10 Best Toslink Cable Reviews and Buying Guide 2023

by Malcolm Woods

Long before the inception of HDMI cables, digital optical cables were widely used. And, back then, this cable made with one or more optical fibers was the primary Another name for this is Toslink cable.

A Toslink cable can transmit uncompressed audio streams from autonomous devices to audio receivers such as soundbars and other kinds of home theater systems.

Even at extreme volumes, a high-standard cable can provide crystal-clear audio. Here, we'll go over everything you need to know about these incredible cables so you can pick the best Toslink cable for you and have a much more efficient experience.

Just follow this table for take a quick decision

Product Image Name Editor's Rating Price
Amazon Basics Digital Optical Toslink Cable 4.6 / 5.0 Price Check
BlueRigger Digital Optical Toslink Cable 4.7 / 5.0 Price Check
KabelDirekt Optical Digital Audio Cable 4.6 / 5.0 Price Check
Syncwire Digital Optical Audio Cable Toslink Cable 4.5 / 5.0 Price Check
iVANKY Optical Audio Cable 4.6 / 5.0 Price Check
Benefits of Using Toslink Cable
Benefits of Using Toslink Cable

Even though there are a number of cables for audio transmission, the Toslink cable is still among the most popular. This is due to the fact that the Toslink component offers a significant number of benefits.

Let us take a look at some of the key benefits of using Toslink cables.

High Bandwidth Reach

Toslink cables are built with a number of optical fibers. And optical fibers can facilitate quite a high threshold of bandwidth. Other cables or data transmission networks are unable to meet this bandwidth requirement, especially the ones with wires.

Furthermore, when compared to other options, the speed of data transmission with these cables is much higher.

Interference Resistance

Since this cable is essentially a cord, it is expected to encounter interference from a range of sources when in use.

This is due to the fact that while working, all types of cords face multiple accounts of hindrances. And, in contemporary technical settings with excessive heat and ventilation, this is even more prevalent.

However, that is not the case with Toslink cables. They aren't like any other cable on the market. Instead, they are stronger and can therefore overcome these barriers on their own by imposing a valiant battle against electromagnetic and radio frequency resistance.

With Toslink cables, you can listen to music that is almost noise-free.

Added Security

We live in the age of the internet. And now, more than ever, cyber-attacks are a major concern. Unknowingly, many cords and cables are victims of this weary situation.

Although audio systems aren't usually thought of as online appliances, it is a better idea to include aspects that ensure your safety online. And, these Toslink cables are there to take care of it.

In fiber optics, signals are transferred using the force of light. While transporting, they leave behind no evidence of electromagnetic waves.

So, data is always safe and secure. As a result, you will remain completely safe when going online with these cables.

Longer Distance Coverage

Toslink cables can travel much farther than most wired systems. They don't lose momentum at the same pace as other devices, which helps them convey signals over much longer distances with ease. Toslink can safely handle transmission distances of about 2 kilometers.

On the other hand, copper cables can only handle about 100 meters.

Light and Compact

Unlike many other similar options, Toslink cables are made in this compact form, which makes them super lightweight. So, these cables are very easy to set up and replace.


Since copper and other fibers aren't nearly as small in size, respective cables aren't either. They are very adaptable due to their small size.

It's fairly easy to adjust and form a circuit with this because it has more compressive properties.

There are plenty of great Toslink cables out there. Here, we are going to briefly discuss the top-of-the-class options on the market based on our research.

Amazon Basics Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable
Amazon Basics Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable

Today's first option is from none other than Amazon Basics. Based on our extensive research, this Digital Audio cable from this reliable brand is the best optical cable available on the market right now.

In this pack, you will find five pieces of cables that you can use for a number of different purposes. Since they all are 10 feet long, which is about 3 meters, you can use them to connect audio devices like big speakers or soundbars to audio processors or televisions.

