Top 5 Best SSD and Hard Drive for PS3 in 2023

by Malcolm Woods

Want to see your PS3 run on Steroids?

Inject an SSD. It's the best way to step up your game without getting banned for it. With SSD prices dropping fast, it's high time to make a switch from the old, slow conventional HDDs. We have come up for you with a few of the best SSD for PS3 that is reigning in the market right now.

Make no delay as these products mysteriously disappear from the shelves in minutes, credit to their performance and reliability. Gear up your setup with one of these and experience the difference of night and day in the performance that will leave you amazed.

Summary Table for SSD and Hard Drive

Just Follow This Table For Take A Quick Decision

Product Image Name Editor's Rating Price
SAMSUNG 870 QVO SSD 4.5 / 5.0 Price Check
UGREEN USB C Hard Drive Enclosure 4.8 / 5.0 Price Check
Seagate FireCuda SSHD 4.8 / 5.0 Price Check
MaxDigital Gaming Hard Drive 4.7 / 5.0 Price Check
THU Internal SSD 4.6 / 5.0 Price Check

Benefits of Using SSD for PS3

SSDs are ruling the storage device market, and it's for a good reason. PS3 SSD is no exception. It's many times an improvement over the traditional hard drive. The traditional hard drives are slow and prone to damages.

Benefits of Using SSD for PS3
Benefits of Using SSD for PS3

Here are the notable Benefits of SSD:

1. SSD Is More Reliable Compared to HDD

HDDs contain too many moving parts that can be displaced or broken easily by the slightest hits. The outcome is you losing all the important files and data. SSD, on the other hand, is protected against those.

2. Provides Fast Performance

Your PS3 solid state drive will keep your games running at a blazing fast pace for years. The decreased installation time will ensure your favorite games are up and running in a short time.

Switching between characters is also easy with these SSDs backing you up. With reading and write speeds of about 550 Megabytes Per Second, even your most demanding games will load up in seconds.

3. Easy Installation

The connection ports make sure you don't have to go through the trouble to replace HDD in PS3. It's an easy swap and doesn't require any technical knowledge. Thus, you can get all the benefits even without stepping out of your house.

4. Offers Value for the Bucks

An SSD lasts more than the HDD on average. Though it costs a bit upfront, the value is well justified by its performance and longevity. Overall an SSD is an effective upgrade that will serve you well.

SSDs come in various speed and storage options. Few brands are certainly better and offer long warranty than the others. Here are the top few which are bang for the buck.



This brand needs no introduction. Samsung has been a pioneer in innovation and technology for many decades. Their latest offering, 870 QVO SSD, is another representation of their rich product line.

The second generation QLC SSD comes with stellar features and an elegant design. With a storage capacity of up to 8TB and additional options of 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB, the 870 QVO will make sure you never run out of space.

You won't have to think twice before installing the latest blockbuster games with this gigantic storage storing them up. This may well be the best PS3 hard drive if you are concerned about performance.

The SSD features sequential read and write speeds of 560 MB/s and 530 MB/s, respectively. You will enjoy accelerated writing speed and sustained performance along with a large variable buffer, thanks to the Intelligent TurboWrite.

Also, the 870 QVO features a refined ECC or Error-Correcting Code algorithm, which ensures stable performance. Thus, you will be getting the most reliable and sustainable SSD that the current market offers.

This beauty comes in a sleek, elegant design that will enhance the aesthetics of your setup in case you want to use it as an external storage device. The Magician 6.1 software from Samsung lets you keep track of the performance and provides handy tools to tweak them.

Highlighted Features

  • Expandable up to 8TB with additional options of 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB
  • Bold, elegant design enhances aesthetics
  • Sequential read and write speeds of 560 MB/s and 530 MB/s, respectively
  • Intelligent TurboWrite accelerates performance
  • ECC or Error-Correcting Code algorithm provides stability
  • Magician 6.1 software from Samsung packs handy tools

2. UGREEN USB C Hard Drive Enclosure

UGREEN USB C Hard Drive Enclosure
UGREEN USB C Hard Drive Enclosure

Our second product is a Hard Drive Enclosure from UGREEN. It has caught our attention due to its solid reliability and robust build quality. This hard shelf will keep your external storage drive safe and running at full stretch.

