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by Karen Wayland, CEP Executive Director

The long-awaited U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) grid study is out, and the report largely concludes what we already knew—that economics are to blame for coal and nuclear plant closures, not policies that support renewable energy. 

Every January, just after the record crowds from New Year's depart, Las Vegas refills with hundreds of thousands of people and the latest gadgets and gizmos. Electronics enthusiasts pack the Las Vegas Convention Center’s halls to see and test new drones, cars, smart devices and more. This year, Clean Energy Project roamed the halls in search of the latest in energy efficiency and clean tech. Here’s our top 5:

Since Donald Trump’s surprise White House win on Nov. 8 and with each new Cabinet pick, environmentalists and clean energy advocates have been wringing their hands. What does a Trump administration mean for the future of renewable energy? 

by Nevada State Senator Pat Spearman

“Stores are closed. Cell service is failing. Broadband Internet--gone.

Hospitals are operating on generators, but rapidly running out of fuel.  Garbage is rotting in the streets, and clean water is scarce as people boil water stored in bathtubs to stop the spread of bacteria; planes can’t fly, trains can’t run, and gas stations can’t pump fuel. This is the “nightmare scenario” that lawmakers have been warning you about.” (The Hill, May 2015)

Last Thursday, Clean Energy Project assembled a panel of national experts and energy policy professionals to weigh the opportunities and challenges presented by Question 3, the Energy Choice ballot initiative. 

After a summer of debate and discussion, Governor Sandoval's New Energy Industry Task Force (NEITF) adjourned last month with 27 recommendations aimed at guiding Nevada's energy future. Continue reading for the highlights. 

by Stephanie Kline, Operation Free Member & United States Marine Corps Veteran

Now that both political party conventions are over and our country is shifting into full election season, it’s important to reflect upon the values we share in common—our freedom and independence chief among them. These ideals often invoke cheers for our troops for the sacrifices they make. While certainly not an incorrect response, as a Marine veteran, I often find it feels incomplete. 

by Les Lazareck, Home Energy Connection

As we plunge deeper into summer, many Nevadans are experiencing higher utility bills. Here are some tips to help you conserve energy and conserve funds. 

Last Thursday, Governor Sandoval's New Energy Industry Task Force (NEITF) met to hear policy recommendations and decide what will be presented to the governor.

Clean Energy Project Executive Director and Vice Chair of the Clean Energy Sources Technical Advisory Committee, Jennifer Taylor, and Jeremy Susac, Chair of the Distributed Generation and Storage Technical Advisory Committee presented recommendations to the task force for votes.

by the Consulate General of Canada in Los Angeles

Nevadans understand, as few people do, what a bold future for renewable energy looks like. 

And what it looks like is an 800,000 square-foot, solar-paneled battery factory outside Reno – Tesla’s Gigafactory. That plant, which will someday become the world’s second largest building, will not only produce the power supply for an emissions-free future, it will run on it, too. 

So Nevadans might also recognize the audacious vision of America’s neighbor to the north.


In February, at the direction of the Nevada State Legislature, the Nevada Public Utilities Commission finalized its ruling on the state’s net-metering policy for rooftop solar generation.

Our state is blessed with abundant renewable resources – solar in southern Nevada and geothermal in the north, which NV Energy has utilized on behalf of its customers since 1983. Today, we are exceeding our state’s renewable portfolio standard, with 1,186 megawatts of renewable generation serving our native load.  

Project Ally and CEP Green Business Guide member, Indoor Farms of America, has brought sustainable farming to the Mojave Desert. With their revolutionary vertical aeroponic system, Indoor Farms founders Dave Martin and Ron Evans have been able to grow 40 plants per square foot of space utilizing optimum energy efficiency and water conservation methods.

Now that we’re almost a month into 2016, how are you doing on your New Year’s resolutions? If you’ve fallen off the wagon, fear not! Here are some easy energy efficiency resolutions you can adopt that will be good for your wallet and the environment.

by Angie Dykema, Director of the Nevada Governor's Office of Energy

The mission of the Governor’s Office of Energy is to ensure the wise development of Nevada's energy resources in harmony with local economic needs and to position Nevada to lead the nation in renewable energy production, energy conservation, and the exportation of energy.  As the new Director of the Governor’s Office of Energy (GOE), I look forward to furthering that mission. 

