Top 15 Best Coaxial Cable for TV in 2023

by Malcolm Woods

Coaxial cables, as boring as they look, greatly benefit your cable TV reception and Internet connectivity.

A bad coax can give you scrambled channels, low Internet speeds, and endless buffering on reality shows. It's time you got your hands on the best coaxial cable there is.

Just a head's up- it's going to look something like a copper conductor wrapped with a dielectric insulator which is further protected by two layers of aluminum braiding. (Understanding the ins and outs of cable coaxes isn't easy, but we can surely try!)

For now, we rounded up 15 coaxial cables for connecting satellite receivers, off-air antennas, televisions, cable modems, and ham radios. Let's have a look!

Top Coaxial Cable for TV by Editors

Summary Table for Coaxial Cable

Just Follow This Table for Choosing A Best Product Very Quickly

Product Image Name Editor's Rating Price
Mediabridge Coaxial Cable 4.6 / 5.0 Price Check
Amazon Basics Coaxial Cable 4.8 / 5.0 Price Check
Monoprice Coaxial Cable 4.6 / 5.0 Price Check
Cable Matters Coaxial Cable 4.5 / 5.0 Price Check
The CIMPLE Coaxial Cable 4.6 / 5.0 Price Check

Benefits of Using Coaxial Cable

Benefits of Using Coaxial Cable
Benefits of Using Coaxial Cable

Other than delivering the trending TV shows to your spot, a coax cable can dramatically improve your ham radio experience.

In fact, there are plenty of reasons why we still use coax cables in an era of fiber optics.

Excellent Transmission & Internet Bandwidth

Coax cables are more than perfect for transferring CATV signals. Now, the good ones come with a 100% pure copper conductor. These are reliable choices of feed lines for your cable TV antenna, CB radio antenna, and other off-air satellite devices.

In fact, RG6 coax cables make excellent broadband Internet lines.

Not Prone to Electromagnetic Interference

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio frequency interference (RFI) can turn an otherwise reliable transmission line into a complete mess. This is why we depend on quality coax cables- especially the quad-shielded ones by Cable Matters.

Their metallic connectors establish a secure connection between the antenna and television. Additionally, RG6 coax cables can pick up frequencies from a 2.3MHz to 3.0GHz range. It instantly makes coax cables compatible with a crazy number of day-to-day appliances.

Minimum Signal Attenuation

Coax cables have a durable construction with little room for cable loss. Unless you're using an RG6 cable for your radio antenna instead of RG8X, you can easily make the most out of high-gain radio antennas.

These cables either come with gold-plated or nickel-plated connectors with molded-in connector heads. In short, the overall layout of our favorites coaxes is genuinely impervious to signal loss and leakage.

Our Top 15 Best Coaxial Cable For TV

Here we have fifteen coax cables for an outstanding cable TV network, reliable ham radio setup, and high-speed Internet. Let's see what they are all about!

1. Mediabridge Coaxial Cable (50 Feet) with F-Male Connectors

Mediabridge Coaxial Cable
Mediabridge Coaxial Cable

Featuring super-high bandwidth levels and rugged construction, this UL-rated coaxial cable has the coolest tri-shielded formula. Get ready to enjoy your favorite cable TV shows in top-notch quality every day from now on!

This tri-shield coaxial jumper cable takes your sports channels, movies, and reality shows to a whole new level. We like the Mediabridge cable for its high conductivity. It effortlessly carries even the weakest radio and TV signals and protects them from outside interference.

Thanks to its heavily shielded layout, the outside electromagnetic fields have little impact on the signals. Its impressive layout consists of a pure copper conductor, which has alternating layers of aluminum shield for suppressing EMI.

Moving on, the UV-protected PVC jacket draws the final touch and makes this 50-feet coax cable extra suitable for rough outdoor use. The good news is, this best coax cable for HDTV is UL-listed; you can now pick it up for all in-wall applications for your home.

Besides, Mediabridge is not your typical RG6 cable that makes breakfast out of your TV shows ("Scrambled," if you may.) It has the lowest amount of signal loss and supports generous frequency levels for your television, satellite dish, and modem.

Additionally, it has a 7.2mm outer diameter and 75 Ohms of impedance. Technical jargon aside, Mediabridge is going to be a great fit for both satellite and over-the-air television antennas.

We also liked the fact that this product comes with Nickel-coated F-type connectors. It's compatible with F-Female devices and works flawlessly with F81 Splice Connectors!

