How to Fix a Bluetooth Speaker That Won’t Charge?

by Malcolm Woods

Bluetooth speakers are definitely your favorite travel buddy if you love listening to music on the go and it is such a major letdown when your portable Bluetooth speaker won’t charge.

Before we get down to methods that can fix the malfunctions, try to identify whether the issues are with the USB cable, the charging port, or the battery of the speaker. Also, make sure that the electronic outlet in your room is perfectly functioning before you proceed to further steps.

And now that we got those issues addressed.

Here is How to Fix a Bluetooth Speaker That Won’t Charge

Here is How to Fix a Bluetooth Speaker That Won’t Charge
Here is How to Fix a Bluetooth Speaker That Won’t Charge

Method 1: Replace Your USB Cable or Charger

Replace Your USB Cable Or Charger
Replace Your USB Cable Or Charger

As USB cables are very cheap and easily replaceable, try using another cable to check if there is a problem with the charging cable. Also, make sure to check if there is an issue with the charger itself, by simply charging another device with it.

If there is a problem with the charger, use the charger of your phone or charge it via a laptop or your pc. You can find both of these products at any of your nearest stores.

Also, resetting your Bluetooth speaker before you proceed onto methods that require you to purchase cables, chargers, or batteries is something you can give a try.

To remove all the devices that you have paired with the speaker, press and hold down both the power button and Bluetooth button simultaneously for over five seconds. Your speaker will reset to factory mode automatically.

Method 2: Check If There Is the Option of Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging
Wireless Charging

Firstly, look into your user manual to see if your Bluetooth speaker supports wireless charging. If there is an issue with the charging port or the USB cable of your speaker, then this is one of the easiest alternatives.

Often we overlook this function as we do not use a wireless charger to charge a portable speaker. If your speaker can be charged wirelessly then you just need to purchase a wireless charger and you are good to go.

If you are buying a speaker for the first time, or even if you are tired of trying to fix your old Bluetooth speaker and just want to buy a new one, purchasing a speaker that supports wireless charging is always a good idea.

Method 3: Use a Power Bank That Has Connections

Use A Power Bank
Use A Power Bank

This method is only applicable if your speaker has a working port and the issue has something to do with your cable. If you do not want to buy a cable, there are many power banks that come with multiple charging ports so you can simply plug that into your speaker.

This way you can even charge your Bluetooth speaker while traveling and free yourself from frantically searching for electrical outlets in places.

Method 4: Use a Smartphone That Can Transfer Charge

Smartphone That Can Transfer Charge
Smartphone That Can Transfer Charge

If your phone has the ability to charge another device, then this is a brilliant method you can follow. You can charge on the go as both your smartphone and Bluetooth speaker are very lightweight and easy to carry around.

You will not have to buy a power bank this way, and instead, you can just use your daily companion. Though its battery capacity will depend on your Bluetooth speaker’s built-in battery and the volume that you are listening to music with.

Listening to music with more than seventy-five percent volume on a scale of a hundred drains the battery significantly faster.

Method 5: Replace the Battery If Necessary

Replace The Battery
Replace The Battery

After you have made sure that issues are not with the charging port or the USB cable, consider changing the battery of your speaker. If you have been using your Bluetooth speaker for a while now, the lithium-ion battery drops down to lower levels.

Replacing the battery is also a great investment if your speaker is relatively new yet somehow got damaged. You can easily find rechargeable batteries for Bluetooth speakers at stores near your area.

However, if you are a tech-savvy person who is willing to change the battery of your speaker on your own, here is how to do it:

Method 5: Replace the Battery If Necessary
Method 5: Replace the Battery If Necessary

We would like to warn you beforehand that this method requires using a soldering iron. It is highly advisable that you have a fair amount of knowledge on how electronic devices work and know exactly how to solder cables before you proceed on to the steps.

  • Step 1: Turn your Bluetooth speaker upside-down, tear off the anti-slip mat located there.
  • Step 2: You will see screws that are holding the covers of the speakers together, unscrew and remove those.
  • Step 3: Use your soldering iron to heat it up in a way that the battery placed on the audio motherboard drops off.
  • Step 4: You have to solder new cables and matching plug together and wield the other end of the wire to the anode and cathode side of the audio motherboard. Use double-sided tape to hold them together.
  • Step 5: Make sure to cover both ends of the battery with double-sided tape
  • Step 6: Now you can place the new battery on the new motherboard.
  • Step 7: Close the bottom cover of your speaker, screw back the screw you removed at the beginning.
  • Step 8: Finally, use the double-sided adhesive tape to stick the anti-slip mat back onto your speaker.

And now you know how to fix any minor issue with a Bluetooth speaker that will not charge!

Fix Your Bluetooth Speaker Now!

Bluetooth Speaker Fixing
Bluetooth Speaker Fixing

Though these malfunctions are pretty common with Bluetooth speakers, it takes a while to identify what exactly is the problem you are facing and what would be the best way to fix it, both time and budget-wise.

Once you have figured that out, you can start working on getting your Bluetooth speaker to charge again. After you have fixed the problems, remember to charge your speaker to its capacity at least once every six months if you do not use it for over a year.

And now that you know how to fix a Bluetooth speaker that won’t charge, you can fix any minor problems with your device easily!

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