This case is an ideal multipurpose tool that will let you harness the old HDD and SSD and use them as a backup or storage device. We all know the importance of having a backup of our valuable files, and this case is a pro for the job.

You can enjoy data transfer speeds up to 10Gbps, thanks to the USB-C port, which is 3.1 Gen 2. There is no shortage of connectivity with the SATA III (7+15) Pin on board that also boasts an impressive speed of 6Gbps.

Enhanced with UASP and TRIM, this case puts no limits to the advantages of even the fastest storage drives. Tons of games, movies, and business files will be stored in a blaze and ready for you instantly when you need them.

This beauty comes in an Aluminum casing that is resistant to fire and shock. The smooth surface offers a premium feel. And the soft EVA foam makes sure your valuable drive is well protected.

Advanced features like the Auto Sleep Mode lets your drive take a break and relax. This reduces the stress on the drive and increases longevity. The LED Indicator comes in handy for a quick check and is just the icing on the cake.

Highlighted Features

  • Data transfer speed up to 10Gbps via USB-C port
  • SATA III (7+15) Pin provides the impressive speed of 6Gbps
  • Comes with an Aluminum casing that is resistant to fire and shock
  • Soft EVA foam makes sure your valuable drive is well protected
  • Auto Sleep Mode and LED Indicator comes in handy in rush hours

3. Seagate FireCuda SSHD

Seagate FireCuda SSHD
Seagate FireCuda SSHD

Seagate is a well-known brand that delivers top-quality storage devices in all ranges. They are admired for their unmatched service and reliability. Our current pick may be the best SSD for PS3 if you are looking for a hybrid storage device.

SSHD provides the best of both worlds. It combines the fast pace of SSD and the storage capacities of HDD. Thus, you get all the benefits for a fraction of the price. This alone is a good reason to opt for this budget beast.

The FireCuda SSHD means business when gaming is concerned. It delivers superior gaming performance along with the lowest latency. You will enjoy a five times boost in speed and all the increased capacity with this beast backing you up.

It comes in 500GB, 1TB, and a 2TB variant. Besides, Seagate also offers external SSD and M.2 SSD that have kept customers flocking their outlets. So, you are in no shortage of options in this case.

The 1TB variant is an absolute steal for the price that will install up to 40 triple-A title games. Plus, you get the added advantage of fast installation. 5 years of warranty provides peace of mind and lets you only worry about then next kill.

Highlighted Features

  • Combines the fast pace of SSD and the storage capacities of HDD
  • Delivers superior gaming performance along with the lowest latency
  • Offers five times boost in speed and increased capacity
  • It comes in 500GB, 1TB, and a 2TB variant
  • 5 years of warranty provides peace of mind

4. THU Internal SSD

THU Internal SSD
THU Internal SSD

Our fourth pick is an absolute bargain. This is an ideal choice if you are looking for a taste of SSD without breaking the bank. THU has impressed us once again with this budget-friendly offering that does not cut performance.

The 2.5 Inch SATA III offers unbelievable speed for the price. This pocket dynamite features a read and write speed of 550MB/s and 380MB/s, respectively. This gives you a taste of all the premium services an SSD provides.

You have options to choose between a 120 GB and a 240 GB variant, both of which are extremely well priced. Both variants will boost up your performance to up to five folds. Loading maps, changing modes, and booting up will take lesser time, making them more enjoyable.

Besides performance, this SSD provides safety features like shockproof that protects your files from sudden power disturbance. It is a solidly built device that will last for years and provide speed, and enhance your overall experience.

The installation process is fast and simple. No tools or technical knowledge is required resulting in an easy swap. To finish it off, the THU internal SSD ticks all the boxes that many costly ones fail and that for a fraction of the price.