Highlighted Features

  • Triple-shielded aluminum braiding for protection
  • UL-rated for in-wall residential use
  • Comes with an adjustable Velcro strap for organizing the bundle
  • Ideal for satellite receivers, TV, modems, and off-air antenna

2. Amazon Basics CL2-Rated Coaxial TV Antenna Cable - 4 feet

Amazon Basics Coaxial Cable
Amazon Basics Coaxial Cable

If you're looking for a reliable coax cable that you can put inside the walls without breaking it open for "minor fixes," you can go for AmazonBasics. This 75-Ohm cable has a low capacitance which keeps signal loss (or attenuation) to a minimum!

Well, the reason why this AmazonBasics product makes a fine coax cable for tv is that it's practically immune to radio frequency interference. The same goes for the annoying electromagnetic interference people deal with in an urban city every day.

Honestly, what most people don't know is that coaxial cable for TV antenna can dramatically improve your cable TV experience. We thought the same before we got our hands on the AmazonBasics RG6 coax cable.

Over the years, we found out that RG6 cables are surprisingly more efficient than the thinner RG8 and RG59 versions.

The heavier gauge RG6 variants have quality insulation and shielding. In fact, all the specs are carefully fine-tuned for high-bandwidth usages such as Satellite TV, Cable TV, and the Internet. AmazonBasics nailed all these aspects and took them to a whole nother level.

You can buy this product in the original 4-feet length or pair it up with a cable extension adapter. Like the Mediabridge cable, this one includes two F-type male connectors as well. It not only is UL-listed but also comes with three insulating layers of high-quality aluminum. What's there not to like?

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with protective caps for the pure copper conductor at the middle
  • Flexible PVC layer for premium protection
  • Suitable for TV, VCR, and F-type devices
  • Delivers clear audio and visuals

3. Monoprice 105359 RG6 Quad Shield CL2 Coaxial Cable

Monoprice Quad Shield Coaxial Cable
Monoprice Quad Shield Coaxial Cable

Rolling out a durable cable that's also safe for long-term indoor use, the popular US brand Monoprice is once again at the top of its game.

It doesn't matter if your devices are close by or a hundred feet apart; this quad-shielded RG6 cable by Monoprice comes in 9 different sizes for your convenience. So, if you don't want anything to do with wire cutters and coax strippers, consider Monoprice to be your saving grace!

Although to be fairly honest, we were set on Monoprice cables for their four-layer protection against EMI rather than their sizes.

While most coax cables provide triple aluminum shielding, this one didn't layer up on the insulation. Instead, it has two inner layers of pure copper braiding and two outer layers of aluminum. So, overall it's the best coax cable for outdoor antenna.

Personally, we felt that it made a huge difference in signal delivery and decreased signal loss as effectively as possible. After a long day at work, dealing with broken-up TV channels is the last thing you should do. It sure gets on your nerves when the subtitles, too, become scrambled.

This quad-shielded Monoprice is the ideal choice of coax cables for enjoying satellite TV at its finest. We also liked its 18 AWG copper-clad steel center. It's then surrounded by top-quality polyethylene dielectric- allowing the cable to deliver extremely high bandwidths.

Besides, its 3.0 GHz operating frequency is practically the highest any coax cable can go. On top of that, the gold-plated F-type connectors ensure zero signal leakage through the connection points.

Highlighted Features

  • Minimizes cable loss for better signal transferring
  • Available in 10 sizes from 1.5ft. to 100ft.
  • Its 75-Ohm impedance is great for digital video and broadband Internet
  • Strain-relieved boots and fully-molded connector heads for extra durability

4. Cable Matters 3-Pack CL2 Quad Shielded RG6 Coaxial Cable

Cable Matters Quad Shielded Coaxial Cable
Cable Matters Quad Shielded Coaxial Cable

This is one of the finest electronics brands you'll find in the USA. After the record-breaking sales of their RG6 cables, we were more than intrigued to try out their in-wall rated coax cable. Turns out, Cable Matters has got some surprises in store!

For starters, it's compatible with satellite devices and digital routers other than VCRs and cable TV. After all, watching TV with a bowl of snacks on a Saturday night isn't as miserable as it sounds.

There's an actual pandemic on the loose. You might not be allowed to hit the club just yet, but you sure can bring it to your TV screen.

MTV only looks and sounds great when you have a top-notch transmission. For that, you need to keep your channels away from signal interference and attenuation.