Using this light and versatile cable, you will be able to get loud and transparent audio. Thanks to its structurally sound PVC layer and rust tolerant connectors and buffer tubes, the signal transition will be seamless.

Considering this device has high-quality construction, you will receive top-class audio from all your devices.

One of the most important factors when it comes to Toslink cables is the connection caps. And, this one includes detachable rubber caps.

It is particularly important if you're going to be disconnecting and storing the cable for later. This is because the lack of these caps will cause dirt accumulation, which deteriorates the performance of light transmission over time.

Highlighted Features

  • Includes 5 pieces of cables
  • Has incredibly great construction quality with sturdy PVC outer coating
  • Has a male-to-male connector
  • Equipped with a removable rubber tip to make sure the cable remains protected
  • Comes in a reasonable size of 9.8 feet
BlueRigger Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable
BlueRigger Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable

For bigger spaces, you need longer cables. And, you can't get better than this BlueRigger Digital Optical Audio Cable. While this may not be the longest cable on the list, it is undoubtedly the best one in a larger size.

It makes it easy to add sound modules. As a result, you'll have no trouble setting up your sound or audio system at home. Besides, it is also ideal for in-wall setups.

As for construction, the build of this cable is superb. It has an out layer made of PVC material, which makes it highly durable.

And, the connectors are made from gold-plated materials, which are also resistant to corrosion. So, the signal transmission is really smooth from all ends.

If you're one of those people who still use a DVD player, this is an excellent option for you. With this, you will be able to enjoy all your favorite movies and shows from the comforts of your home.

But if you're looking to connecting it with something else, don't worry. It is compatible with several formats like Dolby Digital, DTS, and more.

Highlighted Features

  • Equipped with specially designed optical fibers for better fidelity
  • Delivers a high level of data transmission with precision.
  • Comes in large size of 50-feet
  • Available in a number of other sizes
  • Has gold-plated connectors, which are resistant to rust formation

3. KabelDirekt Optical Digital Audio Cable

KabelDirekt Optical Digital Audio Cable
KabelDirekt Optical Digital Audio Cable

From this German-based cable manufacturer that focuses primarily on HDMI cables, we present to you this optical cable that is equally flexible and dependable.

If you're looking for a cable to switch it out with multiple devices and systems, this is a great option. This cable has a male-to-male connector, and it is compatible with almost all kinds of devices.

Whether you are a gamer who wants to use it to set up your latest Xbox or PS5 at home or an artist who wants to install soundbars and other audio systems at your workplace, this specific cable is perfect for you.

In fact, for perfectly clear reception, this is the ideal digital audio cable. It works well with compressed as well as uncompressed audio. So, it works with both compressed audio in the range of 5.1 to 7.1 and uncompressed PCM audio.

And, this Toslink is a moderately sized cable that extends up to 10 feet. So, this professional cable is great for home use.

If you want the highest quality audio at home, this is the way to go.

Highlighted Features

  • Provides crystal clear audio as connectors are resistant to transmission errors
  • Works with both compressed and uncompressed audio of different ranges
  • Has top quality construction that protects it from damage
  • Compatible with a huge variety of devices
  • Comes in many different sizes
Syncwire Digital Optical Audio Cable Toslink Cable
Syncwire Digital Optical Audio Cable Toslink Cable

Syncwire is known for producing high-quality goods that are both innovative and satisfying to customers. And this particular variant of the manufacturer's Toslink cable succeeds in retaining its degree of competence.

From this Toslink cable, you will get an exemplary audio experience. It includes connectors and buffer tubes that are designed to resist rusting of any kind, which allows for efficient signal transmission.

It works great with both compressed and uncompressed of different ranges. So, you will get crystal clear sound from both.

Due to the PVC outer coating that protects the entire cable, it is also highly robust. So, in terms of construction, this is at the top of the list. And, it will last you a long time.

Whether you want to enhance your gaming experience with flawless performance or want to create the perfect home theatre for your family, this is the right Toslink cable for you.

