The Best Coax for HF Ham Radio | Top 7 Picks

by Malcolm Woods

Buzzing sounds are like a piece of hell while you are longing to send accurate signals to your receiver or customer from your hf ham radio. Though you might have picked the finest quality radio, it still happened - I know how it feels.

You might be asking yourself, "What has gotten into the radio?" To your dismay, you live with this issue for the rest of your life, or you can just get rid of the situation by having the best coax for HF ham radio.

A coaxial cable is a right tool to send your radio signals with ease and used by most professionals and home users.

However, all things considered, how do you pick the right one? Considering expert reviews, buyer opinions, and I have done all the head-scratching research and found out the best ones for you; impressed already? Let's begin.

Summary Table for HF Ham Radio Coax

Just follow this table to take a quick decision

Product Image Name Editor's Rating Price
Superbat UHF Coax Cable 4.6 / 5.0 Price Check
Steren 205-700 Coax Cable 4.6 / 5.0 Price Check
Extreme Consumer Expert Coax Cable 4.7 / 5.0 Price Check
RFAdapter RG8X Coaxial Cable 4.8 / 5.0 Price Check
MPD Digital LMR-400 Coax Cable 4.5 / 5.0 Price Check

Benefits of Using Coax for HF Ham Radio

Benefits of Using Coax for HF Ham Radio
Benefits of Using Coax for HF Ham Radio

Wondering why even bother to get a coax cable? What does it even have to offer? Actually, the coax cable isn't just an instrument or equipment you need for your daily works, but instead a must-have requirement for your ham radio.

Otherwise, how are you going to transmit the signals flawlessly from your radio or other electronic devices? Ring any bells?

If I utter of advantages of a coax cable, I must lead you to the benefits of a few models. For instance, a few cables are portable, lightweight, and connect fast. Also, other cables are for heavy-duty jobs, gain more durability, and efficient too.

Well, now, if I settle up the benefits in a more categorized way, I guess it'll be cool to understand for you. Take a look:

  • Transmitting signals through every short-wave radio and other electronic device offering better communication as well.
  • Emergency signal communications can be done with ease in remote or office or critical areas.
  • Built of higher-durability materials confirms full flexibility, rotation, twisting in every inch without distracting any signal flow
  • More, the coax cable durability is top-notch to get any scratch or wear out, even beneath the ground level.
  • The coax cable stays active even in disastrous moments to keep your hams remain functional, smooth signal flow, and keep the hams serving as the finest communication platform.
  • Your radio signal frequency will never get broken again, NEVER. The coax cable assures high-end frequency managing through every signal bit.

Our Top 7 Best Coax for HF Ham Radio Reviews

Here, I enlisted some premium and affordable coax cables that are available in the market. Read on to get the suitable one for you.

1. Superbat UHF Coax Cable

Superbat UHF Coax Cable
Superbat UHF Coax Cable

The typical coax cable doesn't offer you the right level of transmission. If you wish to chuck those regular cables and receive high-end transmissions in your radio, the Superbat is the name to trust. Superbat Coax Cable brings you a premium end-to-end connection to provide you professional-grade signal transmission.

That being said, this Superbat Cable boasts male-to-male connector ends of UHF-259 (Developed from RG-58), and that's what most hams prefer for a soothing connection, dare I say.

Impedance is another fact that measures the strength and transmission capacity of a coax cable. This ham radio cable features 50 Ohm to ensure an enticing energy and signal flow while resisting massive electricity to protect your radio and let you transmit clear-cut sounds to a receiver.

Another major selling point is that Nickel brass plating covers the connector's body and contact pin. That's a big thumbs up for a more secured connection, allowing you to enjoy a long-time service life.

Built with tinned copper on the inner conductor and copper braid on the outer conductor, the cable craves to survive longer and provide you a seamless signal flow in your radio as you've never been.

Interestingly enough, both outer and inner conductor is protected by PVC built jacket, and jacket plays all the game to resist natural wear and tear. Plus, you can twist it as long as you want; full flexibility assured.

