The Best AM3 Processor Reviews 2023 | Top 6 Picks

by Malcolm Woods

So, you're a guy who spends most of the time either working on the computer or playing games. But recently, while working on some crazy apps altogether, your PC bogged down! It has become sluggish.

You had enough of sitting and watching that annoying blue circle rotate during your tasks. That's why you determined to change the processor to fortify your PC by attaching the best AM3 processor.

But while searching for the perfect one, it seems all Greek to you! Well, no worries, we've created a comprehensive list down below so that you can pick a processor for your PC easily.

Top AM3 Processor 2023 Picks by Editors

Summary Table for AM3 Processor

Do You Want To Easily Choose A Product? Just Follow This Table

Product Image Name Editor's Rating Price
AMD FX-8350 Black Edition Processor 4.6 / 5.0 Price Check
AMD FX-6300 Processor Black 4.7 / 5.0 Price Check
AMD FX-8320 Black Edition Processor 4.5 / 5.0 Price Check
AMD FX-8370 Processor with 4.5 / 5.0 Price Check
AMD FX-8300 Black Edition 4.7 / 5.0 Price Check

Benefits of Using AM3 Processor

Benefits of Using AM3 Processor
Benefits of Using AM3 Processor

There are certain benefits of using an AM3 processor. We've mentioned some of the notable ones down below.

  • AM3 processors can get to memory faster owing to their L3 200MHz cache speeds.
  • They provide good clock speed along with an overclocking facility.
  • Some of them offer Hyper Transport Technology for providing a higher download speed.
  • Most importantly, they support DDR3 SDRAM, which has the power to transfer data two times faster than DDR2.
  • They offer improved L1, L2, L3 cache memory for executing intensive works more efficiently.

Our Top 6 Best AM3 Processor Reviews 2023

There are a lot of processors in the market. Each one is different from one another in specifications. However, our experts worked like crazy to find out the right products for you. Check them out down below.

1. AMD FX-8350 Black Edition Processor

AMD FX-8350 Black Edition Processor
AMD FX-8350 Black Edition Processor

We know that your dream is to get the best AM3 CPU for gaming. That's why we bring you the FX-8350 processor from AMD. You'll get outstanding frame rates along with superb music quality while playing your most intense game at stunning resolutions.

A time comes when you want to continue working on multiple intensive apps at the same time, which bogs down your PC. No worries, this 8-core processor will fortify your PC's mega-tasking abilities to a new level. Thus, you'll be able to do multiple tasks without interruption.

Plus, it features 8MB of L2 and 8MB of L3 cache along with Bulldozer architecture to deliver you the utmost level of performance. The FX-8350 also has a 32-nanometre die shrink that reduces leakage in order to increase efficiency.

As it stands, it has a pretty fast 4GHz of base clock speed. Not only that, but AMD's overdrive software also allows you to overclock its clock speed to 4.2GHz. As a consequence, you'll be able to enjoy an impressive gaming experience.

However, when you overclock FX-8350 from AMD, it's likely to get overheated. But thanks to its ample cooling function, the temperature won't rise to such an extreme level, thereby you can overclock it without the worry of overheating.

The most amazing thing about this processor that you're going to enjoy is its faster download speed. It's HyperTransport Technology allows you to download at whooping 16GB per second in 3.0 HyperTransport Generation mode and on bandwidth at 8GB per second.

Highlighted Features

  • Allows smooth multitasking by an 8-core processor
  • Bulldozer architecture for maximum performance
  • Supports overclock by the AMD overdrive software
  • Ample cooling function to prevent overheating
  • Provides exceptional download speed by the HyperTransport Technology

2. AMD FX-6300 Processor Black Edition

AMD FX-6300 Processor Black Edition
AMD FX-6300 Processor Black Edition

Well, not all of the gamers can afford expensive processors. But we don't want money to become a barrier between you and the fun. That's the reason you should get the FX-6300 from AMD. You can get it at a reasonable price that will still give you an awesome gaming experience.

It's a 6-core processor that comes with 3.5GHz of clock speed so that you can enjoy your triple-A games delightfully. As such, its overdrive software allows you to overclock its clock speed to get 4.1GHz. As soon as you overclock, you'll find a remarkable improvement in performance.

