3 Best RAM for i7 8700k Reviews and Buying Guide

by Malcolm Woods

Having more Chrome tabs opened on your computer is probably the biggest flex within the PCMR right now. With RAM prices finally coming to a stable state, you should probably bag a good deal before things go haywire again.

Imagine that you've got a core i7 8700 from team blue, and you want to pair it up with a solid RAM module. Although you don't have hundreds of good memories to choose from, we've put together a list to help you find the best RAM for i7 8700k.

The importance of getting a good RAM for Intel processors cannot be stressed enough. Read on and find out why you should pick out a RAM module from this list.

Summary Table for RAM for i7 8700k

Do You Want To Easily Choose A Product? Just Follow This Table

Product Image Name Editor's Rating Price
Corsair Vengeance LPX 4.6 / 5.0 Price Check
HyperX Fury CL17 4.5 / 5.0 Price Check
TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB 4.8 / 5.0 Price Check

Top 3 Best RAM for i7 8700k Reviews 2023

Now that you know why you need the absolute paramount RAM modules for your 8700k, let's check three of them out.

Top 3 Best RAM for i7 8700k Reviews 2023
Top 3 Best RAM for i7 8700k Reviews 2023

1. Corsair Vengeance LPX

Corsair Vengeance LPX
Corsair Vengeance LPX

Let's start with one of the most popular memories in the world right now. And they've been the go-to RAM module for almost every budget PC builder.

Corsair has laid the framework with this simplistic-looking yet high-performance RAM.

Don't get me wrong. Corsair has tons of other RAM lineups, and they keep on coming. But replacing the Vengeance LPX at this price point is a pretty hard challenge for many brands. The only RAM that would take its place should be its next iteration.

When I said simplistic-looking, I wasn't kidding. If you're not a fan of bland memories in this day and age of RGB lighting, you should probably look elsewhere. But the LPX brings a ton of class with quality memory speeds on Intel machines.

The compatibility will not be an issue for the Vengeance LPX as it's well supported with all AMD and Intel DDR4 boards. You can order a sweet 16GB kit, and you won't have to pay extra for the flashy RGB.

And if you're a fan of mini-ITX, you'll love the low-profile form factor. You can pretty much fit any cooler, and you won't get blocked by the RAM. The RAM is rated at 3000MHz, which is enough for any modern gaming machine.

The Vengeance has quite the overclocking potential too. And since you're going to be pairing this up with an unlocked 8700k, you can get the maximum performance and a great bang for your buck.

Highlighted Features

  • Flexible overclocking capabilities allows maximum performance
  • Support for both Intel and AMD DDR4 boards
  • Robust heatsink made of aluminum keeps the chips safe
  • 3000MHz frequency, fast enough for most demanding games
  • XMP 2.0 support for Intel makes the setup easy

2. HyperX Fury CL17 DIMM

HyperX Fury CL17 DIMM
HyperX Fury CL17 DIMM

Here, what we have is another non-flashy classy-looking RAM. This time, it's from HyperX by Kingston Technology. The HyperX name is trendy in the gaming community, and for good reasons. This module succeeds in living up to the reputation.

Before getting into the details, let's talk about the different variants. You can get the module in multiple frequencies. Whether your motherboard caps out at 2400MHz or 3466MHz, this one from HyperX has you covered.

Even though you won't get the extra FPS from RAM's with RGB, the heatsink's three colors would be enough if you're into matching component colors. Jokes aside, you can get this in multiple kit sizes too, but the 16GB kit is recommended.

Like the one from Corsair, this module will fit into any DDR4 motherboard, and it will work perfectly with either the Zen2 architecture from AMD or the new Intel chips.

The lack of RGB does help in keeping the costs down. So, if you're planning a budget build and you want to save a couple of bucks with the memory, the RGB is a worthy sacrifice. I mean, it's 2023; RGB is so 2018 now!

If you're using an i7 8700K or planning to pair this one up with that particular chipset, you'll be happy to know that the module supports intel's XMP. So, you can get up and running in no time.

Highlighted Features

  • Available in multiple frequencies from 2133 to 3466
  • Supports both Intel and AMD based motherboards
  • Comes with Intel XMP support for faster loading times
  • Signature asymmetrical heatsink design for better cooling

3. TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB


The last one on the list is from TEAMGROUP. This one's for the crazy kids out there who live and breathe RGB. TEAMGROUP has recently climbed the ladder to the top, and they're putting up a tough competition to the likes of Corsair and HyperX.