This quad-shielded coax by Cable Matters seamlessly operates at high-frequency levels (up to 3 GHz) and picks up strong to weak signals with unmistakable clarity.

One of the reasons why we absolutely love Cable Matters is that it's protected with a PVC jacket. This outer layer complies with fire safety protocols, and therefore, it's much safer for the indoors.

It's now available in black and white colors so that the chunky cables blend in with your decor without looking obtrusive. They won't be dangling out of your devices anyway because they can now go behind the walls and stay there indefinitely.

Moving on, this 75-Ohm cable runs low on capacitance- a quality that inhibits signal transmission. So, it's going to deliver Internet data, digital video files, and cable TV channels without robbing them of the original quality.

Highlighted Features

  • Quality insulation and shielding for better durability
  • Fire-retardant PVC jacket makes it safe for residential use
  • Operates smoothly on high-frequency levels
  • Quad-shielded construction for availing Direct TV and Dish Networks up to 3GHz

5. The CIMPLE CO Black RG6 Coaxial Cable with Connectors

The CIMPLE CO Coaxial Cable
The CIMPLE CO Coaxial Cable

From a 3-feet cable to a hundred-and-fifty-feet option, THE CIMPLE CO offers you 15 different sizes of coax cables. Excede, HughesNet, Wild Blue are some popular satellite Internet services that you can unlock with these cables.

If your cable Internet has been the absolute worst in the past few days, taking it up with the service provider is a good call. From our experience with cables and electronics, using a substandard cable is likely the cause of your problems.

What you need is a high-bandwidth cable, and THE CIMPLE CO has the right thing in store for you!
Other than getting high-speed satellite internet, you can use these cables with DIRECTV, Comcast, Verizon FiOS, cable modems, Charter, and so on. The AWG copper conductor weighs in on its ample frequency range- keeping it steadily in the 2.3 MHz to 3.0 GHz range.

Thanks to the weatherproof PVC jacket, the best coaxial cable for antenna is now much impervious to outside wear and tear. It not only stands up to the elements but also provides years-long service from beneath your walls.

Additionally, it keeps a constant impedance of 75 Ohms through the length of the entire cable. It's a cool option for transferring broadband internet from the service provider point to your end. So, if you want the fluctuations to go away once and for all, this coax cable is as good as any high-end cable on the market!

Highlighted Features

  • Water-resistant connectors for heavy-duty indoor and outdoor use
  • Compatible with satellite dishes, wireless cellphone extenders, and HDTV
  • Low-loss cables for achieving frequency response from 2.3MHz to 3.0GHz
  • Suitable for DIRECTV, Comcast, Verizon FiOS

6. GE RG6 Coaxial Cable

GE RG6 Coaxial Cable
GE RG6 Coaxial Cable

If you're on the hunt for a no-nonsense coax cable, General Electronics has one that delivers high-definition frames in real-time for your HDTV. That's right; it supports full HD media streaming from the Internet and cable TV as well.

To begin with, your television can finally render the original 1080p resolution media files. A sub-par coax cable will no longer stand in between you and your favorite show. In fact, the signal-enhancing capabilities of this RG6 cable give even the weakest signals a fighting chance.

Oftentimes, we struggle with finding a suitable coax for our wall-mount televisions. Well, GE now offers 8 different sizes up to a hundred feet- perfect for all types of residential use and occasional splicing for a secondary device!

TV, VCR, modem, satellite dish, cable box, and router- there's hardly a device GE cables don't support. But, more importantly, the HDMI connection points make the product 100% compatible with the latest media technology. Not a lot of televisions come with coax cable inputs these days, right?

So, you don't need a third-party HDMI adapter for installing the cable.

Although, there's one thing that you should know. This cable is specially designed for indoor use but not in-wall use. We repeat- these double-shielded cables do not go inside the walls. If it's something that you need, double up the shielding, and get a quad-shielded coax instead.

Highlighted Features

  • Ideal for TV, DVR, VCR, cable modem, antenna, and digital router
  • Delivers 1080p resolution video files
  • Specially manufactured for indoor use
  • Easily pairs any two electronics with F-type connectors

7. PHAT SATELLITE INTL 100ft RG6 Coaxial Cable


With a 75-Ohm cable impedance, and the ability to transfer crazy high bandwidths, this coax by PHAT SATELLITE is the best coaxial cable for tv antenna. It's tailored to international standards and has a bunch of world-class certifications under its belt.