Talking about versatility, it can smoothly connect to any antennas, SWR meter, radio scanner, ham radio transceiver, CB radio, dummy load, antenna analyzer, and many more.

Highlighted Features:

  • 50 Ohm impedance ensures better output
  • Long cable length
  • Rigid construction
  • Male to male end connectors for secure connection
  • Compatible with many devices

2. Steren 205-700 Coax Cable

Steren 205-700 Coax Cable
Steren 205-700 Coax Cable

As you've read the review above, you might probably think that's all. However, you may want a longer coax cable. If that's what you want, you should put your hands on the Steren Coax Cable.

Not just 10 feet, 30 feet, or even 50 feet, this 205-700 Coax Cable comes with an impressive maximum length of 100 feet; it might even go from one room to another. But don't worry, you can get hold of other lower sizes as well of this model.

If you are a user of high-end applications, radios, or transceivers, you have the best coaxial cable for ham radio here because of RG8X Coax (an upgrade from RG-58). This is a two-way RG8X Coaxial Cable made with a UHF to UHF antenna that provides high-end coaxial capacity, featuring PLA259 male connectors.

Being a two-way connector, this works perfectly as jumpers to meter, antenna tuner, CB radio, main antenna, amateur radio, switch, and so on - you name it.

No, they won't get smashed while connecting to several devices and protecting a secured signal transmission.

Featuring molded nickeled platting, the connectors really stand out in the game in a way to provides you a genuine connection between devices.

Well, the cable should pack premium security and workflow. With that being said, this big boy brags 50 Ohm to make sure your radio gets the exact power and energy for transmitting a signal. It works like magic with no slam-hard noises.

More importantly, installation can be bragging when working with a regular cable. But no, not this time. This cable is a time savior, and installation is like a piece of cake, even in emergencies.

Highlighted Features:

  • 100 feet cable length
  • 50 Ohm for resisting the over-electricity flow
  • Compatible with antennas, meters, CB radio, and so on
  • Easy installation
  • Durable build quality

3. Extreme Consumer Expert RG-8X Coax Cable

Extreme Consumer Expert RG-8X Coax Cable
Extreme Consumer Expert RG-8X Coax Cable

If solid protection is your prime concern, you can bring your eyes to the Extreme Consumer Coax Cable. Securing your radio and other devices won't be a heck of trouble from now on. This coax cable is directly assembled and manufactured in the USA.

A coax cable consists of four layers to ensure prime protection, and this coax cable doesn't come out of the blue. The cable's depth layer is built with stranded bare copper, featuring at 16AWG rate to carry high-end frequency signals to the ends.

Accordingly, it is coated with dielectric foam, braided copper, and jacket coating. In this frequency game, the dielectric foam confirms less loss of the signal.

But the jacket plays the big game of all. It protects other core layers and lets you twist the cable even in challenging conditions without any limitations. Total durability and assurance are assured for your concern.

The cable features RG8X coax to offer you a seamless and high-quality signal interface, holding the toughest and strongest signal transferring rate. Plus, the signal loss rate is merely a watch, which states at a rate of 8X.

Unfortunately, every cable can't endure a massive electricity flow, but you'll be thrilled to use this one. The Extreme Coax Cable can handle maximum energy of 875 watts with 50 Ohm impedance, making sure that your electric devices don't blow out in the air and enjoy a new sensation of sounds.

Bring your CB radio, RF antenna connection, HF/VHF/UHF radios (Short wave radios), switch meter, ham radio, antenna tuner, whatever you wish - this can connect to all and enrich signal frequency.

Highlighted Features:

  • Can go beneath the land
  • Handles an enormous energy flow of 875 watts
  • Featuring compatible versatility with HF/VHF/UHF radios altogether
  • 16AWG scaled copper to ensure high signal frequency
  • RG8X Coaxial to bring an outstanding signal output

4. RFAdapter RG8X Coaxial Cable

RFAdapter RG8X Coaxial Cable
RFAdapter RG8X Coaxial Cable

When you are grasping at straws with regular wires to save your device from short-circuit, you shouldn't continue the hassle. In that case, you can put your eye on this RFAdapter - a cable with minimal energy flow, but consistent signal transmission.