The streamlined design and adjustable controls will make using this cable super enjoyable.

In addition to that, these cables are compatible with other popular systems such as audio processors, televisions, and DACs. In any case, this Toslink cable persists in delivering unrivaled audio output.

Highlighted Features

  • Found in 2 different sizes
  • Has a super streamlined look with simple controls
  • Has a thick and durable structure, so it doesn't damage easily and lasts a long time
  • Works perfectly with all Toslink ports, like TV and gaming consoles
  • Compatible with both compressed and uncompressed audio versions

5. iVANKY Optical Audio Cable

IVANKY Optical Audio Cable 6ft
IVANKY Optical Audio Cable 6ft

Our next choice comes from iVanky, a company that is solely focused on offering high-quality sound and visual hardware.

Unlike the previous options, this cable is somewhat different. As opposed to the traditional completely black PVC layer, this one has a specially woven nylon layer. This distinctive design makes it extremely bendable.

This specific model comes in a 6 feet size, but you can also find it in a smaller size of 3.3 feet. Even though they are small, they are flexible, so they work great in small and compact spaces. And, they are super easy to clean and maintain.

Now, the iVANKY Optical Audio Cable doesn't have a typical shape. Instead, it has a cuboid-like shape that makes the cable even more special.

Due to its shape, the cable is much easier to mount. Its detailed configuration helps you to comfortably fit one into the appropriate angle and finish the assembly with ease.

The cable's conductivity won't deteriorate with time. And they're compatible with a wide range of devices. As a result, you can comfortably use these with multiple audio systems at home.

Basically, the only shortcoming of this cable is its size. But, if you are looking for a cable for a smaller space, this is an excellent option for you.

Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with different ranges of compressed and uncompressed audio
  • Crafted with woven nylon for increased flexibility
  • Has gold plating on connectors for long-term durability
  • Has a distinctive cuboid shape that makes enables simpler implementation
  • Comes in two relatively smaller sizes
FosPower 24K Gold Plated Toslink Digital Optical Audio Cable
FosPower 24K Gold Plated Toslink Digital Optical Audio Cable

Now, we have another relatively smaller-sized cable. If you want a cable for a smaller gaming system or workspace, this is the best Toslink cable for you.

It is from FosPower, a group that strives to address all manner of electronic problems with plenty of amazing high-end tools and accessories.

While this hardware manufacturer has only been in business since 2014, their products are of the highest quality. And, their FosPower Toslink Digital Optical Audio Cable is one of the best optical cables available today.

It is a widely used cable, particularly for connecting notable players to similarly popular receivers. With these cables, you will be able to set up at a home theatre and enjoy your favorite shows with world-class audio from your own home!

Although this specific option is only about 3 feet long, there are several different sixes of this variant, extending up to 50 feet.

Each cable is manually hand-inspected to verify that it really is up to code and designed to work for a long time. The construction on this cable is impeccable.

It has premium fiber construction in the center and multiple layers over it. The top-most layer is a nylon woven layer that makes this cable super flexible and convenient to use. Essentially, this is high up on the list in terms of construction.

Highlighted Features

  • Has elevated carbon fiber construction that minimizes signal interferences.
  • Has sturdy nylon mesh layer for added protection
  • Compatible with a variety of video and audio systems, including CD, DVD, and Blu-ray players
  • Uses audio transmission frequency of 6 MHz
Cable Matters Toslink Cable
Cable Matters Toslink Cable

Whether you want a sturdy cable to build up a big home theatre in your family room or a small gaming center in your bedroom, this cable will work great for you.

These cables are compatible with various different lengths, varying from three to fifty feet.

Now, these cables have extremely sturdy construction. The construction of these is almost unprecedented. It has reinforced metal connectors, which makes the cable highly durable.

With gold plating on the edges, these cables are designed to avoid rust formation of any kind. And, the PVC coating on the outermost layer adds to its longevity.