To begin with, this shielded RG6 coax cable has anti-corrosion brass connectors. Rust and corrosion at the connection points are some of the key reasons why coax cables skip signals in the first place.
It's safe to say that this one will pass the test of time since each PHAT SATELLITE cable is tested individually for quality control.

Additionally, this RoHS-compliant cable runs a hundred feet long. It was a challenge to test its transferability over such a huge span, but nevertheless, we've done it. And we have good news to share!

It's one of those rare 75-Ohm RG6 cables that rock satellite Internet and TV channels at the same time. Besides, its brilliant combination of low capacitance and low attenuation paid off the moment we saw crystal clear channels with our very eyes.

We sure weren't expecting such a big upgrade from a fifteen-dollar coax. No wonder why experts recommend this product for not only cable TV but also ham radio and shortwave antennas!

Highlighted Features

  • Nickel-plated brass connectors for seamless signal conductivity
  • Meets International standards
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Eliminates static from electromagnetic interference

8. GTOTd RG6 Coax Cable with F-Type Cable Extension Adapter

GTOTd RG6 Coax Cable With F-Type Cable Extension Adapter
GTOTd RG6 Coax Cable With F-Type Cable Extension Adapter

A 75-Ohm coax cable by GTOTd will solve most of the connectivity and transmission problems at home. It delivers clear audio and video signals to your living room television and basically any device that offers top-notch visuals and acoustics.

What we like about these affordable RG6 cables is that they are low-loss cables. These types of cables have a thick diameter and come well-protected against electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. Consequently, these products are better known as low-loss cables.

Choosing low-loss cables for TV is easy to understand. You can't deliberately put the signals out there so that outside factors can ruin them. It's because the signals are later translated to videos by your TV, and you don't want to see a cable TV movie premiere in poor quality.

A quality reception isn't the only problem. Factor the signal loss in, and you'll see what a cheap coax is doing to your bandwidth! As Dwight Schrute would say- Millions of families suffer every year!

Coming from some lads who know the ins and outs of electronics, you should definitely consider GTOTd to be the next coax cable for home.

It's compatible with your 4K HDTV and helps stream over-the-air shows in remarkable HD quality.
Although, this is an RG6 cable extension adapter for longer/far-away connection points. Both of its ends are threaded in the same way so that you can install this GTOTd product accurately without any trouble.

Highlighted Features

  • Available in 12 sizes from 1.5ft. to 50ft.
  • Clear audio and video deliverance by female-to-female coax connectors
  • Removes background noise from signals
  • Flexible PVC layer and a solid center conductor

9. TRUCKSPEC 18′ RG-58A/U Coaxial Cable With Pl-259 Connectors

TRUCKSPEC Coaxial Cable
TRUCKSPEC Coaxial Cable

If you want smooth two-way radio communications in any area, you're going to love this RG58 cable by TRUCKSPEC. As you can see, it's an RG58 cable- specially made for ham radio, marine VHF, and your local WLAN antennas.

First of all, this product is extremely resistant to heavy electromagnetic interference in metropolitan areas. Whether you live in a big city or a far-away village, this coax cable will make great use of the available signals in your region.

Moving on, if you're a regular camper, you must have a walkie-talkie for communicating with your camping pals.

After all, nothing works like a two-way radio that has a stunning range and stays off the grid.
You might be looking into coax cables with Pl-259 connectors for the job. And TRUCKSPEC is a great brand to consider. It works as a guide for radiofrequency waves and delivers them to your reception point in tip-top condition!

For example, it packs everything you need from a VHF antenna cable- strong reception, great conductivity, and the ability to steer clear of radio frequency interference. Since it's an 18-foot cable, you can make a durable wire splice out of it without facing significant signal loss.

Thanks to its 95% coverage, this antenna cable is resistant to RF leaks. On top of that, its molded connectors come well-protected against moisture damage from indoors and outdoors.

Its stranded conductor makes the cable much flexible compared to thick RG6 ones. You can use it with single CB antennas that have SO-239 stud mounts.

Highlighted Features

  • Suitable for Two-way, Amateur, and Citizen-band radio applications
  • Comes with Pl-259 connectors for easy installation
  • Compatible with high-frequency bandwidth
  • Specified as RG58 cable for radio antenna

10. Postta Quad-Shielded Digital Coaxial Cable

Postta Quad-Shielded Digital Coaxial Cable
Postta Quad-Shielded Digital Coaxial Cable

It's true that Internet speed can noticeably slow down during peak traffic periods. But poor transmission can cause it 24/7. It's something you can't get used to, especially after getting that whopping smart TV for streaming shows or playing video games.

