Top 10 Best Off-Grid Inverters In-depth Reviews 2021

Do you have an off-grid wind or solar power system in your home? Then you’ll certainly need the best off-grid inverter.

“Really! Can’t I just use that power from the wind or solar power system directly?”

The answer is simple: No, you can’t!

This is because your off-grid power system generates Direct Current (DC) power. And you can’t power your appliances with DC power.

Instead, appliances and electronic use alternating current (AC). Which is why you need an off grid inverter. Since it converts the generated direct current (DC) power into alternating current (AC) power.

But, how do you choose the bestter off grid inverters in the market? Well, that’s is one of the many reasons we’re writing this review.

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WZRELB Reliable 3000W Off-grid solar power inverter

KRIEGER 1100W Power Inverter

WZRELB High-Frequency Reliable 2000W Power inverter

VertaMax 500W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

Schneider Electric Conext Inverter

Also, we want to help you make an informed decision when buying a power inverter. So, continue reading this article and you’ll learn everything you need to know about off-grid inverters.

But first, let’s start

The Top 10 Best Off-Grid Inverters Reviews 2021

1. WZRELB Reliable 3000W Off-grid solar power inverter

WZRELB Reliable 3000W Off-grid solar power inverter

On top of our list, we have this incredible pure sine wave inverter by WZRELB. An inverter that highlights many interesting features.

For instance, it has a cooling fan and two 120 Volts AC sockets. As well as an earth connection for the PCB board and output for extra security.

You can find this model in several power options for both 24V and 12V power system.

Additionally, it has 2 digital display units and its casing is well-ventilated. One display unit indicates the output voltage. While the other indicates the input voltage. It also has 2 AC outlets.

Although this inverter has a peak power of 6000W, you’ll get a constant power of 3000W. It has a brilliant cooling fan that controls the heat. Such that, the fan’s speed depends on the heat of the inverter.

Another great thing about this inverter is that it’s very light. Since it only weighs 11.5 pounds. And it measures 3.7 X 9.4 X 21.6”. So, it’s compact and it doesn’t take a lot of storage space.

You’ll also be happy to know that it’s protected from high/ low voltage and overheating. As well as reverse polarity, short circuits and overloads.

About the design, this WZRELB inverter is among the best inverters you’ll find in the market today. It’s impressive and it will provide the back-up power supply for your home.

Highlighted Features

  • Superior true copper inductance that produces pure since wave alternating current output. Thus protecting your appliances.
  • A high transform that converts the current. And ensures a stable alternating current output.
  • It has a cooling fan that controls the temperature of the inverter.
  • It comes included with standard battery cables and a spare fuse. This makes replacements faster and easier.

2. KRIEGER 1100W Power Inverter

KRIEGER 1100W Power Inverter

Do you want an off-grid inverter that takes minimum storage space?

Then you probably need this KRIEGER inverter. Especially since it is among the smallest 1100 Watts inverter in the world. Yet it has enough power to handle electronics and small household appliances.

It comes packed in a durable heavy-duty aluminum casing. For this reason, this inverter can handle rough outdoor conditions.

It has an LCD screen. This display provides relevant information like the battery level, wattage and input voltage. Thus making it easy to check these details. The peak power of this inverter is 2200W.

It is perfect for powering small appliances like microwaves, televisions, and gaming consoles. You’ll also like to know that it’s very simple to plug in these appliances into this inverter. Especially because of the 2 standard AC 12 Volts outlets on the USB ports.

This product includes features included in most exclusive sine wave power inverters. It’s ideal for appliances that can deal with the modified pure wave. The inverter supplies you with 1100W. This can power all your AC appliances.

It’s well built and includes mounting legs. You can hook up this inverter to a car battery using the 3ft long gauge cable.

Besides being too easy to use and affordable, this product has a wired remote control. And an included fuse that protects the inverter from overloads. It also includes a 3-year warranty and it’s CSA & UL certified.

Highlighted Features

  • The LCDs make it easy to check the battery level, wattage and input voltage.
  • The heavy-duty aluminum casing increases the inverter’s durability.
  • Includes a fuse that offers overload protection.

3. WZRELB High-Frequency Reliable 2000W Power inverter

WZRELB High-Frequency Reliable

WZRELB is a professional fabricator of pure sine wave inverters. And this High-Frequency inverter is one of their most efficient device for off grid power systems.

