Best X58 Motherboards of Top 3 Picks in 2023

by Malcolm Woods

Some will say that the heart of your computer is the CPU that runs it. It may be true, but you can't really do much of that square chip unless you put it inside its dedicated slot on the motherboard.

Today, we'll be taking a look at three from Team Blue. And if you're on the hunt for a top-rated Intel supported motherboard, we'll help you find the best X58 motherboard for your next PC.

Joining the PCMR has its benefits. So, let's set aside the differences and take a peek at why an X58 motherboard should be your next purchase.

Summary Table for Best X58 Motherboards

Do You Want To Easily Choose A Product? Just Follow This Table

Product Image Name Editor's Rating Price
ASUS X58 Sabertooth
4.5 / 5.0 Price Check
Intel DX58SO Extreme 4.8 / 5.0 Price Check
ASUS ROG Intel X58 4.7 / 5.0 Price Check

Benefits of Using X58 Motherboard

Benefits of Using X58 Motherboard
Benefits of Using X58 Motherboard

Before moving onto the reviews, let's get to know how X58 Motherboards might benefit your next PC!


A lot of people are still sticking to the DDR3 era. And you can't blame them. You don't need to dish out hundreds of bucks on just a mainboard now, do you? They're still going strong, and they will hold their own for another three or four years.


So, why should you buy the X58 motherboards? The main reason should probably be pricing. With overly expensive DDR4 boards in the market, opting for a DD3 one pretty much looks like a feasible option.

Great CPU Support

Although they've been out for quite a while now, you can expect to see some excellent performance boosts when you're using one of these boards. Some of them offer support for the Extreme Edition Intel Core i7s, which is pretty surprising if you think about it.

More RAM

The best in the lot comes with up to 6 memory slots. And you can load them up with around 24Gb of DIMMS. Although they're DDR3, you can get speeds of up to 2200 MHz when you overclock some of them.

Now that you know why you should go for X58 motherboards, look at three of the top choices you can get in this category.

Our Recommended Top 3 Best X58 Motherboards
Our Recommended Top 3 Best X58 Motherboards

1. ASUS X58 Sabertooth

ASUS X58 Sabertooth
ASUS X58 Sabertooth

You know it's going to be good if it's from ASUS. They have a different fan base when it comes to PC components. And their motherboards are loved throughout the world. Things are no different for the Sabertooth X58.

Let's start off with the support. The LGA 1366 socket is still around nowadays, and it's a perfect match for many Intel chips. So, if you're planning to load this thing up with an i7, you might as well do that.

The first thing that comes to mind whenever you're looking at a motherboard head-on is the number of RAM slots. Well, you'll be glad to know that this beast can be kitted up with six total RAM sticks. The maximum capacity of the board is 24GB.

Graphics card options are also pretty good, considering how old this board is. You can pretty much configure two Nvidia cards in here and set them up to run in SLI.

The supported RAM speeds include 1066/1333/1600/1800 and go all the way up to 1866 MHz. The best part about it is that you can pretty much run this in triple channel mode for additional performance.

As far as ports are concerned, you can rest assured that you will get enough of them. With 6 SATA ports of the 2nd generation and two other gen 3 SATA ports, you can hook up some insane storage options with this board.

Highlighted Features

  • Supports Intel processors for the LG1366 socket-type
  • Up to 24GB RAM capacity through 6 DIMMS
  • 8 SATA ports, 2x SATA3 and 6x SATA2 for expandability
  • 2x PCI-E slots for setting GPUs in SLI

2. Intel DX58SO Extreme

Intel DX58SO Extreme
Intel DX58SO Extreme

The second choice on our list is straight out of Intel's manufacturing plant. They aren't apparent in the industry anymore, but they were excellent in making motherboards back in the day. You could have kitted up their DDR3 boards with a fantastic configuration.

If you're worried about processor support, then you should know that you can kit this up with a beastly Core i7 just for giggles. You could feel the full extent of an i7 with this board from Intel themselves.

Like most other X58 boards currently prevalent in the market, this one also comes with the LGA1366 socket. It's a standard ATX form factor that can fit in most tower and mid-tower cases.

When it comes to ports, you can take it easy. That's because this one from Intel brings a total of 8 SATA ports. You also get 4 RAM slots to fill. But the maximum RAM capacity of 16GB might sound like a bummer nowadays.