Now, what if we said that it's a minor ten-dollar fix and guarantees a much better and clearer reception every time? That's correct. Now compatible with TV and satellite dishes, this digital coax by Postta is worth its weight in gold.

There're only a few coax cables on the market that satisfy our technical requirements, and even fewer products that go especially well with televisions.

Honestly, we have very high hopes from a quad-shielded digital cable. They happen to have reliable braiding and shielding for uncompromised transmission.

So, when we came across Postta's 99.99% oxygen-free copper conductor, we knew this product is going to be a great fit for fixing scrambled channels. In fact, with quad shielding, this coax goes the extra mile in keeping EMI and RFI away from your signals!

For the price, this wear-resistant coax is a solid option for residential cable wiring and broadband internet.

Highlighted Features

  • Ideal for TV, router, modem, and antenna
  • 99.99% oxygen-free copper conductor for high transferability
  • Quad-shielded construction minimizes signal crosswalk and attenuation
  • Wear-resistant outer jacket for long-lasting usage

11. STEREN 6 ft. RG8X Coaxial Cable

STEREN 6 Ft. RG8X Coaxial Cable
STEREN 6 Ft. RG8X Coaxial Cable

Buckle up; this is the first RG8X 50-Ohm cable on our list. And it's from no other than Steren Electronics, a company that's been in the business since 1956. We like this UHF radio cable for all sorts of radio applications.

It's flexible and thin; it's got nickel-plated PL-259 male connectors. Most importantly, it works as fine as a dedicated jumper for your radio antenna, switch, and tuner.

We like this Steren cable because it's of the RG8X type- a serious step up from your old RG58 coax cables for its flexibility and high-frequency response. In fact, your cable TV coax is not going to cut it either. Wondering how that's possible?

Simply put, RG6 cables or our TV cables are only good for the lower frequency range of HF bands. But when you want VHF radio, the signal losses are far too great to be settling for a 75-Ohm cable coax. That's where RG8 and RG8X cables come into play.

While RG8 cables don't do half bad in heavy-duty applications, RG8X cables leave no room for doubts. Since it's now available from 3-foot to 100-foot sizes, the right cable is just a click away!

Don't make the mistake of using RG6 cables for your ham radio setup. These cables have multiple aluminum shielding that makes it very difficult for you to solder. You usually end up with a weak connection point.

Considering everything, we think that this product is a cool fit for UHF/VHF radio antennas. We're mainly talking about Amateur, CB, and walkie-talkies, but you can get this RG8X cable for similar two-way radio applications.

Highlighted Features

  • Perfect for ham radio setups
  • Nickel-plated connector for better conductivity
  • Works with SWR meter, antenna tuner, and switch
  • Suitable for UHF/VHF radio antennas

12. Ultra Clarity Cables Triple Shielded CL3 In-Wall Rated Coax Cable

Shielded CL3 In-Wall Rated Coax Cable
Shielded CL3 In-Wall Rated Coax Cable

Here we have a multi-purpose RG6 cable by Ultra Clarity Cables. It's compatible with a lot of devices, but you're going to love its ground-breaking network parameters for your HDTV the most!
These Ultra Clarity Cables feature high-quality specs such as gold-plated connectors, a premium dielectric insulator, and a virtually unbreakable PVC jacket.

Additionally, the alternating aluminum braidings shield the copper conductor from background noise. It's something you want to keep miles away from a long-awaited live stream.

What you need to understand is that the higher the signal quality, the better your TV can translate them to powerful audio and video files.

Even in the rural areas where over-the-air signals are weak, this digital tv coaxial cable prevents them from any further damage.

If your TV antennas are already picking up good signals, you might not need an aerial amplifier at all. This incredible coax will give them the boost they need!

As a result, you can get much better TV reception in the suburbs. Besides, the gold-plated connectors are corrosion-resistant. They minimize signal interference as well.

Last but not least, the UV-resistant PVC jacket helps the coax function effectively in a good temperature range. It's great for outdoor security systems, speaker wires, cable modems, digital routers, and high-powered converter boxes.

Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with CATV, router, cable modem, PC, and speakers
  • Also suitable for intercom and security systems
  • UV-resistant PVC jacket for safe outdoor use
  • Triple-shielded RG6 cable for watching cable TV or browsing broadband Internet

13. RFAdapter RG8X Coaxial Cable

RFAdapter RG8X Coaxial Cable
RFAdapter RG8X Coaxial Cable

With a UHF PL-259 male-to-male plug, fully-molded Nickel-coated connectors, and a fifty-foot length, RDAdapter has a great RG8X cable for your ham radio.

