drill Mount, can also be Drill-free
Davis Instruments Whale Tail XL Hydrofoil Stabilizer Marine Grade Aluminium Over 40HP Drill Mount installation
SE Sport 400 No-Drill Hydrofoil Polypropylene Polymer 40HP and Above Drill mount & Drill-free installation.
Marine Dynamics Hydro Tail Junior Stingray, Black HyperSpeed Red 1- 40HP Drill mount installation
Attwood Outboard Motor Hydro-Stabilizer 9401-7 Plastic Below 50HP Drill mount installation
Sting Ray Xriii Senior Hydrofoil Stabilizer Resin 70HP and Above Drill-free installation
Marine Dynamics Starfire-1 Stingray Black Starfire Hydrofoil Synthetic 15- 40HP Drill-free installation
Hydroplaner Stainless Steel Hydrofoil Aluminum Steel 4- 350HP Drill Mount installation

How does a Hydrofoil Work?

Now, that's somewhat of a tough question there. The reason? It can only be explained in the language of aerodynamics.

But the obvious point to note is that the speed with which a boat without a hydrofoil operates is different and slower compared to boats with hydrofoils.

The difference in speed happens as a result of fluid dynamics. All thanks to this fluid dynamics, the hydrofoil is able to lift the boat as you sail across the ocean.

Basically, boats without hydrofoils have their hulls in the water. But when a hydrofoil is attached, it begins to lift the boat as you increase the boat speed. This lift ensures that the hull is now above the water surface. In the process, it reduces the drag.

Hydrofoil FAQs

1. Does boat size matter when buying hydrofoils?

The short answer to this is: Yes, the size of your boat matters. The reason? There are hydrofoils for both larger and smaller boats. Nevertheless, hydrofoils are more effective on smaller and mid-range boats. However, you have to make sure that the hydrofoil is compatible with the outboard motor you attach to your boat.

2. Can hydrofoils boost my boat's performance?

Yes, it can. If you are tired of your boat running through the sea at low speed, a good hydrofoil might be the savior you seek. The point is: hydrofoils are generally created for boat speed and improved performance.

The good news is, while your boat performance is improved, it helps you conserve your fuel. Aside from enhancing fuel efficiency, it also improves your boat stability and control.

3. Will the hydrofoil get damaged or fall off if I bump into something on the sea?

Not really. Hydrofoils are designed with materials that make them strong and durable. Logically, that means the hydrofoil would most likely not get damaged immediately.

In other words, the strike has to be continuous and serious before the hydrofoil can be affected. However, if you bump into a rock, it could fall off and you lose it.

4. Should I buy a Hydrofoil?

Frankly, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. I'll explain what I mean. You shouldn't buy a hydrofoil if your boat doesn't have any issue. But, you can buy a Hydrofoil if your boat has some critical issues.

For instance, does your boat suffer from ventilation? Or does the bow bounce every now and then? If it is difficult for your boat to be straight on water? If you experience any or all three, then you should get yourself a hydrofoil.

However, you can still get a hydrofoil even when you have no issues with your boat. If you would just love to take it for a spin to discover what the fuss about hydrofoils is, go on purchase it.

5. Are hydrofoils worth it?

Yes, they are. The reason is simple: it benefits you in a lot of ways. First, it will boost the performance of your boat. You would experience a different level of speed that your boat has probably never attained before.

It also helps you ride smoothly on the roughest sea. What more? There's also stability, control, elimination of chine walking, fuel efficiency, etc. The list is quite inexhaustible.

Final Word for Hydrofoil Buyers

Now that you know the awesomeness of hydrofoils, you already know that they are a great investment. Sometimes, you might not need to get a new boat. The best hydrofoil for outboard motor might be what you need to make all the difference in your boating life. It is a practical solution to some of your boat issues.

For instance, if your boat is awfully slow on the sea and you can't seem to maneuver it, get a hydrofoil. Like Barry Allen, your boat would go from slow speed to the ultimate speedster in minutes. It will also give you much control over the boat, allowing you to maneuver like a pro. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Buy them at Etsy, Walmart, eBay (limited quantity)

Hydrofoil SE 400 Sport in Dark Grey - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Marine Dynamics Starfire-1 Stingray Black Starfire Hydrofoil - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Davis Instruments Doel-Fin Outboard/Outdrive Stabilizer - Black (SS-SMS-5001211) - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

Marine Dynamics SR-XPI-1 Black StingRay Hydrofoil Stabilizer - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

SE Sport 300 Hydrofoil, fits 35 hp - 300 hp engines - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

SE Sport 779-SE400BLK Stabilizer fins, Adults Unisex, Black, One Size - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

Davis Instruments Whale Tail XL Hydrofoil Stabilizer - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

SE Sport 200 Hydrofoil, fits 8 hp - 40 hp engines - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Marine Dynamics Stingray Classic Hydrofoil Stabilizer Color: Gray, Type: Jr. - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Hydroplaner Stainless Steel Hydrofoil Stabilizer for Outboards and Stern Drives 4-350 HP - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

Attwood 9401-7 Hydro-Stabilizer, Reduces Drag, Molded Plastic Wings, Stainless Steel - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Marine Sports SE Sport 300 Hydrofoil - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

Davis Doel-Fin Outboard/Outdrive Stabilizer - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

SE Sport 200 Hydrofoil - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

SE Sport 400 No-Drill Hydrofoil - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

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