That was the message I shared with industry officials during the Clean Energy Project’s last Energy Table conference call.

The GOE has recently implemented a couple of new, innovative programs including the Direct Energy Assistance Loan (DEAL), an interest-free energy efficiency loan program for state employees and the Nevada Clean Energy Corps (NCEC), an AmeriCorps program.  The GOE has also embarked on a new project to complete a Green Bank Study.

The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) held its first public hearing last Thursday on the development and implementation of the Silver State's Clean Power Plan (CPP).

For years, renewable and clean energy critics have commonly used a standard line of attack; you have to either choose between the environment or the economy when committing to renewable energy development. Opponents claim that in order to commit to a clean, healthy environment, our economy's growth will be stifled. Nothing could be further from the truth.

by Chris Brooks, Executive Vice President of Energy Services
Valley Electric Association

This year’s National Clean Energy Summit featured many big names, including U.S. Senator Harry Reid, Brandon Flowers, and the biggest of them all, President Barack Obama. But even against the backdrop of all that star power, Valley Electric Association (VEA) was honored to have its new, innovative 15-megawatt community solar project featured during the Summit’s morning press briefing as a model for future solar projects.

Nevada businesses signed a pledge supporting the Clean Power Plan, which gives Nevada the flexibility to create its own plan, promote more investment in our native resources and create jobs. Read more to see a list of businesses who signed the pledge.

"Dependence on foreign petroleum our single greatest national risk."  (Frederick W. Smith, CEO of FedEx Corporation)

When you listen to a keynote speaker or watch a panel at the National Clean Energy Summit, you know you're getting a preview of the clean energy issues that will be playing out across the country over the coming years.

We recently asked former CEP executive director Lydia Ball to pick out a few of her favorite quotes from previous Summits. Ball, who is currently a fellow of the Truman National Security Project, highlighted three NCES speakers whose remarks on national security still resonate with her today.

We caught up with Bruce Spotleson at last year's National Clean Energy Summit and asked him why he supports clean energy in Nevada. Spottleson, then Chairman of the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce board of directors, talks about why being a young state gives Nevada an advantage in designing its clean energy future. Watch the video to find out why!


A team of  students and faculty from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas  just won a Design Excellence Award for the Desert Sunrise Home, their entry in this year’s Race To Zero Competition.

The Department of Energy’s annual Race to Zero Student Design Competition invites students and faculty to develop cost-effective zero energy homes for mainstream builders and real-world scenarios.

For their entry, the Desert Sunrise team took a unique approach, designing a house that would address the housing challenges of the Moapa Band of Southern Paiute Indians. 


Nevada is fulfilling its potential to become a center for renewable energy production in the West. But that progress is in jeopardy unless Congress acts to maintain incentives for renewable energy development. As we observe Earth Day in April, Congress needs to act now to preserve the jobs created and the environmental progress we have made over the past decade.

Nevada leads the nation in jobs created per capita in the solar industry and are second in the nation in energy produced from geothermal. There were 3,500 jobs created in Nevada’s solar industry in 2014, a 146 percent increase in a year. More jobs were created in Nevada than in any other state except California. With 106 solar companies employing 5,900 people in our state, the independent nonprofit Solar Foundation now ranks Nevada seventh in the nation in total jobs in the solar industry. Nevada has long been a leader in geothermal development, and we now have 20 geothermal plants capable of generating more than 425 megawatts of clean power, second only to California.


Meet Coda Group, Inc, a boutique architectural and consulting firm based in Southern Nevada, founded and operated by Kevin and Jennifer Turchin. Along with other design, improvement and planning specialties, Coda consults on sustainable certifications (such as ENERGY STAR, Green Globes and LEED) for both new and existing buildings. 