Absorbing 200 watts of power, this cable won't be a real deal for you to worry about your devices. Massive electricity flow sometimes burns our device, but this one won't. So, make it count.

Whether you are using CB ham radio, tuner, switch, dummy load, SWR meter, monitor, etc., the RFAdapter Cable will get it covered nicely. Plus, this cable can be connected to Wi-Fi modems with a suitable adapter and crawls easy installation for Jeep Wrangler CB Installation.

And you get all those things covered with its 100 feet length size. Like the Steren, you can stretch its leg for longer ranges in the other ends. And connectors? This powerful cable connects to devices with its male-to-male ends of UHF PL-259 plug for pure signal transmission.

To connect, the plug features a thoroughly nickel-plated coating connector pin so that you get a secured grip on the radios and machines for better signal quality.

The 50 Ohm impedance of this cable runs inside the pin from one end to another to prevent electricity's overflow and maintain a balanced energy flow between devices and signals. You can slam your devices hard if you want, but the signal won't be shredded anymore.

In addition to maximum signal transmission, thanks to the aluminum wire that covers the braided shield and lets this jumper cable run at a shallow loss while maintaining ultimate protection during signal flow. You have got one more go-to-buy reason.

Not to mention, the RG8X is an upgrade version of RG-58, featuring a 17AWG pure copper core. You can run high-powered and heavy-duty applications with this ham radio cable. Lastly, to brag, if 100 feet feel a bit extra for you, well, you can take a closer look at the variations this model has for you. Get yourself to the store right away.

Highlighted Features:

  • Available in multiple size variations alongside 100 feet length
  • Connects numerous devices alongside Wi-Fi modems
  • Male to male end connectors to meet every device requirement
  • Maxes out at handling 200 watts of power to prevent
  • Offers the lowest rate of signal loss

5. MPD Digital LMR-400 Coax Cable

MPD Digital LMR-400 Coax Cable
MPD Digital LMR-400 Coax Cable

If you prioritize brand value the most alongside the product, MPD Digital could fill your cup. The brand has been serving proudly for ages with a great reputation.

Speaking of the cable from MPD Digital, flexibility is the mainstream here - an unbeaten comparison, honestly to say. Coming in 100 feet, you might think will it be fully flexible per foot? When I said it "truly flexible," I totally mean it.

Plus, you have options to choose cable length from 3 feet to 250 feet. If you wish to extend or lower the size, you get it too.

Well, what about the connectors? They totally got your back. Soldered with silver plating, the PL-259 male-to-male connectors cover the LMR-400 ends. You can easily bring this cable to connect receivers, antennas, meters, short wave radios like HF/UHF/VHF, and so on.

But a warning for you is that the PL-259 cannot endure more than a 300 MHz frequency rate. So be assure of the frequency game before you plug the connectors into your devices.

Pleasingly, the cable ensures an excellent transmission line with minimum coiling of 4 inches. By using it, you can plug it for Wi-Fi, and cellular usage for running more than 50 to 70 feet with superior performance. Besides being a large cable, this cable provides better signal retention to shortwave devices.

You might be thinking about durability. Chill out; the PE jacket coating and dual shield enhance ultimate durability like none and avoid electrical overdoses to ensure an ultra-low loss.

Highlighted Features:

  • Eliminates maximum low loss by avoiding the electrical issues
  • Doesn't kink even in a hard twist bending in 90 degrees
  • Ideal choice for WiFi and cellular purpose apart from other electric devices
  • Tough build quality to engrave a scratch on the body
  • Features 3 to 250 feet size variations to meet all your projects

6. Superbat RF Coax Cable

Superbat RF Coax Cable
Superbat RF Coax Cable

Sometimes your ham radio devices will require female connectors like male to female. That's a unique call. Well, if that's what your devices ask for, I might say Superbat RF Coax Cable is for you. It's never going to jam up the connection with male to female SO-239 connectors.