Moreover, this cable is capable of delivering excellent performance in both uncompressed audio and compressed stereo sound. When you mix it up with elevated audio technology such as Dolby Digital Plus, you will get the greatest performance.

And, you can use these to connect different systems with receiver options. It makes a great digital audio cable for tv.

As for the best part, these cables are sold at a rather low price. So, if you choose to go with this option, you will get excellent value for the money.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes at a relatively low price point
  • Has multiple layers of coating with a braided coating on top for extra flexibility
  • Includes strong and sturdy metal connectors that ensure absolute safety
  • Can be found in different sizes, starting from 3 feet and extending up to 50 feet
StarTech Thin Toslink Digital Optical Cable
StarTech Thin Toslink Digital Optical Cable

For those of you who are on a budget, you will love this option. The most appealing feature of this cable is that it is reasonably priced while providing an excellent audio level.

If you're a tech enthusiast, you've likely heard about this popular brand, StarTech. They manufacture professional-grade electronic products and have so far generated over 200 different kinds of connectors. And, the StarTech Thin Toslink Digital Optical Cable is the company's most reliable yet affordable cable option.

This inexpensive model of cable comes in five different sizes. You can find small to moderately sized cables, ranging from 3 feet to 20 feet.

Moreover, this Toslink cable has an optical fiber core and a super sleek PVC coating on the outer portion. And, the gold coating on the connectors makes them resistant to rust.

So, your cable will remain stable and provide loud and transparent audio, even at extreme volumes.

However, the overall design only facilitates installations in confined quarters. So, if you want a high-quality optical audio cable for a small room, this is an excellent choice.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a super light yet flexible concept
  • Made in 5 different sizes, starting from 3 feet all the way to 20 feet
  • Removes interference and produces coherent audio
  • Generates top-quality audio with its reinforced connectors
JYFT Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable
JYFT Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable

Another highly rated alternative that you should consider is this cable from JYFT. It has a high-quality design and excellent audio quality.

In our quest to be the top Toslink cable, it's a worthy contender. This cable is 6 feet long. Similar ones are available in five different sizes, ranging from 3 to 15 feet, and with a variety of packaging options.

Another wonderful feature about this is the removable rubber caps. These are designed to safeguard the connectors at all times. By preventing dust and dirt particles from out of the optical ends, they are extending the overall longevity.

Now, this fiber optic audio cable is super lightweight and mobile, all thanks to its superior build.

The connectors on this cable have a gold coating on the outer side and that makes it resistant to rust buildup. As a result, you can get the greatest signal transmission possible.

It works with both conventional and elevated electronics that have some sort of Toslink ports. Whether you want to use it for compressed surround audio or uncompressed audio, you'll get optimum results from this.

Highlighted Features

  • Works with both compressed and uncompressed audio
  • Has a PVC coating for maximum stability and mobility
  • Supports both regular and high-definition equipment having Toslink port
  • Found in three different sizes ranging from 3 to 15 feet
  • Includes detachable rubber tips to keep the connectors safe
Monoprice Optical Toslink OD Audio Cable
Monoprice Optical Toslink OD Audio Cable

For our last recommendation, we have the most cost-effective cable on the market at the moment. So, if you want a moderately sized cable on a budget, you can't get better than this.

From Monoprice, this is the best digital optical audio cable for the price. Ever since its establishment in 2002, the company has been providing high-quality goods at extraordinarily low costs.

By minimizing markups and other supply chain overhead expenses, the manufacturer supplies more than seven thousand inexpensive high-end items related to electronics and home appliances. One of their highly regarded alternatives is the Monoprice Optical Toslink OD Audio Cable.

It is also in high demand due to its superb audio resolution. Troubling external interference like RF and EM were removed, allowing for such high-quality audio.

Although this is a remarkable option, it has a couple of drawbacks. The first one being the initial installation process. At first, the initial connection between an audio device and the receiver may seem to be a little challenging.