Highlighted Features

  • 2.5 Inch SATA III offers unbelievable speed for the price
  • Features a read and write speed of 550MB/s and 380MB/s, respectively
  • Options to choose between a 120 GB and a 240 GB variant
  • Provides safety as it's shockproof
  • Solid build quality and premium finish
  • Simple and easy installation

5. MaxDigital Gaming Hard Drive

MaxDigital Gaming Hard Drive
MaxDigital Gaming Hard Drive

Not convinced yet? Don't worry because we have got your back. Our last pick is an HDD that has caught our attention though the discussion is about SSD. Let's have a look at the reasons that have forced us to do so.

This HDD from MaxDigital is designed to perform best for PlayStation gaming systems. Despite being an HDD, this device is a step ahead of other offerings of a similar kind.

The 2.5inch gaming hard drive features 5400RPM and 64MB Cache. Thus, you get a substantial upgrade over other HDDs. Your regular games will load up quicker, and you will find a decrease in boot timings.

Massive 1TB Capacity is the main selling point of this device. This will let you install all the recent games without the worry about free space. Besides, you can also use the HDD as external backup storage in case you change your mind in the future.

Highlighted Features

  • Designed to perform best for PlayStation gaming systems
  • 2.5inch gaming hard drive features 5400RPM and 64MB Cache
  • Massive 1TB Capacity installs up to 80 games
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Can be used as an external backup storage

What to Look for Before Buying an SSD for PS3?

With all the storage and speed options, it's common to get confused. The last thing you want is to end up wasting your money on a bad product. Besides, these machines are not cheap.
Here are the things you need to consider before buying one:


The first thing to consider is the interface or slot. Usually, you can choose between SATA, PCI-E, and M.2. But the PS3 only limits you to only SATA SSD. This is not bad as there is a wide variety of options still available. The SATA SSD is easy to install and durable.


This is where all the calculations have to be made. SSDs come in storage capacities ranging from 120 Gb to 4 TB. As with every usual measure, the bigger, the better.

Having more space will let you install more demanding games such as GTA 5 and Witcher 3, and other triple-A titles. As there is only one slot, it is better to be safe than sorry. You will have to keep an eye on the number of games you are going to install.

As like every other device, storage affects performance. As you fill up your memory, the speed gradually decreases. This defeats the purpose of having an SSD. So, it is advised to go with at least the 500GB version.


The read and write speeds are an important specification to look for. This ensures fast processing of data. A speed of 550 Megabytes Per Second is enough to ensure blazing fast performance. This decreases game installation time and booting time.

You will experience an upgrade in overall gaming performance. Switching between characters or modes will be faster than before. These minor improvements will bring more joy to your gaming.

SSD Controller

A controller acts as a processor for the S S D. To make things less complicated, just go with a well-reputed brand, and you will be fine. The quality of the controller is directly proportional to its pricing.

NAND Flash

This is crucial in terms of the performance and longevity of the SSD. Although TLC Flash is the most popular in the market right now, these are certainly not the best. Single-tier units or SLC provides the most consistent performance and longevity.

The downside is that they are extremely costly. This is followed by multi-layer units or MLC. SSDs based on it are reliable and fast. It's a good choice if you are looking for performance. Then comes the more budget-friendly option of three-tier units or TLC.

TLC offers great storage space for the price but sacrifices performance. These are good if you want the most storage in your budget. The four-tier units or QLC come at the least place. It is recommended not to opt for this.


Finally, all things come down to your budget. An SSD from a reputed brand will easily last for five years on average. It is always safe to go for the most updated products. Thus, you get to enjoy all the latest technologies that ensure more premium service.

How to Replace PS3 Hard Drive

Now that you have already decided to replace HDD in PS3, it's time to know-how. Our step-by-step guide will let you make the replacement without the hassle.

Step 1: Backing Up Files

In case you don't want to lose all the game data, the PS3 lets you back up all the files in an external storage device. You just need to connect your external storage via USB and select Back Up from the System Settings. Then, the procedure will be displayed before you.

Step 2: Gathering the Required Tools and Devices

These are the things that will be required to carry out the swap. Of Course, you will need your PS3, a new or fully operational 2.5-inch SATA SSD, and a precision screwdriver set.