Plus, you get an adapter in the package for versatility, in case sometimes you might face both female end connectors. More specifically, the adapter eases your work while shifting to multiple devices at a time, like a quick change of antennas to mobile, base, or anything else. That's a sweet offer, right?

Well, sometimes too much shifting from one base to another may cause the connector to quickly wear out or lose secure grips. But this one won't disappoint you as much as shifting you do because the adapter will take care of all the hassles.

Anyway, the cable can fit multiple applications. You name it - CB radio, amateur radio, transceiver, walkie-talkie, handheld radio, ham radio, radio scanner, antennas, and other RF applications - the cable will fit and transmit signals seamlessly.

But all that comes down to impedance. With 50 Ohm impedance, the 3.2ft cable protests over current flow and keeps your devices safe by transmitting melodic sounds to the receiver.

Highlighted Features:

  • Top-notch versatility
  • Offers adapter for multiple connections
  • Compatible for a male to female and female to female connector ends
  • 50 Ohm impedance to resist massive electricity flow

7. YOTENKO Coaxial Cable

YOTENKO Coaxial Cable
YOTENKO Coaxial Cable

If you are fond of RG58 Coax Cable for your ham radio, especially for the VHF ones, you might consider the best coax for VHF is right here, the Yotenko 15M Cable.

Don't feel that it's limited to VHF only; I can assure you that this cable will cover your HF and UHF radios, radio transmitters, CB radios, antennas, Wi-Fi extensions, and receivers as well.

However, you will not have any regrets about the PL-259 male plugs. Thanks to the pigtail design on both sides, this cable works best with any radio devices out there to connect. Unfortunately, I believe it needs to be thicker a bit, though it is acceptable because other pluses cover the drawbacks.

Anyway, I'd say the length is quite suitable for your jobs as it stretches at 50 feet and is utilized for every heavy and standard application.

Well, when you see the price, you can be happy with economically price tag but might think that if this compromises the signal quality or not. But the reality is the opposite of the coin.

Without compromising any signal quality, it transmits higher frequency signals while balancing signal retention continuously. You can sail anywhere without having dreadful scenes playing in your mind for the signals.

Getting a cable with minimal impedance must be a requirement, around 50-70 Ohm. This cable is just around the corner, featuring 50 Ohm.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes at 50 feet to fit any minimal distance
  • 50 Ohm impedance to ensures a better signal quality
  • Male to male connectors to fit most radio devices
  • Higher level of versatility
  • Ships with affordable price tag

Things to Consider before Buying Coax for HF Ham Radio

Getting your hands on the best coax cable for HF ham radio, you believe the coax to be your partner for a long haul. But for that, there are some duties for you to fulfill. Learn about the most important factors for you to consider.

Types of Cables

Before you buy anything, you need to know about your requirements, especially if you want a standard cable; you have to know the types.

There are two types of coax between them; the first one is 75 ohms, better for video signaling. The second one has 50 ohms of impedance which is used for wireless and data transmission.

Both are great at what they do. The RG6U and RG59U are 75 ohms, and they have reels of 100, 500, and 1000-foot long.

RG316/U, RG188/U, and RG174/U are the 50 ohms cable. For best performance, use them where an operator creates coaxial wires.

Do not worry about foot-reels because all of them have it, with variations of 1000, 500, and 100-foot reels, so that carrying the cable around will be a piece of cake.

Moreover, the center conductors 26 AEG increase their flexibility and make them usable for high-powered usage.

The 50 ohms with the 100, 200, and 400-foot reels are the best option if you do not want to lose many signals. They are best for wireless usage. Each cable has shielding of Teflon outer jacket.

Frequency Levels

When energy changes its position from the central base towards its outer jacket, the rate increases is called the skin effect. You should, without a doubt, consider this factor before you buy a cable.

Understand the reason you are buying the cable for. Think if you need a low or high frequency level. The technical operators understand energy to travel by using this method. Simply put, radiofrequency will increase as the distance shortens.

