Best AMP for HD650 Reviews in 2023

by Malcolm Woods

Sennheiser HD650 headphones are quite capable of delivering outstanding audio. But, unless you own high-end audio gear, you might not be able to get the most out of your investment. If you are looking for the best AMP for HD650, then you have come to the right place.

For the last couple of days, I was really searching for quality amplifiers. There are plenty of these devices in the market. But my audiophile mind was able to find out some great quality ones as I know what are the things that make these accessories worth spending the money on.

So, here, after days of research, these five amplifiers are what I found to be the best among customers.

Top AMP for HD650 by Editors

Summary Table of AMP for HD650

Just Follow This for Choosing A Right Product

Product Image Name Editor's Rating Price
Schiit Magni 3 Heresy Headphone Amp and Preamp 4.6 / 5.0 Price Check
Micca OriGen USB DAC and Preamplifie 4.6 / 5.0 Price Check
Monolith Liquide Platinum Headphone Amplifier 4.7 / 5.0 Price Check
Little Dot Tube Standard Hybrid Headphone Amp 4.7 / 5.0 Price Check
Douk Audio U3 Mini Class A Headphone Amplifier 4.8 / 5.0 Price Check

Benefits of Using AMP for HD650

If you just have heard that these amplifiers can enhance the sound quality of headphones, but want to know a bit more about them, let's have a quick look at the advantages that you will get.

Benefits of Using AMP for HD650
Benefits of Using AMP for HD650

Better Bass

Bass is the tones of a lower frequency that sometimes do not seem clear and perfect in headphones. Because when you increase volume to listen to the bass, often the sound creates distortion. An AMP allows you to listen to them in high volume as your preference without distorting the sound.

Louder Sound

The main job of an amplifier is to amplify or increase. It collects sound from a large area and gathers them into a small one. That makes sound louder and fuller with zero distortion.

Smother Sound

An amplifier in a headphone increases the quality of sounds by gathering them in a tunnel. So, harsh audio does not hit you hard. As a result, you can get a smoother sound.


Only a headphone without any AMP cannot provide you sound with maximum perfection. An AMP ensures every detail of audio that you can get through your headphones.

Our Top 5 Best AMP for HD650 Reviews

You will find many variations in the amp, which can discover the maximum output of your source. Sometimes, all amplifiers might not work the same for every hd650 headphone.

1. Schiit Magni 3 Heresy 100% Op-Amp based Headphone Amp and Preamp

Schiit Magni 3 Heresy 100% Op-Amp based Headphone Amp and Preamp
Schiit Magni 3 Heresy 100% Op-Amp based Headphone Amp and Preamp

If you are having a problem while listening to audio tracks due to a weak signal in the HD 650 headphone, and looking for a decent quality amplifier to get that fixed, you can rely on this product from Schitt.

The amazing Magni 3 Heresy amplifier is fully based on op-amp with switchable gain. We call an operational amplifier an op-amp that can amplify weak electric signals, provide a warmer sound, and reserve power. All these can make any amplifier a better one with high performance.

Magni amp also works as a preamp. A preamp is necessary because it amplifies low-level signals to line level. It shapes any sound to a lower degree that you cannot even think of. The output can also be connected to a desktop or speaker for versatile uses.

There is an additional 110-120V US power supply with the amplifier, which is much safe to use and has less chance to electrocute anyone.

Using the amp for your hd650 headphone, you can get the highs clearer and the lows tighter in any audio. Besides, the instrument separation is clear enough. What could be better than this!

Even if you are not a fan of listening to audio tracks continuously, the Schiit noise control amp can make you listen to your headphone again and again with the amazing clarity of audio. You can have an incredible audio experience that will show you the real side of your hd650 headphone.

Highlighted Features:

  • 2400mW into 32 ohms produces low distortion sound
  • Low floor noise
  • Supports up to 120V power supply
  • RCA audio input/output

2. Micca OriGen G2 High Resolution USB DAC and Preamplifie

Micca OriGen G2 High Resolution USB DAC And Preamplifie
Micca OriGen G2 High Resolution USB DAC And Preamplifie

The manufacturer Micca - offers you an amplifier with the amazing feature of having a USB DAC that provides superior conversion and better sound quality than a regular amplifier.

DAC ensures that any other sound of the computer or speaker does not cause any trouble to your headphone's sound.

Often amplifiers do not contain a USB that affects the sound quality of audiophile headphones like hd650. But this high-resolution hd650 amplifier has multiple inputs, including USB and optical, so that you can use both inputs with different devices-no need to disconnect one input to use another.