Plus, this 64-bit processor accommodates 6MB in L2 and 8MB in L3 cache locations to work on 86x-64x architecture. Besides, the FX-6300 offers a scheduling feature so that you can select the programs that you want to be loaded at first.

As it stands, it boasts 30 GB/s memory bandwidth so that you can download more as well as house more data. Not only that, but it also has a 16-way sub-cache, allowing it to transfer data lightning fast.

Along with gaming, you'll be able to do floating-point calculations to add extra details on whatever you're working at a time. Well, the credit goes to its advanced vector extension or AVX that identifies parallel functions in your CPU to do that.

Moreover, with this AMD AM3+ CPU processor, you won't have to worry about power consumption. It eats up 95Watts for its TDP; thereby, your CPU won't heat up while you're busy in dynamic gaming.

And yeah, one annoying thing before buying a processor is figuring out a compatible motherboard. Thanks to the architectural synergy of FX-6300 from AMD, you don't need to worry about it, as it supports a wide range of motherboards.

Highlighted Features

  • 6-core processor to give immersive gaming experience
  • Provides extra convenience by the scheduling feature
  • Offers AVX for floating-point calculations
  • 95 Watts power consumption to avoid overheating
  • Supports a variety of motherboards due to architectural synergy

3. AMD FX-8320 Black Edition Processor

AMD FX-8320 Black Edition Processor
AMD FX-8320 Black Edition Processor

If you're not yet convinced by our previous product, we've another one for you that's going to surely win your heart. Yes, try out this FX-8320 from AMD. You can get it without hurting your wallet and rely on it to handle all of your tasks swiftly.

As a gamer, you know the importance of control, don't you? Well, what if you have the power to direct this processor? Yeah, its unlocked clock multiplier allows you to control it. Thus, you'll be able to configure its power according to your needs.

It's important to mention that it has 8-core processors that come with an advanced cache system. And it has 8MB in both L2 and L3 cache. However, you won't see much of a difference when gaming, but during intensive video editing, you'll be blown away by its performance.

Now, this processor has 3.5GHz of base frequency along with 4GHz of boost clock. Even after that, you can get it to 4.5GHz of turbo speed by using a good motherboard as well as a cooling solution.

Does your PC stumble while handling a heavy type of job? The FX-8320 from AMD offers multi-threaded applications. As a consequence, from now on, there'll be no stuttering regardless of what type of intense task you do.

The required TDP of this processor is 125W, which is decent enough. So, enjoy high FPS while watching videos and playing games with peace of mind.

Highlighted Features

  • Unlocked clock multiplier for customization
  • Mind-blowing performance by the 8-core processor
  • Immersive experience owing to the advanced cache system
  • Multi-core operation to operate smoothly

4. AMD FX-8370 Processor with Wraith Cooler

AMD FX-8370 Processor With Wraith Cooler
AMD FX-8370 Processor With Wraith Cooler

Do you ever feel like chucking the cooler of your CPU to the bin due to noise level and less control on heat? If so, then wait for no further and grab this FX-8370 from AMD. Well, the reason behind insisting you on this is because it comes with a Wraith cooler.

This large cooler has a 120mm fan along with 4 copper heat pipes so that the heat can disperse effectively. In fact, it'll run pretty quietly, keeping your processor cool. Your PC won't get fried as long as this cooler is on.

This is an extraordinary CPU with 4.0GHz of the base frequency, which is already pretty fast. But even if you feel like to overclock it, you'll get 4.3GHz of clock speed, thanks to the overdrive software. As a consequence, the performance of your CPU will step to a new level.

Aside from that, with the FX-8370, you can play challenging games, watch movies, and even run extreme apps simultaneously. And all of that is made possible by its 8MB L2 as well as 8MB L3 cache design. So, enjoy seamless multitasking without the fear of bogging down your PC.

Moreover, it boasts AMD virtualization that allows you to use virtual machines for different users. Not only that, but it also features Advanced Vector Extensions and FMA instructions. As a result, you'll be able to do your tasks more profoundly and with ease.

