Battle Born LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery Review 2023

by Malcolm Woods

Searching for a reliable battery to use in your home or RV?

If you've tried asking around for recommendations, you might have heard about the Battle Born LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery. Is it worth purchasing?

That's what this guide is about.

Going for almost a thousand bucks, the LiFePO4 is one of the expensive batteries out there. It is only fair that you know what you're spending such an amount of money on.

There are a few things you have a right to know - the performance, reliability, safety, and durability to mention but a few.

Forget what the salespersons say. I will jump into the specifics of this battery, giving you worthy info that helps you make the right decision.

Our Battle Born Batteries Reviews

 Our Battle Born Batteries Reviews
Our Battle Born Batteries Reviews


If you're planning to buy a battery, one factor you shouldn't overlook is the capacity. The model you select should be capable of covering the power needs you're getting it for.

How is battery capacity measured?

Amp-hours. This is the indicator of the battery capacity to supply power. The higher the amp hours, the higher the capacity.

With the Battle Born LiFePO4, you get 100Ah. That means if the power is discharged at the rate of 2 Ah, then it will take 50 hours to get fully discharged.

As for the voltage, you probably know that most batteries run 12 volts. This one runs 13 volts, allowing for lower current requirements, as the higher power in the wires mitigates against voltage drop in the wires.

If you need the best deep cycle battery for your RV or boat, then the LiFePO4 might be the right selection. It will easily suffice for lighting, electronics, and other power needs.

Size and Weight

Size and weight are two crucial factors for several reasons. First, space. If you have limited space where you want to keep the battery, then you want to get a small-size battery.

Secondly, if you'll be operating the battery alone, you probably want something you can lift.

And thirdly, maybe you're not looking to pack in more pounds into your RV or boat or wherever the battery will be put.

At 29 pounds, the LiFePO4 is one of the lightweight batteries of its size. It has as little as less than a third the weight of most lead-acid batteries of its size.

Protection Against Failure

What are some of the common causes of battery failure? Anyone? Yeap, they include ground faults, temperature volatility, and more.

The Battle Born battery, as the name suggests, is built for the fight to stay good and useful for as long as possible.

In that regard, it is integrated with a smart BMS (battery management system). The BMS regulates the power flow out of the battery and senses changes in temperature and voltage, and when something is wrong, it engages a power shut-off.

That way, you and your battery stay safe.

Battery Technology

Most people have the option of either a lead-acid battery, a lithium-ion battery, or an AGM battery. Do you know why so many people love Li-Ion batteries? Because they offer lots of perks and only a few drawbacks.

What perks does the LiFePO4 offer you as a lithium-ion battery? Unlike a lead-acid battery, this li-ion battery gives you limitless mounting choices. You can mount it without the worry that acid might leak if the battery is tipped.

And as there's no acid leaking, you needn't worry about dangerous fumes. As there are no gases generated, you can install this battery indoors with no worries.

Again, it is lightweight compared to a lead-acid battery of its size.

Life Cycle

How many cycles a battery produces determines how long you get to use it. You might already know that lead-acid batteries have an average of 300 cycles.

That translates to 2 to 5 years. And of course, exactly how long it lasts depends on the operating temperature and the depth of discharge.

Guess what, the lithium-ion LiFePO4 is rated for 3000 cycles. That is 10 times as much as a regular lead-acid battery. You can use this battery for 10 to around 30 years.

The good news is that it has the BMS, which regulates the temperature, thus keeping the battery in shape for a long time.

Discharge Rate

The discharge rate is another important deciding factor. It is one of the factors that say how long the battery will remain useful. To put things into perspective, most batteries, especially lead-acid batteries, gradually lose Ah capacity when the discharge rate is high.

Though its recommended depth of discharge is 50%, the Battle Born battery can be discharged up to 90% without losing Ah capacity.

Safety and Effect on The Environment

Whether or not you're thinking of going green, safety is an important factor. No one wants a battery that releases dangerous fumes, especially when operating the battery indoors.

As much as there's no risk of getting shocked by a 12V battery, there are certain dangers. Acid, for instance, can burn your skin or eyes.

What makes the Battle Born battery safe is that it doesn't leak acids, and thus keeps your skin and eyes safe.

No dangerous fumes are released into the atmosphere, so this battery is a good option for someone looking to go green. Not to mention that the battery works great will solar panels.

Reliability and Efficiency

When I first got the LiFePO4, I took it for a test run. I connected it to a 300W solar in my RV. I was surprised to see how fast it charged. The battery was full in just 5 hours.

Then I hooked the battery to a 900/450W heater and ran it for an hour and a half on the lower setting of 450 watts.

In just an hour, the temperature inside the RV rose from 53 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature outside was 50 degrees with the humidity at 50%. This was enough to see just how much the battery was capable of.

Today, I rely on the battery to power a refrigerator, seven LED lamps, and a water pump whenever I am on a trip. And all while charging phones and laptops.

The battery charges from even the morning sun, getting to full capacity even before noon!

The advantages and disadvantages of the Battle Born LiFePO4:

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the Battle Born LiFePO4:


  • Charges fast - in about 5 hours
  • Can last many years - has 3000 cycles, 10x the ordinary 300 cycles
  • Slightly higher than usual output voltage - 13V to reduce voltage drop in wires
  • Can hold a charge for a year without the need for trickle charging
  • Can be recharged 3000 times, retaining 80 percent capacity
  • Lightweight - 29lbs - a third of a lead-acid battery of similar size
  • Can be discharged up to 90%
  • No fumes released - can be installed indoors
  • High reliability
  • Safe


  • Expensive - but well worth it

Final Word for Deep Cycle Battery Buyers

All things considered, the Battle Born LiFePO4 battery is more than worth the price it goes for. It is one choice I can tell you for sure that you will not regret it. The battery charges quickly and keeps the charge.

You can rely on it to power lots of items in your home. If you're getting it for your RV, it is all the power storage solution you need. And if you're going green and would like a battery that pairs excellently with a solar panel and a charge controller, don't look any further.

About Malcolm Woods

Malcolm Woods is a blogger who enjoys writing about technology and solar power. He has a passion for learning new things, and loves to share his knowledge with others. Malcolm is also an advocate for sustainable living, and believes that everyone has a responsibility to do their part in preserving our planet.

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