The amp is super flexible that supports up to 24-bit audio. But sometimes, it can play 32-bit audio with zero issues which makes it the best amp for hd650.

In the case of playing bass, you will not notice any kind of disrupting noise if you turn the volume high. Moreover, using full gain does not create any distortion from speakers or headphones.

ASIO and WASAPI are the two audio output modes for windows professional audio computing, which provides access to other audio devices. You will be excited to know that the Micca high-resolution amp has audio interface support that includes both output modes.

Talking about durability, the OriGen amp is made of solid metal, which protects it from any unwanted damage and makes it long-lasting. A potentiometer has been used in the volume control that works as a variable resistor. It adjusts the level of signals for smooth and problem-free operation.

Highlighted Features :

  • 192kHz sound
  • Micro USB input
  • Compatible with both ASIO and WASAPI outputs
  • DAC supported headphone amp

3. Monolith Liquide Platinum Headphone Amplifier

Monolith Liquide Platinum Headphone Amplifier
Monolith Liquide Platinum Headphone Amplifier

What if you get an hd650 hybrid amp that is fully balanced with an embedded tube that provides you clear and smooth sound? Excited enough? Hold your breath because the monolith liquid platinum is here to change your views about headphone amplifiers.

This amp is designed by Alex Cavalli, who designs, manufactures the tubes, and also sells them. The monolith hybrid amplifier has a tube preamplifier section and a solid-state power section. It is a combination of various technologies that ensures amazing sound from the electro-harmonix tubes.

Multiple inputs and outputs give you the opportunity to use the amp with versatility. The volume control system of the amp is sturdy enough and well-engineered for proper operation. Its case is aligned, switches are seamless, and the gain button is convenient to use.

The monolith amp is durable enough which you can use for a long time. Its whole body is metal constructed that gives it a smooth finish. Tubes create clean sound and add warmth to any audio that is definitely an excellent addition to the amplifier.

Talking about the sound quality, sounds seem distortion-free, rhythm is engaging, the bass is controlled and articulated, midrange, ups, and downs are pretty good to hear. For any audio fanatic, this liquid platinum amplifier might be the best amp for hd6xx headphones.

Another noticeable feature about the amplifier is that it can deal with the accidental supply of excessive DC voltage. It has a connection delay that disconnects the headphone in case of such an unwanted power supply.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multiple inputs on the front panel
  • Stays cool for long time use
  • Smart internal circuitry for the best experience
  • Comes with a connection delay for headphones

4. Little Dot I+6JI X2 Tube Standard Hybrid Headphone Amp Preamp Tube Amplifier (LD+ )

Little Dot Hybrid Headphone Amp Preamp Tube Amplifier
Little Dot Hybrid Headphone Amp Preamp Tube Amplifier

You definitely desire an amplifier for your headphone that works as both an amplifier and a preamplifier. The AUMPIRE has brought the little dot standard headphone amp thinking about your needs and choice of yours. This is a hybrid amp that brings all technologies in one product. Fascinating, huh!

It has vacuum tubes for exquisite sound quality. The little dot I model has been popular as it has got some incredible features into a little device that is portable. Its color is black and is available in two types of voltage supplies; 110V and 220V. So, countries, where 110V is not available, can also use this amp.

The little dot I amplifier works excellent with tube rolling. You can customize the amp by attaching power tubes or something you prefer most. That can boost up and upgrade the sound of headphones.

If you are a beginner at using tube amplifiers, you will not be disappointed with this. Because, without any massive attachments and adding or subtracting, the amp works very nicely. In case you are used to such an amp, you can have any attachments that work well for you.

Highlighted Features :

  • Analog input/output
  • Comes in both 110V and 220V options
  • Clear and undistorted bass at high volumes
  • Highly modifyable unit for enthusiasts

5. Douk Audio U3 Mini Class A Headphone Amplifier

Douk Audio U3 Mini Class A Headphone Amplifier
Douk Audio U3 Mini Class A Headphone Amplifier

When you can get multiple features within your budget, you definitely must give it a try. I am sure you will not be disappointed with the Proster headphone amp for versatile use.

You can use it with headphones, mobile phones, tablets, desktops, and any type of digital player. The amp will give you the opportunity to experience a group of manipulated sounds that will create a three-dimension sound effect. Who wants to miss this chance of having this all features in one amplifier!

The battery capacity is pretty good for long-day use. It contains a rechargeable 2400mAH lithium battery which is portable. The amp can provide you improved dynamic range and transient preservation. If you increase the sound gradually, you will barely feel any distorted noise from the connected device.