It's vital to check the PS3 SSD compatibility before proceeding further. You must ensure all the components are free from dust and in good condition.

Step 3: Opening Up the Device

Now, it's time to crack open the beast. A small hinge on the left side will help you open the HDD compartment. The blue screw is to be removed after that. Thus, you will be able to bring out the old HDD tray.

Step 4: Replacing the HDD

This is the most critical part. You don't want to damage the existing HDD as it can be used as external storage later on. So, you will need to be very careful while swapping out the HDD for the SSD. Make sure all the connections are kept as before after the replacement.

Step 5: Restoring

After closing back the hinge, it's time for the rebirth. Power up the beast and plug in the external storage device you had all the backups on. Instructions will be displayed on the screen on formatting your new drive.

Follow the procedure and restore the backups. Then, you are good to go. Within only half hours, your PS3 will be upgraded to perform at the top level - stepping up your gaming.


This discussion is for those stubborn geeks who end up hearing the whole story before watching a movie. While the capabilities of an SSD are unmatched compared to an HDD, you might still be skeptical.

The main concern you have is the price. It's true that SSD prices were sky high a few years back, and it was illogical to pay that premium for the upgrade. But things have changed now as new technologies have cut down the cost to a great extent.

When it comes to choosing a storage device, the main factors are speed, reliability, capacity, and pricing. Let us break it down step by step.


SSD wins by a large margin in this comparison. Even an average SSD can operate 5 times the speed of a traditional HDD. With sequential read and write speeds of 560 MB/s and 530 MB/s, respectively, a top-end SSD will leave your traditional hard drives to dust.

The increased speed results in faster boot time and installs. We have all faced those situations where we had to wait for multiple hours looking at the installation bar. Long gone are those days thanks to the lightning-fast speed that the SSD provides.


Traditional HDDs contain tons of moving parts that are prone to damages. Even a slight scratch or blow can result in a massive loss as the whole memory is lost. In comparison, an SSD is more solidly built. There are fewer malfunctions thanks to the robust design, which doesn't depend on moving parts.


SSD offers more options when it comes to storage. With 120GB, 240Gb, 500GB up to 8TB variants flooding the market, there is plenty to choose from.

Thus, SSD has already caught up with HDD when capacity is concerned. Now, you can load tons of games without sacrificing speed and performance.


As already stated before, SSD is no longer a luxury but a necessity. A 1TB SSD now provides more value for the price compared to HDD. The slight cost upfront justifies its pricing very well in the long run.

Verdict: To summarize the comparison, it can be said that SSD performs well in every department that the HDD lacks in. Credit must be given to the tech brads for their continuous strive towards innovation, which has continued to gift us new and improved devices making our lives better.

SSD and Hard Drive for PS3 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you put SSD in PS3?

Yes, you can. PS3 gives you the option of swapping out the traditional HDD for an SSD. This will ensure you faster install and load times. You can pick up one from the above list.

2. How big HDD can PS3 handle?

A PS3 can support 2.5 inches SATA HDD or SSD. It has a height limit of 9.5mm. The USB port can handle up to 2TB. Thus, the PS3 provides lots of options to upgrade.

3. Is it worth replacing HDD with SSD?

Yes, it is. SSD will inject a new life into your PS3. You will experience faster installs and load time, even for demanding games. Besides, HDD is more prone to damages and malfunctions.

4. How does SSD increase FPS?

No, it won't have any direct role in FPS. But an SSD will reduce load time and mode changing time along with installation time.

5. What percentage should SSD be free?

Free space has a great impact on performance for any storage device. Data processing becomes slow as more and more files get concentrated. It is recommended to keep at least 25% free space for smooth performance.

Final Words for SSD and Hard Drive Buyers

This wraps up our discussion for the best SSD for PS3 and best Hard drive for Ps3. So which is the best? Well, it comes down to your budget and about finding a sweet spot. This is a case where we have to say the more you pay, the better you get. Make sure to do some savings before going for it.

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