How to Connect AirPods to Dell Laptop?

If you’re a tech enthusiast or someone who loves to jam to music, then you’re perhaps already familiar with AirPods. There are very few brands that can compete with the audio quality that these wireless earphones can provide.

They are top-of-the-line products that are worth the investment. Very few people have ever gone for an alternative after purchasing them once.

You may also be the proud owner of a Dell laptop or have at least heard of the brand. Today, we are going to tell you how to connect AirPods to Dell laptop to get the best out of both devices.

How to Connect AirPods to Dell Laptop?

AirPods require a device to have Bluetooth connectivity to connect with them. Thankfully, all the recent laptops by Dell have this feature, so they are compatible with these wireless earphones. Follow the given steps and you will easily be able to use it on the laptop with ease.

Access the Settings Menu

Dell Laptop Settings Menu

The first thing that you need to do is go to your laptop’s device settings. You can quickly access it by going to the start menu. In case your device has a Windows 10 OS, you will be able to find the settings right on the corner on top of the power sign resembling a cog.
Click it, and you will find the main menu. Access ‘Devices’ from it.

Once you’re in the sub-menu, you will find many options, through which you can connect different gadgets to the laptop. One of them should be labeled ‘Bluetooth & other devices.’ Click on it, and you will find the option to connect to the AirPods.

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Pair the Two Devices

In the ‘Bluetooth & other devices’ section, you will find a gigantic plus sign with ‘Add Bluetooth or other devices’ written next to it. Before you click on it, turn on the feature by pressing the button right below it. Once you click on the sign, it will automatically start looking for other devices with the same feature.

Soon enough, you will see another box open up that shows all the devices within the vicinity of your laptop. You need to identify your AirPods by their device name and press on it. Then, you will see the connect option that you will have to press to connect the laptop to them.

Using the AirPods

Within a few minutes of pressing ‘Connect’, the laptop will finish pairing up with your AirPods. Once the process is complete, take out the earphones from the casing and plug them into your ears. You will hear a sound, which is a sign that the earpieces have acknowledged the Bluetooth connection.

Finally, open a soundtrack you want to listen to or a movie you want to watch. The audio will come streaming through the earpieces.

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How to Fix Common Airpod Problems?

We need to inform you about some of the most common problems you may face when using these earphones. Keep on reading to know more about these issues and how you can solve them.

Drop-in Audio Quality

AirPods are considered to be one of the best options among its competitors. It provides crystal clear sound that fully immerses the user. Therefore, the audio quality turning patchy or the presence of foreign sound are clear indicators of the product underperforming.

In case this issue turns up, see if any devices or structures are blocking the way between the earpieces and the device to which they are connected. Remove them, and the audio quality should improve.

If the problem persists, see if you’re too close to the Wi-Fi or a microwave. Move away, as it can interfere with the performance of the AirPods.

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Detection Problems

One of the niftiest features of AirPods is its ability to sense when you put it into your ears. It plays and pauses the music depending on the earpiece being inside your ear or not. The only reason the detection feature won’t work is if it isn’t enabled on your device.

To fix this problem, simply access the Bluetooth settings of your device and turn on the feature. The auto-detection mode should work smoothly and without any issues afterward.

Pairing Failure

Users often seem to find their AirPods not connecting to their devices out of the blue. Well, no need to panic. The solution is quite simple. Start with putting both earpieces to the charging case and let it sit there for 10 seconds. Then bring them out and try them on your ears.

In case it still isn’t working, just restart the Bluetooth in your device and repeat the previously mentioned method. In most cases, your problem should be resolved.


In the past, you might have been under the impression that AirPods only connect to Apple products. Now that we have shown you how to connect AirPods to Dell laptop, you can easily use it on such gadgets.

If you think the process is too complicated, don’t worry. It’s just a one-time procedure. Next time, turn on the Bluetooth of both devices, and they will connect automatically.

Now, you can stream your favorite songs on your AirPods regardless of the device your using. Enjoying your tunes will never seem more heavenly!

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