You can adjust the headphone with the volume control of the Proster amp, which is sufficient and convenient to use. The sound feels crisp and clear. For this price, you get great detail, quality sound with filtered noise, and excellent dynamics.

The Proster headphone amp has an ADC circuit that performs the task of conversion. It converts analog signal to digital signal. The benefit of using ADC in an amp is that it determines the resolution of any signal before converting. So, the sampling rate and resolution in amp stay in control.

You will get an additional USB power cable and audio cable with the amplifier.

Highlighted Features:

  • 16 hours of nonstop backup
  • HiFi Amp for higher end headphones
  • The sleek and elegant aluminium matte design
  • Zero distortion sound at high volumes

Comparison Chart of AMP for HD650

Name Conversion Type Micro USB Audio Output Support Voltage Compatibility
Schiit Magni 3 Heresy DAC No RCA 110-120V
Monolith Liquide Platinum Analog in/out No RCA DC 36V
Little Dot I+6JI X2 Analog in/out No RCA 110V, 220V
Proster Headphone Amplifier ADC Yes Stereo output DC 3.7V

Things to Consider Before Buying AMP for HD650

Now, let's have a quick look what the things that you need to focus on before making the purchase. Keep your priorities and requirements straight, and look for one that meets the needs and budget.


We need to check durability before buying any kind of product. If the product is not durable enough, there is no point in buying that. Check whether the amp is suitable for long time use or not. Strong cases with a metallic body of any amp protect it from external damage that ensures its durability.

Distortion of Sound

Distorting sound is the most irritating issue for any headphones. Often you will see that unbearable distorting sound can be heard after increasing volume for listening to low tunes. Amplifiers increase the loudness of audio, but they need to ensure distortion-free sound even if the volume is high.

Sound Quality

If you cannot get the best sound quality of any headphones even after using an amplifier, why invest money in such a product? A good hd650 headphone amp makes the sound clear, smooth, detailed, and free of any unnecessary noise.

Volume Control

The volume control system of an amplifier adjusts the sound level of any headphone. An amp needs such a volume control system that is convenient to use; this will bring the most out of your headphone. You should be able to control the distortion, loudness without making things complicated.

Inputs & Outputs

Many headphone amplifiers have multiple inputs and outputs. These make an amp suitable for versatile use. This is an additional feature that provides you to use the amp with headphones, speakers, desktops, and many more devices.

If you are such a person to use the amp in other devices besides headphones, you should also look for this feature.

Operation Amplifier

Op-amps are specially designed for amplifying weak signals. It adds a plus point to the usability of hd650 headphones.

Being an op amp-based amplifier is not mandatory for every headphone amp. But it is an additional feature that works for you when having issues with low and weak signals while listening to any audio.

Having DAC

DAC stands for Digital to Analog Converter. Sometimes, using a headphone amp without DAC can create deep white noise. It impacts the sound quality of headphones because it improves the digital audio system. Your listening experience can be better by using a headphone amp with DAC.


Suppose you are an audio fanatic and bought an amp for your hd650 headphone. You need to upgrade some features by attaching extra parts but do not want a new amp. If your current amp does not have an option to attach additional parts, what will you do?

To avoid such a situation, you definitely need to look for a headphone amp that you can upgrade as your preference by adding attachments.

AMP for HD650 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do AMP is a must for HD650 headphones?

It is not a must. But you need an amp in case of improving your listening experience with clear, smooth, and detailed sound.

2. Can you increase volume by increasing gain in AMP

Gain affects the overall volume control system. But increasing volume mainly depends on controlling tones.

3. Can AMP improve distorted sound at a higher volume?

Yes. When you increase volume to listen to lower tunes, the AMP of headphones makes the sound less distorted, clear, and crisp.

4. Are tube AMP is better than solid-state AMP?

The tube amp can give you warmer sound and individual details better than a solid-state amp. But they are heavy, fragile, and less reliable.

5. Can you replace the tubes from the tube amp?

Most of the tube amp has the feature of including additional attachments. You can change the tubes and attach the piece according to your need.

6. Do I need an additional preamp for the headphone amp?

Most of the amp has a built-in preamp inside. But, if it is not there, you don't need an extra preamp.

Final Words for AMP Buyers

For any person who wants perfection in sound and detailing in every audio track, the best AMP for hd650 is definitely needed. Look for the preferable features you need in an AMP. Hopefully, this article helped you to decide the best one for your audio preferences.

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