But with the help of the user manual, you can get it done. And, the cable will operate seamlessly after you correctly start things up.

Unless you want the highest quality cable in a larger size for a professional-grade surround sound system, this will get the job done. And, that too, exceptionally.

Highlighted Features

  • Maintains safety with reinforced connector ends
  • Build with connectors that have a gold coating to resist rust formation
  • Ensures clear sound and accurate instrumental transcription
  • Sold in a moderately sized form of 12 feet
  • Provides excellent value for money

Here, we have provided a comparison chart to give you an overall understanding of a standard Toslink audio cable.

Product Name Number of Variants
Smallest Size Highest Size Connection Caps
Amazon Basics Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable 6 3.3. feet 9.8 feet Yes
BlueRigger Digital Optical Audio in-Wall CL3 Rated Cable 8 3 feet 100 feet Yes
KabelDirekt Optical Digital Audio Cable 10 3 feet 100 feet No
Syncwire Digital Optical Audio Cable Toslink Cable 3 3.3 feet 10 feet Yes
iVANKY Optical Audio Cable 2 3.3 feet 6 feet Yes
FosPower 24K Gold Plated Toslink Cable 9 3 feet 50 feet Yes
Cable Matters Toslink Cable Cell 3 feet 50 feet Cell
StarTech Thin Toslink Digital Optical Cable 7 3 feet 20 feet Yes
JYFT Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable 9 3 feet 15 feet Yes
Monoprice Optical Toslink OD Audio Cable 1 - 12 feet Yes

Now that we have provided a detailed analysis of the top Toslink cables of today, you should have a basic understanding of what to expect from these cables.

However, there are a lot of hidden features besides the obvious size, construction, and rubber tips. And, you need to take all those into consideration before actually purchasing one.


The primary concern when buying a Toslink cable for audio transmission is the quality and clarity of the audio. After that, the most important concern is the size of the cable.

If you want to set up a surround system in a bigger space, you will need a larger cable. As for regular home or work setups, smaller cables are more than sufficient.

As of now, several different lengths of cables are being produced, so size shouldn't be an issue for you. Ranging from small cables of 3 feet to larger ones of 100 feet is widely accessible now.

Based on your purpose of use, you can select the size. If you are still unsure, go for a moderately sized cable as they always come in handy and don't take up too much space.

Construction Quality

One of the essential factors with all electronic tools and accessories is the quality of construction. This factor depends on the internal parts used in the cable.

As Toslink cables are optical cables, they have optical fiber in the center, which is typically surrounded by different layers of coatings.

While some have PVC layers on the top, some have nylon woven layers. And, the presence of these coatings set the quality of the products.

But the quality of the cable may not be as important if you intend to use the cable specifically with a single device. The more you deal with them and move them about, the more alarming they appear. So, it all depends on your needs.

Flexibility and Longevity

This is more of a subfactor for the quality of construction. Some construction materials make the cable super flexible, which allows you to twist and form into small loops when setting up different systems.

And, the great quality cables are built with materials that prevent rust formation, so they last a pretty long time.

Audio Quality

Now, this is a given when it comes to Toslink cables as these cables are purchased with the primary intention of getting quality audio.

So, you have to check that the parts and components used in the cables support loud and clear audio transmission.

Interference Resistance Capacity

One of the main reasons why these cables are preferred over other similar options is the signal interference resistance feature.

When other cables are in operation, they face interference from a multitude of different sources, but this kind of cable does not. However, not all Toslink cables are created equal when it comes to signal interference.

As a result, you must seek out the best in this field. That way, you'll be able to listen to music without any background noise.

Rubber Tips

Lastly, we have rubber tips for the connection points. These are essentially one of the most significant parts of a digital audio cable.

Now, you might be wondering why these small parts are such a big deal. Let's start with the cable. These cables are identical to large cords.

When such cords aren't attached to the systems they are intended for; they're susceptible to dust particles and other contaminants entering the system.

This might later affect the integrity of the system and eventually stop functioning as expected.