And this module from TeamGroup lives up to its name. You can get the RGB kit in three different heatsink colors. Choose from the 16 or 32 GB kits. But 16 Gigs are still enough to run most AAA titles in the market now.

When it comes to the speed or frequencies, you can expect to get three variants. Choose from the 3000Mhz, 3200Mhz, and the 3600MHz. Since you'll be pairing this up with an 8700k, going with the 3600Mhz version would be a great option.

Let's move into the juicy bit, the RGB. If you're a complete nerd about RGB lighting and you want the lighting to shine through your tempered glass side panels, then the iconic Force Flow RGB effect should teach other kids who the boss is.

Moving on to the heat sink. RAMs have only started to include heatsinks since DDR4 came out. And the companies have gone out of their ways to design the best-looking heatsinks while simultaneously offering incredible performance.

TEAMGROUP's iconic heatsink puts just as much on the table, if not more. It's asymmetric and minimalistic. So, you don't have to worry too much about the aesthetics with this one.

Highlighted Features

  • Available in three frequencies 3000, 3200, and 3600 MHz
  • TEAMGROUP's iconic Force Flow pattern adds to the aesthetics
  • High overclocking potential
  • Support for Intel's XMP 2.0 for faster overclocking

Things to Consider Before Buying RAM for i7 8700k

Before picking your pick, you need to go through a few key factors. Let's sprint through them one by one.


Now, the first thing that comes to mind when purchasing RAMs is the memory. The number of tech-savvy enthusiasts has increased quite a lot in the last decade. But it wasn't the same case before that time. People only used to buy RAM with memory size in consideration.

But that doesn't mean that it's not a contributing factor anymore. Although many people might tell you that you'll do just fine with 8 gigs, you should always opt for a 16 gig kit from now onwards.

Trust me, the extra gigabytes matter when you're gaming or multitasking. And with so many chrome tabs that need to stay open with the pandemic on the loose, you need the extra memory.


The next thing you need to keep in mind is the speed or frequency of the RAM module itself. Most average consumers won't really realize the difference between a 2400MHz RAM and a 3600MHz module.

But the enthusiasts will easily distinguish one from the other. The faster the speed of the module itself, the faster your programs will load, and you'll eventually be able to maximize your productivity.

Usually, going for a 3200MHz RAM is the sweet spot right now, keeping the price to performance ratio in mind. If you're pairing this up with something from Team Blue, the 8700k RAM speed might blow your mind.


Well, this is going to be controversial. But, of course, to each his own. The trend of RGB has opened up a huge market in the gaming industry for companies to cash in on. But you either like RGB, or you don't; there's no in-between.

You can rest assured that RAM without RGB lighting can outperform non-RGB RAM in a jiffy. But it's not about the performance when it comes to RGB; it never was.

RGB could make your setup look incredibly gorgeous or like utter trash. The choice of RGB or non-RGB depends completely upon yourself.

RAM for i7 8700k Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which is the best memory for i7 8700k?

You can pick any memory that has at least 16GB and a 3200 MHz frequency.

2. Do I need 32 Gigabytes?

It truly depends on what your purpose is. If you want to test out how many Chrome Tabs you can open, no RAM amount would be enough. But 16gigs should be the standard right now.

3. Is the faster RAM better?

Faster RAM allows for more output from overclocking. You can maximize the potential of the RAM with speedier memory.

4. How do I fix my computer lag?

Upgrading memory has been one of the safest ways to prevent a lagging experience in standard operating systems. You can try out a higher memory to see if it works.

5. Does RAM affect my Gaming FPS?

You won't see a huge difference when you're using a higher speed RAM while running a game. But the loading times might be affected by a boost to the PC's RAM.

Final Words for i7 Ram Buyers

That was everything on the best RAM for i7 8700k. The CPU is a complete powerhouse, so you should feed it a good memory to make it work its magic. So, try out any of these three to get the best results. You really can't go wrong with any one of these RAM kits.

Upgrading memory has been one of the safest ways to prevent a lagging experience in standard operating systems. You can try out a higher memory to see if it works.

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