Cable Size

This is another crucial factor you should count on. You have to consider a lower-sized cable to make sure your camping, hiking, or other related works become easier, especially when you are carrying an antenna. For these purposes, you need a lightweight unit.

But with some devices, the size will reveal its power. And so, for powerful tasks, you will need a powerful unit on your rooftop or car. You will use larger and heavier units for that.

Cable Material

If you want to use your cables for longer, then choose high-quality cables. HF applications are poor quality coax, and they are demanding, so they will not last long.

The construction quality is a big deal when you are going to buy a coax. Plus, connectors made with flaunt materials will be a bad call to buy. In case, they can break off soon.

For less budget, you can go for either aluminum or tinned copper. But the best option is always copper.


Well, versatility might not be major stuff if your primary concern is to use coax cable only for HF Ham Radios. But, if you are working with multiple radio stations, various devices, two-way radio type stuff, and other applications, well, then you must look for a coax cable that offers versatility without any signal loss.

Wire Attenuation

If the wire you're using attenuates loss a tremendous amount of signal, you have the wrong wire for sure. You can judge the quality and find out what you want.

But, if the cable leaves no chance to attenuate, then it's sure of more signal loss. In that case, a cable having a large diameter can be your choice. This type of cable assures fewer signal leakage issues.

Characteristics Impedance

A must-watch fact to notice before you leave for the shop - the characteristics impedance will tell you it's going to perform. To give you a clear idea, the impedance factor works to inspect the inductance and capacitance length per/unit.

If your top-to-bottom preference is the best performance, then you should think of impedance as a major concern to perform equally in both cases of inductance and capacitance. In this way, you can ensure maximum signal flow without any type of leakage.

Male & Female Connectors

Basically, a coaxial cable offers both male PL-259 and female SO-239 plugs. The plugs are truly essential to connect your electronic device to the coax cable. And the major fall comes to hand because of poorly-built plugs.

As long as I have studied, I found that the connectors are vastly soldered for better safety and protection for prolonged usage.

But, I'm not saying that non-molded connectors are not worthy; they do fine as well - a good piece indeed. Sometimes, you would love to do a bit of heat shrink tubing to ensure the connectors don't fall for moisture.

Besides, the male and female connectors must come with an applicable length to fit the devices correctly, like receiver, transmitter, radio, antenna, tuner, etc. Otherwise, the cable won't get a secured grip on the other connectors and eventually breaks the signal flow.

Coax Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the most trusted coax for ham radio brands?

Normally Workman, Bingfu, Cablesonline, RFAdapter, MPD Digital, BOOBRIE, Ancable, YOTENKO, Extreme Consumer Products etc. are the brands on which most of the customers rely. These are the famous brands known for building and selling coax for ham radios globally.

2. What is the difference between RG8 and RG8X?

Well, RG 8 is a 50 Ohm cable at 12 AWG, which is thicker than the RG 8X. The RG 8X is a thinner and mini version that contains 16 AWG center conductors. Whereas the RG 8 one is usually used in amateur radios.

In terms of quality, both of them are the same. They are mainly distinguished from each other on the basis of overall gauge and AWG.

3. Is LMR 400 the same as RG8?

LMR 400 is the latest version that is supposed to replace RG8. There are also durability issues that are to be considered, such as LMR400 can be broken shortly, whereas RG8 plays a flexible role. So, they are not the same.

4. Can RG6 be used for ham radio?

The RG6 is to be used under 150 MHz only. So, it is entirely usable for radio transceivers. But, as the losses are relatively high, you can invest your pennies into a 50 Ohm cable.5.What's best coax for microwave line transmission?

There are vast choices available out there in the market. In this case, you should choose something, considering the operating frequency, phase matching, and RF shielding.

Final Verdict for Coax Buyers

If you require muscular signal strength and top-notch transmission, the best coax for HF ham radio is an absolute necessity for you.

Following the above guidelines and looking at your preferences, can lead you to a perfect choice within your budget. However, you can take time to check the desired length, build quality, and compatibility with devices.

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