Since it delivers a continuous peak power of 2000W, this unit is ideal for solar panel and vehicle applications.

Moreover, it is efficient and simple to operate and set up. So, if you’re looking for this type of product, then this is your best option.

First, this inverter is a reliable off-grid converter. And it’s even trusted by many users. Additionally, it comes included with standard battery cables and a spare fuse. Thus making replacements faster and easier.

Its PCB has a thickness of 2.0mm. So, this inverter is strong enough to handle the current floating on the circuit. Also, its high-frequency transformer converts DC to AC to deliver a more stable total AC.

Besides the 2000 Watts continuous power, this inverter has a peak power of 4000W. These features make this product more efficient. And makes it an ideal and efficient power backup for your home.

This inverter also has other useful features. These include; dual USB outlets, an earth connection and cooling fan. The earth connection can work for both the PCB board and output.

The unit has a premium quality true copper inductance. This ensures that the inverter produces true sine wave alternating current (AC) output. Thus, with this product, your appliances have protection against any potential damage.

Highlighted Features

  • The quick-connect functions make it easy to use for versatile applications.
  • Has digital LED displays that or show the unit’s condition and voltage rating.
  • Multi-protect technology that prevents different electrical faults.

4. VertaMax 500W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

VertaMax 500W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

WindyNation manufactures various items for small wind & solar generators. They focus on helping people interested in learning and implementing off-grid power systems. One of their most popular brand is VertaMax.

The manufacturer designs Vertamax products to deliver low-cost, yet high-quality inverters. And you can see this in the Vertamax 500W inverter.

This unit seems to have the VertMax product providing the lowest capacity. Since it has a surge power of 1000W and a continuous power of 500W.

Because of its smaller capacity, this unit doesn’t have features like the digital display. But you can still use it with the safe fail alarms and safes. Additionally, this inverter includes 2 AC sockets and a USB port.

About its lifespan, VertaMax is among the most durable option in the market today. Moreover, it has all the necessary protection systems. The unit has an aluminum circuitry and body. This enables it to handle changing humid levels and temperatures.

On the backside, this unit has external fuses. These fuses are easy to replace since you don’t have to remove its casing. You’ll get a 1-year warranty if you buy this product. Although this product is a bit costly than some 500W units out there, its quality justifies it.

You can find this inverter in various sizes and power options like 3000, 1500, and 1000 watts. This makes it VertaMax an ideal option for both larger and smaller applications.

Highlighted Features

  • Includes soft-start technology that reduces wear and tear. Thus increasing the unit’s durability.
  • The external fuses are easy to replace
  • Has various protection systems like high/low voltage alarm to protect your appliances.

5. Schneider Electric Conext Inverter

Schneider Electric Conext Inverter

Looking for asuperior hybrid charger or inverter for your off grid power system? Then have a look at this Schneider XW6848 Conext inverter.

It can deliver up to 6800W of Alternating Current output power. And since it’s a hybrid, this inverter can take inputs from both a solar panel and a battery bank.

This unit features 2 AC power inputs. So, you can either use it as a grid-interactive or off-grid backup for your home appliances. Additionally, this device is so powerful, such that it can charge Li-ion and 48V batteries. You can charge it through a split-phase or solar panels.

Another incredible feature of this unit is that it is adaptable. Thus allowing it to support both AC and DC solutions. Also, you can integrate it with different Schneider units since it’s scalable. So, you can create a solar grid system for your home if you have this inverter.

It’s also worth noting that this unit delivers pure alternating current sine wave. This offers a clean and high-quality output for sensitive and powerful appliances. Unlike the modified sine wave units, this device is better for electronic devices. And, it can even extend their durability.

You’ll also be glad to know that this device underwent considerable quality testing. Thus making it both sturdy and durable. You can check, troubleshoot and upgrade it with ease through the Context Combox.

Not to forget that it has an incorporated battery temperature sensor. This sensor safeguards your batteries.

You can mount this Schneider Conext to walls or any other flat surface. So, you can install it indoors. This will offer better protection against adverse outdoor elements.