Highlighted Features

  • Wraith cooler for cooling down the processor
  • The noise-free operation to give peace of mind
  • Provides top-notch performance by the brilliant overclocking capacity
  • Allows uninterrupted multitasking by the cache design
  • AMD virtualization to run virtual machines

5. AMD FX-8300 Black Edition

5. AMD FX-8300 Black Edition
5. AMD FX-8300 Black Edition

Your desire to turn your PC into a workhorse can only be done by the best AM3 processor. That's why you must try out the FX-8300 from AMD, which is a product from the Vishera line-up. This beast here is famously known for its excellent multitasking capabilities with ease.

A flawless performance is what you need, right? Well, then this 8-core fully unlocked processor is going to make your PC into a dynamo that you'll be able to execute your meticulous tasks smoothly.

It's not that you can only play games at a time. Rather you'll be able to do a lot more work alongside each other. Thanks to its 8-thread processor, which is backed up with L1 384KB, L2, and L3 8MB, allowing you to perform multiple works.

Plus, its 3.3GHz speed will supply you with a good amount of power to fulfill your needs. And when you feel a lack of power for running high-end applications, you can overclock it to 4.2GHz. Thus, you won't face any problems while running the multimedia application as well as an advanced game.

As it stands, the FX-8300 includes 2 DDR3 1866 memory channels so that you can get faster reports. Not only that, but its eight separate threads also will back you up during managing exclusive content.

Good news! You can connect this socket to a wide range of motherboards and systems, which includes HP, Microsoft, and Sony. Further, it's going to need 95 Watts of energy, so overheating won't be an issue so far unless you overburden your PC.

Highlighted Features

  • Unlocked 8-core processor for extremely fast operation
  • Improved cache design for smooth multitasking
  • Easily overclocks for running high-end applications
  • Convenient to use owing to supporting a variety of motherboards
  • Prevents overheating by less energy consumption

6. AMD FX-8370 Black Edition

AMD FX-8370 Black Edition
AMD FX-8370 Black Edition

Last but not least on our list is the FX-8370 processor from AMD. You can rest assured that you're going to get top-notch performance from this one with no trouble.

It's an eight-core processor, which means that it'll be able to process your games, render 3D graphics as wells edit 4K videos at the drop of a hat. Simply speaking, you'll be able to do your tasks a lot faster.

Besides, FX-8370 boasts eight threads that'll allow you to perform multiple tasks concurrently. These are really important as they decide the number of tasks your computer can execute.

Plus, with this AM3 processor, you'll get 4 GHz of base clock, and we think that's plenty to work well. However, you can overclock it to 4.3GHz of boost clock for getting maximum performance. But keep in mind that with a higher clock, heat will generate a bit.

On top of that, this processor is equipped with Advanced Vector Extensions, AMD virtualization, and FMA instructions. All these make sure that you can continue your gaming, working, or whatever effortlessly.

Highlighted Features

  • Octa-core processor to operate at super-fast speed
  • Allows smooth multitasking by eight threads
  • Good overclocking to provide utmost performance
  • Useful extensions for overall working efficiency

Things to Consider Before Buying AM3 Processor

Since you want to make your PC super-fast, you need to get a good processor. Now, there are a few things that you should consider before purchasing an AM3 processor. Otherwise, it'll be a total waste of money and a completely disheartening situation while playing games and doing hardcore tasks.


The most important factor to consider is the number of cores of your processor. Usually, multiple cores combinedly make a processor, and each of them can perform multiple numbers of tasks at once. So, they work altogether to do the processing of your tasks faster.

Though four-cores are well enough, if you've to work with high-end applications, you can choose more cores.


The amount of data that can transfer between your RAM (Random Access Memory) and the CPU is measured by the cache. It's measured in MB or megabytes. Data can move fast if the cache number is higher.

Cache stores are formatted in three layouts - L1, L2, L3. Well, L1 is the fastest one but has minimal space for data. L2 has comparatively more room, but it operates slowly. Lastly, L3 has ample space, but it slower than L1 and L2.


Easy to remember, the number of threads is equal to the number of cores. Yet some powerful CPUs can create two threads from a single core, it's called multithreading.

A chip deal with a specific number of processes at once, and threads determine that number. You'll get better performance during multitasking from more threads.

Clock Speeds

Now, this one is another most important factor. Because your chip will operate depending on the clock speed. If the clock speed is higher, your processor will work faster. It's measured in GHz or gigahertz. Your CPU adjusts the clock speed depending on the task as well as the unit's temperature.