Coda's expertise in sustainable building runs deep. Among other projects, Jennifer Turchin (while Senior Consultant at Sellen Sustainability) served as the LEED consultant on the last two buildings in Nevada to achieve LEED Platinum certification. The Corn Creek Visitor Center at the Desert National Wildlife Refuge, and the Las Vegas Cyclery are two of only seven publicly announced projects in Nevada to achieve the Platinum rating, the highest of LEED’s certification levels.

Not Just Big- It's the Biggest Clean Energy Market

According to the newly released Advanced Energy Now: 2015 Market Report, the advanced energy economy in the U.S. grew 14% last year -  five times faster than the overall economy. At just under $200 billion, the American advanced energy market made up 15% of the global market. The largest segment of the American advanced energy market? Saving energy. Revenue from building efficiency products and services grew an incredible 43% over the last 4 years.

Read more to check out our slide show on the energy efficiency marketplace by the numbers!


My sincere thanks to everyone who attended our Clean Energy 2015 event on February 25th.  A packed house – more than 160 clean energy supporters - turned out to say goodbye to our departing staff and hello to the new CEP.

We sent our departing staff members off in style and with well-earned accolades! Lydia Ball, our former executive director, and Mike Litt, Field Director both received recognition by representatives of U.S. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and U.S. Representative Dina Titus.

As we turned and looked to the future, I spoke about my vision for building the next story onto CEP’s already solid foundation, and about what 2015 holds for CEP and Nevada’s clean energy industry.



Solar industry jobs in Nevada grew by an incredible 146% in 2014, according to a new report from the Solar Foundation. Nevada now ranks 1st in the country in solar jobs per capita, and ranks seventh in total number of solar jobs in each state.

The announcement was greeted with pride across the state. “Nevada is emerging as a leader in new technology and innovation and this announcement demonstrates the possibilities within our state if we continue to recruit the growing industries of the 21st century,” said Governor Brian Sandoval. “I would like to thank all Nevadans who have embraced the solar industry and thank the many solar companies who saw the opportunity in the Silver State and joined the Nevada family.”

The 78th Session of the Nevada Legislature begins on February 2, 2015.  If you support clean energy in Nevada, it’s important to stay informed and be involved. Much of Nevada’s strong growth as a clean energy hub can be credited to a history of smart state clean energy policies, and strong bi-partisan support for developing our native clean energy resources.

It’s too early to know what the 2015 Legislative Session will bring for clean energy in Nevada. We do know that policy can make the difference in creating, and maintaining, Nevada’s growth as a vibrant, growing, clean energy hub. We’ll be watching closely, and we hope you will too. Read on for more information n how to stay informed and be involved!

The U.S. solar industry added almost 31,000 new jobs last year, with a job growth rate of 22%,  according to the National Solar Jobs Census 2014. The Census reported that solar industry wages remain competitive and that worker diversity is growing. 



At CEP, we have spent the last 5 years educating Nevadans across the state about the enormous potential that the clean energy sector holds for Nevada. Now, a new poll shows that our hard work is paying off!  Nevadans across the spectrum overwhelmingly support clean energy.

Among the poll's findings:

  • 71% of Nevadans believe that renewable energy will create jobs in Nevada.
  • 81% believe that the United States could produce most of its energy from renewable resources in the next few decades.

If you follow clean energy news in Nevada, you've probably heard a lot of discussion around the issue of Nevada’s net metering policy in recent months.  Currently, Nevada policy and political leaders are working to see if any changes are necessary and how net metering policy will be managed in the future. If you've been wondering how net metering works in Nevada, we have answers! 


The staff at CEP would like to tell you how very thankful we are for every one of our amazing volunteers and supporters, our Buy Green List participants, our other business supporters and our generous donors.  We are inspired by your passion for sustainable practices, and your commitment to making Nevada a clean energy powerhouse.

We often have cause to talk about Nevada's abundant supply of clean energy resources. Thanksgiving seems like the right time to recognize that the individuals, organizations and businesses who support clean energy in the Silver State are one of the most important resources of all.