Highlighted Features

  • Includes a battery temperature sensor that facilitates temperature compensation
  • True sine wave that offers clean output for sensitive & powerful appliances
  • Wall-mounted and easy to install

6. AIMS Power 10000W Power Inverter

 AIMS Power 10000W Power Inverter

Some jobs need a lot of power. In the world of inverters, such tasks need10000W inverters. Unfortunately, most 1000W inverters weigh about 40Lbs. Also, they’re usually larger and take up a lot of installation space.

Luckily, with the superior technology of AIMS Power, this is not the case anymore. And you can see this in the AIMS power 10000W power inverter.

This unit weighs 21lbs only. And it measures 21.4 by 7.9 by 6 inches. It’s almost half the size and weight of the traditional 10000W models.

The device can handle almost every application with its 20000W surge power. And 10000W continuous power capacity.

On its weight and size, this unit is exceptional. Thus making it more versatile than any other 10000W inverter in the market today.

Moreover, this inverter has the usual 7 types of protection systems found in most inverters. These protection systems include; overload protection, low-voltage alarm protection and short circuit protection. And surge power protection, reverse connection protection high voltage protection and over-current protection.

Besides these protection systems, it has a separate ground neutral and cooling fan.

You can watch the DC/AC output of this inverter through the LED indicator. Moreover, you can track its performance on the amp and volt meter located on the front panel.

You can use this unit for off-grid application and your home’s back-up power system. Or even for your mobile business. And it will get the task done while taking the least space possible.

Highlighted Features

  • Pulse-width modulation technology to control the fan speed and regulate the voltage signal
  • Many protection systems to safeguard your appliances
  • It’s lightweight and compact thus saving a lot of space while providing a lot of power

7. Energizer 4000W Power Inverter

Energizer 4000W Power Inverter

For heavy-duty applications, you can never go wrong with this 4000W power inverter from Energizer. You can direct the device to a 12V DC battery and power all your appliances or electronics.

The inverter offers a continuous power of 4000W and a peak power of 8000W. It also features an LCD that shows the battery level, input voltage, and output wattage. This high-performance device has all the features and power that you can ever need.

It comes with some battery cables. And it has all the important protection systems. For instance, it’s safeguarded from high voltage, low voltage, and overloads. As well as overheating and short circuits.

Additionally, it has an ultra-silent thermal cooling fan, so it will not be a nuisance. Its board has a remote switch, two charging USB ports, and two standard AC outlets. This will enable you to power many appliances at once.

The Energizer 4000W shares many similar features with the AIMS model. Hence, it’s a great alternative to the AIMS inverter, especially since it’s a bit cheaper.

If you do not need 4000W of power, Energizer also provides 2000W and 900W options. This device is safe to operate and it’s even approved for performance and safety by MET. To enhance its safety, it has automatic shutdown warnings. And a facility that displays on the LCD screen.

Highlighted Features

  • Includes an automated shutdown feature that adds its safety
  • An LCD for monitoring the battery level, input voltage and output voltage.
  • It’s durable and it will last for a long time
  • It has short circuit, temperature and overload protection, making it safe to use.

8. AMPINVT Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Do your appliances consume a lot of power when starting up? If so, then this AMPINVT inverter is the best off grid inverter for you.

It’s among the best options for those looking for an efficient and reliable inverter system. As it has 9000W peak wattage and 3000W continuous wattage.

This inverter has a well-ventilated metal body that enhances better airflow. Moreover, it features double cooling fans. These features protect the unit from overheating.

Like most inverters, this unit has an LCD screen. The screen displays relevant information. This includes; battery voltage, charging voltage as well as battery capacity.

Additionally, it has an indicator light. The light blinks when charging the inverter’s battery. But it stops flashing when the unit’s battery is full.

While we’re still on the battery, it’s worth noting that you can use it for different kinds of batteries. This includes; lithium, flooded, sealed, AGM and gel.

This unit weighs 44.4lbs, which is ideal for a device of this capacity. It’s also worth noting that this inverter has 2 AC outlets. Additionally, this inverter has an adjustable charge current, thus increasing its efficiency.

It’s pretty durable. And it’s protected against overloads, low/ high voltage, overheating and short circuits.

Moreover, this device has various operation modes. These modes include; AC input priority, unattended mode, ECO mode, and battery priority. All these features will enable you to control the inverter.

Highlighted Features

  • Includes an LCD that shows the voltage and battery capacity information
  • Has a well-ventilated metal casing for better air movement and prevent overheating
  • It comes with a remote panel that makes it easier and convenient to operate the inverter.