That's where these rubber tips come in. They're basically the caps that go over the connection points and keep them protected from any kind of contaminants, further protecting the integrity of the system.

Despite all that, this feature is not equally important for all; it is particularly useful for people who intend to swap out the cables between different devices frequently.

Here are the top brands for this specific type of cable based on our research.

1. Best Overall Brand: Amazon Basics

Amazon Basics is Amazon's flagship manufacturer for providing all kinds of items, ranging from household appliances to technological devices. Primarily, the brand is mainly concerned with small, low-cost items.

Even though it is not particularly a Toslink cable brand, the company provides a number of top-quality cables with some amazing features.

And, the Amazon Basics Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable is the best choice for a Toslink cable not just from this particular manufacturer but from an overall perspective.

2. Best for Quality Options: BlueRigger

BlueRigger has a vast collection of top-quality, low-cost audio and video cables that are designed to improve home theater systems, gaming systems, and other electronic devices. This is the way to go if you want the finest engineered cable in larger sizes.

From them, the BlueRigger Digital Optical Audio Cable- Toslink Cable, in-Wall CL3 Rated is the best option. Due to its amazing construction, it ensures a perfectly loud and transparent audio experience.

3. Best for Budget Options: Monoprice

Ever since its establishment in 2002, Monoprice has been providing high-quality goods at remarkably cheap costs.

They are able to do this by removing markups and other supply-chain overhead costs. Furthermore, these low-cost cables provide superb audio resolution.

Presently, the company has over seven thousand high-end products in the technology and accessory categories, which are rather inexpensive.

And, one of them is the Toslink cable. From this super affordable manufacturing company, the Monoprice Optical Toslink OD Audio Cable is the best option available right now.

Before you can grasp the difference between the two, or lack thereof, you must first comprehend the two forms of cables.

Optical Cable

An optical cable, more commonly regarded as a fiber-optic cable, is a system comprising optical fibers for the transmission of light. It is similar to an electric cable, except instead of wires, it is composed of one or more optical fibers.

Toslink Cable

Originating from Toshiba Link, Toslink is a proprietary optical fiber connectivity framework. By definition, Toslink cable is a form of optical fiber.

Basically, Toslink and optical are both interchangeable terms for the same substance. Both refer to the same type of cable that comprises a number of optical fibers for light transmission.

Both HDMI and Toslink cables are designed to efficiently transmit audio between a number of devices.

HDMI cables carry significantly better quality audio and video signals, whereas Toslink cables only carry audio signals. The major distinction between the two is the transfer of video signals.

Optical fibers are much smaller than steel and copper fibers. So, optical cables are a lot smaller, too, and they have greater flexural strength. This makes them easier to bend and turn into coil shapes for faster setup and maintenance.

As mentioned above, there a bunch of key factors that you must consider when buying a Toslink cable. Among those, size of the cable, the presence of protective rubber tips, and overall construction quality are what you must take into account first.

You have to make this decision based on your specific needs and requirements. If you need a larger cable to cover a bigger room, go for the options that have 50 feet variants and more.

But, if you need a cable for your bedroom set up, you can get a 3 feet or 6 feet option.

If you don't have particular preferences, but you want a good Toslink cable, you can go for the Amazon Basics Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable. From an overall perspective, it is the best possible option for the price and quality of audio.

This is surely the Monoprice Optical Toslink OD Audio Cable. The manufacturer provides high-end products at lower price ranges. And, the audio clarity on these cables is just like the premium options.

Toslink is a customized optical fiber data and audio transfer concept that includes one or more optical fibers to connect devices. So, they're basically optical fiber cables. Compared to steel and copper cables, these are remarkable cables that have excellent bandwidth reach and advanced interface resistance.

In order to get the best Toslink cable, you need to understand the differences in the products first. You will be very happy with your choice if you carefully read the op-tical cable reviews and consider the purchasing factors before actually buying the products.

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