The best part about this motherboard is probably the Dolby Digital Audio support. It comes with version 7.1, which was standard back then. And it still holds up just as well by today's standards.

USB ports and cables were some of the fascinating inventions of the modern PC era. You could do almost everything with them. And their inclusion in motherboards was always a welcome addition.

X58 motherboards come with tons of USB 2 and USB 3 ports. You'll never feel the shortage.

Highlighted Features

  • LGA1366 socket for Intel processors
  • Supports up to a Core i7 and 16 GB of DDR3 memory
  • Boasts an ATX form factor with 4 RAM slots
  • Comes with 8 SATA ports and six different PCI-e slots
  • Different RAM frequencies supported for maximum speeds

3. ASUS ROG Intel X58

ASUS ROG Intel X58
ASUS ROG Intel X58

You're probably a bit shocked to see a motherboard with the ROG branding on this list. But the Republic of Gamers badge does come with its quirks and features on this one. Let's find them out, shall we?

Starting off with the processor support. You can load this board up with the very best of Intel that boasts the LGA1366 socket-type. And the exciting part about this motherboard is the overclocking goodness.

You can load this up with an unlocked CPU and overclock it for maximum performance. When overclocked, you can run the RAM sticks at 2200MHz even. But the non-overclocked barrier ends at just 1333MHz, making this a truly versatile motherboard.

Graphics cards running in SLI aren't a trend anymore. But if you're still interested in testing out what the absolute beast of a feature like this can do, you can load this motherboard up with two graphics cards from either Team Red or Team Blue.

Although the board doesn't come with Dolby Audio, you can pretty much expect the integrated HD Audio Codec to be just as good.

USB ports are abundant over here. You get a whopping total of 12 USB ports. As for the faster USB 3.0, you still get two ports. This motherboard is not here to mess around. You can expect the best performance, but you do have to spend extra.

Highlighted Features

  • Supports Core i7 Extreme edition with LGA 1366
  • 6 RAM slots for up to 24Gb of memory
  • 6 SATA2 Ports and 2 SATA3 ports for expandability
  • 12 USB ports with two other USB 3 ports

X58 Motherboard Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which ram should I get for my X58 motherboard?

All the remaining X58s in the market support DDR3 RAMs. They are the older version, so you can get them for much cheaper than the latest ones. Pick any RAM that you can find according to the rated speed.

2. Can I use DDR4 RAM with my X58 motherboard?

You can't. An X58 motherboard will only support DDR3 memory kits. We all wish that we could use better memories. But technology doesn't seem to work that way, apparently.

3. What speed will my RAM run in?

It depends on which motherboard you get. You can expect a variation of 1066 to 1600 MHz. If you're keen on overclocking the board, you can churn out a whopping 2200 MHz from some RAM sticks on some boards. The ASUS ROG is a fine example of such a motherboard.

4. How do I install the RAM on my new motherboard?

Installing RAM is one of the easiest steps of PC building. With more and more enthusiasts on the planet, you can learn to install RAM sticks quite easily. Line up the RAM pins with the slots. Push the RAM in until you hear a click, and voila!

5. How can I install the CPU freely?

Installing the CPU is one of the most challenging things about PC building. You can get so many things wrong. A slight mishandling of things might cause you to brick your motherboard forever.

The pins on the motherboard are extremely fragile. Even if one of them is bent, your board won't work. So, make sure you're extra delicate when you're working with these.

Line up the triangle on the CPU with the triangle on the motherboard. Slowly lower the CPU onto the board and lock the lever when your CPU is in place.

6. Why am I not getting SATA3 speeds on my drive?

This is a pretty common error for new PC builders. The ports on the motherboards are labeled SATA2 and SATA3. If you plug a SATA3 drive into a SATA2 port, you'll only be limited to SATA2 speeds.

So, you're basically limiting your drive. Open up the case and switch the cable to a SATA3 port. Things should be good to go then.

7. Which brand is the best to get?

We can vouch for both the brands that feature on the list. They provide exceptional build quality with top specs. And the best part is that you can rely on them for years to come.

Final Words for Motherboards Buyers

X58 motherboards came out quite some time ago. But they're here to stay. If you can get your hands on one of them, you can pretty much expect your PC to go toe-to-toe with some of the latest thousand-dollar PCs. Let's hope you find the best X58 motherboard for you!

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