It's going to be a cool choice of adapter for not only CB radio but also antenna tuners, analyzers, monitors, switches, and dummy loads.

What's more, you can use this RG8X coax for an SWR meter. It also gives you a hand in installing citizen-band radio in your Jeep Wrangler.

Compared to RG8 coax cables, this RG8X product has a thicker 17AWG copper wiring on the inside. It makes the product more suitable for high-frequency radio applications.

Honestly, this RG8X cable responds to very high-frequency bands, whereas the common RG6 scrapes the bottom of the barrel.

Then again, if your antenna gain can't beat the cable loss, your amateur radio setup will be completely useless. Invest in a high-gain antenna and a quality RG8X cable such as this one by RFAdapter. This coax is specially formulated to have a minimum amount of loss at ultra-high frequency bands.

Overall, this jumper cable is a low-loss coax that protects the signals from outside noise as effectively as possible. No wonder why its braiding layers are made of 128mm× 0.12mm aluminum.

Highlighted Features

  • The braid shielding is made of rugged aluminum for low cable loss
  • 17 AWG pure copper conductor for high transfer speeds
  • Suitable for CB/Ham radio
  • Available in 7 sizes from 3ft. to 100ft.

14. PHAT SATELLITE INTL 75ft Aerial COAXIAL RG6 Messenger Cable


We're back to another 75-Ohm coax cable by PHAT SATELLITE. It's the last thing you should be thinking about in a fire accident. Thanks to its fire-retardant PVC jacket, the exterior can handle high temperatures to a certain degree.

It's also certified by UL/ETL, CATV, CM, and RoHS. This dependable coax cable is carefully assembled by professionals in the USA and passed rigorous quality-control tests. The company is a reputed one in the industry and is trusted by American families.

In addition, this RG6 cable by PHAT SATELLITE is made of 100% pure brass with a ground strap. We like its weather-sealed design, and we think it's in for the long haul. As far as durability is concerned, this secured cable is impressively shielded with strong aluminum braidings.

So, if you're thinking about getting a longer wire for your router, this 75-foot RG6 will give you high-bandwidth levels.

It's also going to reduce signal loss, poor connectivity, and similar cable problems by a considerable amount. Unless the antenna is problematic, you can expect great performance out of this coaxial antenna cable.

Highlighted Features

  • Its 18 AWG copper conductor is perfect for high-speed aerial usage
  • Weather-sealed connector heads make the cable more durable
  • Protects against EMI and RFI
  • UL and ETL certified cable for better reliability

15. VANDESAIL RG6 Coax Cable


Although VANDESAIL draws the curtains on our coaxial cable reviews, this triple-shielded coax with gold-plated connectors left us wanting for more.

We particularly liked its aluminum braiding and foamed polyethylene insulator. They brought down interference levels that would otherwise hamper transmission.

It isn't a bad cable, by all means. To be honest, it supports a good deal of devices from your regular cable tv to digital routers.

Having passed ISO9001/ RoHS/CE/Reach certifications, this digital tv coaxial cable is surprisingly better than that of General Electronics.

It delivers high-definition CATV channels with remarkable sound quality from over-the-air stations. The compatible devices look something like your cable set-top box, modem, digital TV, satellite antenna, and various F-Female gears.

All things considered, VANDESAIL is offering you a premium coax in seven different sizes from 3-foot to 50-foot lengths. You wouldn't want to miss out on this deal!

Highlighted Features

  • Triple-shielded coax for stable data transmission
  • Suitable for HDTV, Internet, and satellite dishes
  • Anti-UV, moisture-proof construction for dedicated outdoor use
  • Minimum cable loss