9. WZRELB Reliable 1500W High-Frequency Inverter

WZRELB Reliable 1500W High-Frequency Inverter

Being one of the best inverter manufacturer, it’s not surprising that this is the 3rd WZRELB product on our list. WZRELB brand focuses on providing superior products to various customers across the world.

So, if you’re looking for a great generator and inverter for your home, you can consider this 1500W inverter.

You may be wondering; what makes this inverter better than similar models in the market?

For one, this inverter has superior copper inductance. This ensures the inverter filters the waveform and delivers pure sine wave output. It’s perfect for sensitive appliances like laptops, refrigerator and plasma TV.

Additionally, you can use this inverter with imported. And large MOSFETs with tough driving capacity.

The PCB of this inverter has a thickness of 2mnm. This allows it to hold stronger floating current while the load capacity increases. It has a continuous power of 1500W and a peak power of 3000W.

It includes a high-frequency transformer that converts direct current to alternating current. Also, this ensures a stable and full AC output, thus safeguarding sensitive appliances.

Moreover, this inverter has digital LED screens that display DC and AC voltage. It also provides many protections such as surge power protection and overload protection.

This device acts as a great power backup supply for your home. And it’s a good grid power supply. It has a compact size that makes it portable and easy to move around.

Highlighted Features

  • Includes many protection systems to safeguard your appliances
  • Has a cooling fan that runs when the inverter is over 50 degrees to protect it from overheating
  • The digital LED screens make it easy to use and track the AC and DC voltage

10. Giandel 5000W Power Inverter

Giandel 5000W Power Inverter

Based in Australia, GIANDEL is one of the leading manufacturers of power inverters. And if you’re looking for an incredible RV inverter, check out their 5000W heavy duty inverter.

It’s ideal for emergency kits, road trips as well as other applications. Also, this unit comes included with a USB charging cable and dual AC outlets.

It can supply a continuous power of 5000W and a peak power of 10000W. Thus, you can use it to power most home appliances and households.

Additionally, you can plug this unit into a 12 Volts DC battery. After plugging it in, you can start using it to power various appliances and devices.

This unit has a sturdy and solid aluminum alloy casing. Thus increasing its durability. Also, this material aids in dissipating heat. Besides, it has an inbuilt cooling fan. The fan starts to work when the temperature exceeds 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

The inverter features an alternating current terminal block. You can connect this terminal block to deliver 5000W power to a single source. The output and input spots of this unit are not at the same spot. Thus making it easy and safe to store and install.

Its protection includes a low voltage alarm. This alarm produces a distinct sound. Especially if there is overload, thermal or short circuits issues. Additionally, it features an automatic shutdown that safeguards this inverter from potential damage.

Highlighted Features

  • The durable aluminum alloy casing safeguards the inverter
  • It has a brilliant cooling fan that keeps the inverter cool by reducing the dissipated heat
  • Includes an auto-restart function that restarts the unit when needed.
  • Has advanced protection features and soft start technology that protects your appliances.

Things to Consider When Buying A Best Off Grid Inverter

You should not rush and buy any off-grid power inverter that comes your way. This is because there are many inverter models in the market at the moment. And you may end up selecting an inverter that doesn’t meet all your needs.

So, before you buy an inverter, there are certain factors you should consider. Some of these factors include;

Power rating

Before you invest your money on a power inverter, it’s important to understand its power rating. This is because different inverters have different power ratings. This usually ranges from 50 to 50000 Watts. This includes looking at the requirements of the inverter.

Small appliances consume less power while larger power tools more power. Thus, the right power inverter should produce more power than what appliances need.

For instance, if they need 4000W, choose an inverter that delivers a continuous load of 5000W.

Additionally, you should look at the surge of the inverter. Surge load is the largest load that your unit can handle for a certain period.

Energy efficiency

Efficiency is another factor you should consider when purchasing a power inverter. For instance, choose an inverter that doesn’t increase or consume so much power. This will help you to avoid energy and power loss.

Most inverters aren’t 100 percent efficient. This means that they don’t convert all the DC power into AC power.

The device may lose some power during the conversion process. This can be a problem. Especially if the inverter loses too much power.

So, choose an inverter with a peak conversion efficiency of about 94%.

Pure or Modified Sine Wave

There are various types of inverters. With the two most popular ones being; pure sine wave and modified sine wave inverters. So, when buying an inverter, you should be able to differentiate between these 2 types.