Back in the1970s, when people started talking about clean energy as a response to dependency on foreign oil, it was difficult to imagine that clean energy would become mainstream, mass-produced and affordable. The technology and infrastructure for wide-scale adoption did not exist - a substantial barrier for all but the most committed.

Well, it’s a whole new world. Groundbreaking advances in technology have profoundly changed the way we use phones, share information, take pictures and listen to music, among many other things.  We’ve seen the same mind-blowing advances in the technology needed to generate, distribute and conserve energy as we’ve seen in so many other fields.

And now, “the clean energy sector” is a thing. And it’s booming. 

"I'm in the toilet paper business."
"The toilet paper business?"
"Yep. No one notices it until it's not there."

Reducing energy usage, making appliances more efficient: we all agree that these are good and practical goals. They just haven't seemed very exciting. Until now.

Nevada is well on its way to becoming a key clean energy hub. It’s a natural direction for a state that has no coal reserves but does have an abundance of the natural resources that produce clean energy.

As the demand for clean energy increases across the United States and around the world, the issue of transmission is becoming increasingly important. Our capacity to build large scale clean energy generation projects is outpacing our ability to get that energy to consumers.  

For most industrialized nations, the journey to widespread energy consumption has taken a couple hundred years, and passed through numerous stages.

As the global economy becomes increasingly more unpredictable and complex, assessing and managing risk for both business and government becomes paramount.


Henry Ford added a conveyor belt system to his assembly line and revolutionized automobiles, manufacturing and American life. The creation of the microprocessor in the early 1970s made low-cost personal computers a reality. When innovators focus on turning interesting inventions into accessible, affordable, user-friendly products, they pave the way for transformative change in the adaption of technology.




Through bipartisan leadership, Nevada is leading the nation on decreasing carbon pollution and is poised to economically benefit from the recommended existing power plant state emission standards.

Luiz Oliveira is the owner of a popular local coffee shop called Sambalatte Torrefazione. In the summer of 2011 Luiz noticed that his AC system was having a hard time keeping up with their cooling needs. The building is newer (in Boca Park), so Luiz and his staff started investigating what could be causing this problem.

Energy 2030 on the Road is part of a national campaign to double US energy productivity by 2030. Kateri Callahan of the Alliance to Save Energy first took the stage to tell us what that actually means...

Clean Energy Project and Green Chips made history with the Clark County Commission yesterday by officially flipping the switch for the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign's newly installed solar panels. The world's most iconic sign is now powered by Nevada's very own solar energy!

The Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (PUCN) is holding a Consumer Session on October 16th.  The purpose of the Session is to take comments from ratepayers about the merger between NV Energy and MidAmerican.  If you care about clean energy in Nevada, this is important, and I want you to attend.

This year has been momentous for clean energy in Nevada! We’ve seen state legislators work together to improve our clean energy policies, our supporters have spoken before the Public Utilities Commission in support of clean energy, and our utility company has decided to decommission their coal fired power plants and invest in new clean energy projects! So when it comes to solar powering the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign- well that’s just icing on the cake!

Many of the people reading this probably know a little about my background. I studied natural resource and environmental economics at UNR and I’ve always been interested in the challenge of putting an economic value on a social good like clean energy and clean air. We can measure exactly how much people value coffee by daily purchases, but it’s much harder to measure how much people value clean energy.

The Perfect Scoop and Boba Tea has passed their One Year Anniversary with business continuing to grow. Clean Energy Project's Carrotmob on Saturday, April 6th organized over 200 of their supporters to purchase an item between 12 - 5 pm, tripling The Perfect Scoop's average sales and making energy efficiency improvements possible. 

I've been a supporter of the Clean Energy Project since I attended their educational event in February of this year. Just this past Monday I spoke at the Public Utility Commission of Nevada Consumer Session to tell the commissioners that the future of our economy is green energy.  

Advanced Energy Economy released this blog post last week on the success of Renewable Portfolio Standard legislation across the United States. You can read our report on changes to the RPS HERE

Read Advanced Energy Economy's Blog

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