Comparison Chart Of Coaxial Cable for TV

Product Name Compatible Device Cable Type Impedance Cable Length
Mediabridge Coaxial Cable TV, Modem, Satellite Receiver RG6 75-ohm 50ft.
Amazon Basics CL2-Rated TV Antenna Cable CATV, VCR, off-air antennas RG6 75-Ohm 4ft.
Monoprice 105359 RG6 Cable TV, modem UL-rated RG6 75-Ohm 1.5ft.
Cable Matters Quad Shielded RG6 Coaxial Cable Cable box, digital router Quad-Shielded RG6 75-Ohm 3ft.
The CIMPLE CO Black Coaxial Cable DirectTV, Comcast, Satellite Dish RG6 75-Ohm 12ft.
GE Coaxial Cable Cable, Modem, Internet Dual-Shield RG6 75-Ohm 15ft.
  2. INTL Coaxial Cable
Ham Radio, Shortwave antenna, Satellite receivers Tri-Shield RG6 75-Ohm 100ft.
GTOTd Coaxial Cable CATV, modem RG6 75-Ohm 25ft.
TRUCKSPEC Coaxial Cable Walkie-Talkies, Amateur, CB radio RG58 A/U 50-Ohm 18ft.
Postta Digital Coaxial Cable Router, TV, modem Quad-Shielded RG6 75-Ohm 4ft.
STEREN Coaxial Cable VHF/UHF radio RG58X 50-Ohm 6ft.
Ultra Clarity Cables Coax Cable PC, TV, router, speaker Triple-Shielded RG6 75-Ohm 6ft.
RFAdapter Coaxial Cable CB Ham radio, monitor RG58X 50-Ohm 50ft.
PHAT SATELLITE INTL Messenger Cable TV, signal booster, modem RG6 75-Ohm 75ft.
VANDESAIL Coax Cable CATV, router, modem RG6 75-Ohm 6ft.

Things to Consider Before Buying Coaxial Cable

Let's face it; you simply can't cut ties with cable TV. It has a good number of channels, and a bigger number of programs to keep your whole family entertained.

But, most importantly, cable TV is your gateway to Live sports. There's simply no turning it down when your home team is playing against the top dogs. Before you settle for scrambled channels, consider buying a cable tv coaxial with impeccable bandwidth and conductivity! Here's how you do it!

Cable Size

Cable Size
Cable Size

When it comes to choosing a new coax cable for your CATV or ham radio, you need to consider the size. An unnecessarily long cable will have an unnecessary amount of cable loss (And in some cases- more capacitance).

It's something you don't want to risk because the antenna gain has to be greater than cable loss at all times. Otherwise, the antenna won't be able to boost signals for a quality reception from your end.

The 15-foot tv coaxial cable by General Electronics is a low-loss coax, if not the good coaxial cable for your HDTV. It should pair well with your cable set-top box. But, if you're looking for something smaller, the 4-foot cable by Postta should do the trick.



Now, if you're not familiar with the term "impedance mismatch," you're in for a lot of trouble. To make it easier for you, we always recommend using a coax with the exact same impedance as your intended devices.

For example, if you buy a 75-Ohm coax cable for tv, and connect it to a 50-Ohm satellite device, there's going to be something called a standing wave. It's when two opposite types of waves superimpose and create an internal interference within the cable.

A general rule of thumb would be to use a 75-Ohm RG6 cable for TV and a 50-Ohm RG8X cable for ham radio.

Shielding Quality

Shielding Quality
Shielding Quality

Cable television cables have a multi-layered shielding that prevents their exposure to electromagnetic interference (EMI). Between triple-shielded and quad-shielded cables, the latter is a better option.

It ensures extremely low signal leakage and safeguards both the frequency and the bandwidth. Now, if you ask us, MediaBridge is an excellent choice of an hd tv coaxial cable. So is the Postta RG6.

Since we're on the topic, we suggest that you look for a UL-rated cable before running it through the walls. A fire-retardant cable with quality insulation is always a no-brainer!

Top 3 Coaxial Cable Brands

Monoprice and Cable Matters are our go-to brands for quad-shielded RG6 cables in various residential applications. But there are American brands like MediaBridge, PHAT SATELLITE INTL., and Ultra Clarity Cables that pack a good deal at a good price.

Without further ado, let's get to know about our top three cable brands!

Cable Matters

Cable Matters
Cable Matters

The brand has a good range of cable products in multiple sizes and specifications.
For example, the coax cables we reviewed from Cable Matters turned out to be very well-suited for rough applications. Their RG6 cables are durable from top to bottom and compatible with devices mentioned in each product catalog.



There's something exceptional about MediaBridge cables that lets you stream scrambled channels with brand-new clarity! We like the brand for its premium RG6 cable with a cool configuration and outstanding warranty coverage.

Steren Electronics Intl.

Steren Electronics Intl.
Steren Electronics Intl.

Finally, Steren is our new favorite brand for cables and other electronic accessories. Their cable business actually dates back to 1956. Steren has a great collection of RG6 and RG8X cables for TV and radio.