So, what is the difference between a modified sine wave and a pure sine wave inverter? Is that your question too?

Well, Modified sine inverters are ideal for small applications and older appliances. While pure sine wave power inverters generate more energy. You can use this energy in larger off-grid systems or for modern appliances.

Temperature range

Off grid inverters are very susceptible to extreme cold and heat. So, when purchasing an inverter, look at its temperature range. This will enable you to determine the largest/ smallest temperature it can handle.

Additionally, we recommend that you buy an inverter with an inbuilt cooling fan. An inbuilt fan keeps the unit cool for long, thus extending its useful life.

Device Protection

Look for an inverter with various inbuilt safety features. Some of these features include; high heat protection, fuses and low battery shutoffs. Also, it’s important to select a device with over-current and overload protection. This will help to protect the inverters as well as your appliances.

What Are The Different Types Of Off-Grid Power Inverters

Off-grid inverters are a bit different from grid tier inverters. Off-grid inverters need an established solar power system. Yet you don’t have a connection to the local power grid.

Their main difference is that an off-grid inverter requires an energy bank to operate. While the grid tier doesn’t. In a solar power system, solar panels deliver DC energy. This energy is then stored in the energy bank.

To use the generated DC energy on your appliances or lights, DC energy has to go through an off-grid inverter. At the inverter, it’s converted into AC energy. You can now use to power your appliances.

With that in mind, let’s now get into the 3 different types of off-grid inverters. They include; pure sine wave, modified sine wave and Hybrid Inverters.

Pure Sine Wave inverters

As we stated earlier, an inverter changes DC to AC. But it doesn’t produce or store electricity. The device includes a gradual peak. The peak transforms electricity from fuel cells and batteries to AC electricity.

Most modern appliances need true sine wave for the best functionality. And this is where the pure sine wave inverter comes in. this type of inverter works well with most types of off grid power systems.

These inverters can power small appliances. But they’re ideal for large power needs. This is because they have a high power output.

You can find these types of inverters with different sizes and power options. This allows you to choose the inverter that works well for you.

Modified Sine Wave Inverter

The other type of off-grid inverter is the modified sine wave unit. These inverters are also great options, especially because they are quite affordable. You can use them as some sort of a backup generator.

But, these inverters have low power output. Also, they don’t work well with modern appliances. But you can use them to power old TVs, brush motors and basic lights in an old cabin.

Hybrid Inverters

Hybrid inverters combine battery power with solar energy to supply electricity. These types of inverter perform a lot of tasks and they’re generally very heavy. In simpler terms, it’s a battery inverter and a solar inverter merged into one unit.

This inverter will enable you to enjoy features of both solar and battery inverters. Also, you can either use this device if you’re living off or on the power grid.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the best brands of off-grid inverters?

There are several good brands of off grid inverters in the market. The best ones include; AIMS Power, WZRELB and Magnum Energy. As well as VertaMax, KRIEGER, GIANDEL and Energizer.

2. How do you take care and maintain an off grid inverter?

If you’ve got an off-grid power inverter, it’s important to know how to maintain your system. You can achieve this by referring to the manufacturer’s manual. Additionally, keep the device dry and protect it from wet conditions.

3. How do you install and operate an inverter?

Installing and using the off grid inverters is very easy. But there are several models and brands. So follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing the device. This will ensure that you set up the inverter well.

4. What size of off-grid inverter do I need?

This will depend on the application you intend to use the inverter for. For instance, you may be looking for an inverter for large applications. In this case, don’t buy an inverter with low output capacity.

5. Can you connect a solar panel to an inverter directly?

Of course, you can. Or, you can link your panel to a non-grid inverter and drive an alternating current load directly.


You find it a bit challenging to choose the best off-grid inverter. But, with this review, you will be able to make an informed decision. Especially since we’ve only included some of the best inverters in the market at the moment.

Choosing the right inverter will let you enjoy a powerful and smooth solar power system. You’ll find this very useful during emergency energy outage situations.

Our aim was to analyze the most reliable units. These units offer great efficiency and performance. Also, we wanted to make the process of choosing the best inverter as easy as possible for you.

So, there’s no need to rush. Refer to our highlighted reviews and choose the off-grid that is perfect for your home.

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