Aside from that, there's a function named overclocking. It allows you to push the speed of the CPU faster than specified. However, if you don't have a good cooling setup, your computer may crash due to overheating.

Heat Control

Whether you're making or customizing a gaming system, you need to get a processor that can deliver more without eating more energy. As a result, heat generation will be less.

You'll find CPUs that come with a cooling device as well as laminated heat sinks to keep the temperatures within limits. If you can't find such a type, you better get an extra heat sink. Otherwise, your system is going to get damaged pretty critically.


Look, Whatever motherboard you're running, make sure that the processor you're going to buy is compatible with the socket. Since the AM3 has a.45 mm diameter, your motherboard should have a design to work with it.

Power Source

Ensure that you have a safe and secure power connection. Well, a long cable should be used for making the connection between the motherboard and your power supply.

Most of the CPUs need a massive amount of energy to operate. That's why you must get a power supply that has the capacity to deliver sufficient power.


Finally, most of the users overlook the software that comes with the CPU. But it can make a huge difference, such as providing controls for doing different functions of CPU. Install the software after installing the processor into your motherboard.

How to Install AM3 Processor?

So, you bought your preferred AM3 processor, but you don't know how to install it. No worries, go along with our following process to get your work done.


First, ensure that your processor is compatible with the motherboard you have. Otherwise, you won't be able to install it.

Remove the Motherboard

Now that you know that your motherboard matches with your CPU, shut down your computer. Then remove the motherboard and place it on a flat surface.

Remove the Lever

Lift the lever that holds the processor into the socket. This step will move the socket slightly so that the holes can align along with the connectors underneath. You won't need to exert any force to drop the processor into place.

Insert the Processor

You need to ensure that the arrow of the processor is aligned properly with the arrow of the socket. And you'll feel that the processor clicks into position when you softly push it into place. However, if you feel that you need to use more force, then check if you've aligned the processor correctly.

Securing the Processor

When you're assured that the processor is sitting flush, then pull down the lever to keep the processor secured in place.

Applying Thermal Paste

You've to apply thermal paste to fill up the micro-cracks on both the surface of your processor and the cooler that are invisible by the naked eyes. Thus, there'll be an efficient heat transfer.

Fitting the Cooler

If your processor comes with an AMD cooler, you can install it pretty easily. There're two nodules that stick out from a plastic cooler mount around the processor socket. They're going to hold the clips of your heatsinks.

Open the handle of your heatsink to connect the metal clip on one nodule. Then, snugly push it against the CPU mount. Now, place the heatsink on top of your processor and push the left-over metal clip on the second nodule. Finally, close the handle.

AM3 Processor Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use AM3 CPUs in AM2+ motherboards?

Yes, you can use it. That's because AM2+ motherboards have two memory controllers for DDR2 and DDR3. But make sure to upgrade the bios of your AM2+ motherboard to function AM3 CPU properly.

2. Can I use an AM2 CPU cooler on my AM3 CPU?

You can use an AM2 CPU cooler as it'll work on your AM3 CPU. The clip design is the same for both the CPUs; thereby, you don't need to purchase another one.

3. Is it possible to use my AM3 CPU in an AM3+ motherboard?

Yes, it's possible. However, unless your motherboard is compatible with both sockets, you cannot use an AM3+ processor in your AM3 motherboard.

4. Is it necessary to overclock my CPU?

If your processor has good cache memory, then you don't need to overclock your CPU to handle the intense game. But if you desperately feel the need, you can do that. Usually, a good processor doesn't need overclocking at all.

5. How much thermal paste do I need to use on my AM3 CPU?

You need to apply a very small amount of thermal paste, which is about roughly the size of a pea on the center of the incorporated heat spreader. However, if your cooler has pre-applied thermal paste, then you don't need to apply it.

Final Words for AM3 Processor Buyers

Handling high-end programs at the same time is a hell of a work. Unless you get the best AM3 processor for gaming from our list, your PC won't likely be able to perform as you desire. All of our models are powerful and efficient enough to help you execute heavy tasks with ease.

Not only we informed you about the products, but we also discussed the installation process. So, equip your PC and enjoy gaming, watch high FPS videos as much as you want.

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