In fact, we're a fan of their mini-50-Ohm RG8X cable. Thanks to its speedy performance and impressive layout all the way through!

Types of Coaxial Cable

Whether you like it or not, coax cables have been hanging around for a while, and they're not going anywhere. There are more than 40 types of cables with different dielectric, impedance, attenuation, and dimensions.

And that's not all; there are subcategories under most types that vary from frequency response toinner and outer diameters. For now, we'll discuss the most commonly used coax cable types.



The ones rated with 75-Ohm impedance are actually multi-purpose cables. Simply put, 75-Ohm cables are suitable for digital TV signals, high-bandwidth Internet, and most HDTV applications. They also have a minimum amount of cable loss.


This level of impedance is usually seen with an RG8/RG8X coax for CB/Ham radio. Compared to 75-Ohm cables, these have a better power-handling capacity for operating on high-frequency levels.



This type of coaxial cable isn't suitable for streaming CATV. It's because their internal conductor, dielectric, and shielding layout fall short of carrying digital television signals as well as high-speed Internet.

However, RG58 is the most compatible with two-way radio systems and CB radio antennas. RG58X is simply the more flexible and upgraded version of the previous RG58. It's more reliable and supports all high-powered applications related to VHF/UHF radio.


Top 15 Best Coaxial Cable for TV in 2023
Top 15 Best Coaxial Cable for TV in 2023

An 85-Ohm RG6 cable is compatible with not only HDTV but also modems, routers, speakers, satellite receivers, CATV set-top boxes, and antennas. Their low signal attenuation and comparatively speedier performance keep RG6 cables one step ahead for residential use.

How to Connect Coaxial Cable to TV Antenna

Depending on your set-top box or antenna setup, you have to choose between direct wiring and coaxial plugging. Have a look at the easiest step-by-step guide on how to install cable tv coaxial cable to the antenna!

Strip A Small Portion of the Coax Cable with A Wire Cutter

Stripping off half-an-inch from the length will reveal aluminum braiding from the inside. Undo it for exposing the bare copper core.

Insert the Aluminum Braiding into the "Grounded" Socket

First, take a screwdriver and unscrew the screws on the antenna panel. This is where it gets a little tricky. Place the aluminum wire braiding under the screw that is marked "ground." Tighten the screw once you're done.

Place the Copper Wiring Under the Small Screw

The last step of direct-wiring your aerial TV antenna is to insert the copper core firmly into the unoccupied slot.

Both slots for the braiding and conductor are placed close by but not together. Make sure that the two separate parts (wore braiding and core) do not touch each other and are held firmly inside their designated points.

Coaxial Cable Frequeently Asked Questions

1. What's a better coax cable for TV between RG6 and RG59?

RG6 is a better coax for CATV for its high-frequency response and bandwidth. It's a heavy-gauge cable that prevents both electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. We recommend RG59 cables for low bandwidth applications such as CCTV and analog TV.

2. What's the difference between radio antenna cable and TV cable?

A ham radio cable is usually of the RG8 or RG8X type. It's thinner, more flexible, and supports VHF/UHF applications across the higher frequency range. This range is a bit hard for CATV-compatible coaxes such as RG6 75-Ohm cables.

3. What does a low-loss coax cable mean?

A low-loss coax cable is one that is triple-shielded or quad-shielded for minimizing signal attenuation. The connection points are nickel-plated or gold-plated so that no signal leakage occurs from those ends.

4. Can I use RG6 cables for my amateur radio setup?

RG6 cables have a general impedance of 75 Ohms. They are specially manufactured for CB radio, amateur radio, Marine VHF, and walkie-talkies.

But they can't transfer high-definition video signals. So, you can use an RG6 (with occasional cable losses) for your CB radio, but you can't turn it the other way around.

5. Will a better coax cable increase the Internet speed at home?

There are plenty of coax cables out there for high-speed broadband Internet. RG6 75-Ohm cables are great for satellite dishes, cable modems, digital routers, including most wired network connections.

Final Words for Coaxial Cable Buyers

To sum everything up, we personally prefer quad-shielded coaxes for watching cable TV.
As great as triple-shielded cables are, beating a quad-shielded RG6 with gold-plated connectors isn't a piece of cake.

If you ask us, the best coaxial cable is no other than the high-powered RG6 by Cable Matters.
This one is hardly prone to interference factors; neither does it give in to cable loss and standing wave problems.

On a similar note, we prefer RG8X cables to RG8 when uninterrupted radio transmission is concerned.

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