10 Best Phone Holder for Bed Reviews & Buying Guide

I had an accident one year ago and broke my hand severely. The doctor restrained me from moving a bit, and I was lying in bed for one whole month. I was so bored doing nothing even I could not use my laptop or mobile due to the injury.

One day one of my friends came to see me, and after understanding my situation, he suggested me to order a phone holder for bed.

Then, I looked for the best phone holder for bed. There were plenty of them with different features and styles. But these ten holders were really great considering their durability, convenience, and features.

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Lamicall Cell Phone Clamp Clip for Desk

SAIJI Flexible Long Arm Phone Mount 

Gooseneck Tablet Holder

B-Land Cell Phone Holder

MAGIPEA Cell Phone Clip on Stand Holder

Benefits of Using Phone Holder for Bed

We often do not want to give any importance to phone holders and think of it as a product for only luxurious use. But there are many benefits of them that we cannot deny.

Viewing Content from Bed

The biggest benefit of using phone holders is that it makes your work easier when you are using the phone in bed. Assume that you are watching a movie on your phone before sleeping. It is hard to hold the phone in your hand while you are lying in the bed watching a movie.

A phone holder can make this issue easier to handle for you. You can simply attach the phone to the holder and watch movies while lying on the bed comfortably.

Doesn’t Let the Phone Drop on the Face

I think we won’t find a single person who has not dropped his/her phone on their face while using it lying in bed. It is a matter of safety for both; you and your phone. If you have a phone holder beside your bed, trust me, you will never experience dropping your phone on the face again.

A Fixed and Safe Place for the Smartphone

Besides, a phone holder can prevent you from creating a mess beside your bed and helping you to decide on a fixed spot to keep your phone safely.

Our Top 10 Best Phone Holder for Bed 2021

Regardless of your budget and preference, you will surely find the right one from the list below.

1. Lamicall Cell Phone Clamp Clip for Desk

An aluminum-made sturdy phone holder that works for almost every phone is a necessity for any person who spends a huge time using his phone. Lamicall gooseneck phone holder is such a useful phone holder to enjoy every feature of your phone without holding it in your hands.

Aluminum is not heavy like iron and steel but strong enough to hold some weight. It is extremely durable, and you can be tension-free about the longevity of a product made with aluminum. Talking about its material and durability, it’s the best gooseneck phone holder that you can buy.

The long arm of the holder is flexible so that you can adjust it without any issue. But you will not get too much flexibility because it can hamper stability. Rubber pads have been used in the holding part of the clamp clip to hold the mobile firmly. You can mount your smartphone on it even with the case on.

There is a clip in the holder with silicon pads to allow it to attach to any surface. They ensure a scratch-free grip on that surface. You can attach the clip to any desk, table, or corner of the bed. Keeping your hands free, you can easily watch movies or take photos and videos with this phone holder.

Highlighted Features

  • Has flexible arm
  • Anti-scratch rubber pad
  • Easy rotation in every direction
  • Sturdy material gives full support
  • Durable aluminum made

2. SAIJI Flexible Long Arm Phone Mount for Desk

In your opinion, for which features can a holder be the best phone holder for bed? Is it about the material and durability or the ability to hold any phone firmly?

You cannot be happy enough knowing that SAIJI has brought a phone holder which is long-lasting, strong, flexible, and perfect for versatile uses. Talking about the brand, you will find SAIJI the most caring and humble brand to take care of its customer’s needs.

It’s aluminum and magnesium-made body makes it durable and strong enough to provide firm support to your phone.

The clamp that attaches to the holder is super strong and has a nice grip on it. It can deal with different thicknesses of different surfaces. Your furniture would not get any scratches due to the silicon pads. You can rotate it 360 degrees and adjust different angles to meet your comfort.

Moreover, the super-strong and firm grip of the holder keeps your phone attached and prevents slipping. SAIJI gooseneck phone holder will give you an amazing experience to enjoy different shows on your phone screen while keeping your hands free.

Highlighted Features

  • Provides necessary grip for holding the phone
  • Adjustable holder
  • Super-versatile piece
  • Strong enough for providing support
  • Convenient rotation

3. Gooseneck Tablet Holder, Lamicall Tablet Stand

Tablets aren’t outdated already. Kids, along with adults, mostly use tablets. Comparing to phones, tablets are heavier and larger. A tablet user faces many difficulties while lying on a bed or sofa as it needs one hand to hold and another hand to operate. For tablet users, Lamicall has a tablet holder solution.

The material used here is faux leather which is durable for long-term use. Using tablets for a long time while sitting can make your hand, neck, and back hurt. Besides, you cannot use it to keep a safe distance from your eyes while holding in hands. There you feel the necessity of having a tablet holder.

Lamicall tablet holder can definitely be the best gooseneck iPad holder. Tablets are heavy, and they need extra stability and strength to hold over. So, instead of keeping the arm straight, make loops in the arm.

This tablet holder is well built due to its quality materials. The clip on the bottom can be easily attached to any table or desk. Your device will get sturdy and stable support from this piece of accessory.

You do not have to think about your back and neck pains to watch movies on your tablet or iPad. This tablet mount for bed will make watching movies and other things a lot comfortable while you are lying.

Highlighted Features

  • Stable loop
  • Sturdy and solid build
  • Anti-scratching pad
  • Can be attached to any thin and flat surface
  • Ensures firm grip on the tablet

4. B-Land Cell Phone Holder, Universal Mobile Phone Stand

B-Land Cell Phone Holder, Universal Mobile Phone Stand

I think most of you guys have not seen this type of gooseneck phone holder that can be placed literally anywhere. You cannot think of how many ways you can use this particular mobile phone stand. B-Stand presents you with a flexible mount stand that might be the best gooseneck phone holder for its multiple functions.

Made of durable aluminum, you can count on its durability. The flexibility made it super convenient to bend according to your need. You can pretty much attach this holder to your bed, desk, table, car, and even your neck.

If your phone’s width is between 2.2 to 3.3 inches, then this holder is perfect for you. The holding case is removable so that you can store the arm coiled up. You can even place it in the steering while driving and notice the map. So, the stand will also give you a useful company while you are traveling.

My sister suggested me to buy this and sent a video of her using the phone holder. I was totally amazed to see that she was literally wearing it on her neck. While walking in the house with a coffee in hand, she was watching a movie on her phone. You can get this much convenience and comfort.

Highlighted Features

  • Versatile uses
  • Well-built solid body
  • Enough flexible
  • Removable case
  • Space saver

5. MAGIPEA Cell Phone Clip on Stand Holder

MAGIPEA Cell Phone Clip on Stand Holder

This gooseneck bracket mount clamp has probably the longest arm to hold your phone. Mounting your phone is so much easier in this. The body is strong enough to hold your phone firmly. If your one hand is not enough to bend the holder, try using both hands for convenient bending.

The long arm of the mount clamp makes it easy for you to make several loops in the holder. If you are not familiar with this, let me tell you that the more loops are there in your holder, the more stability you will get.

While watching the phone, you can flip it around without moving the clip because it has 360 degrees rotating feature to fix your angle according to your preference. You can turn it vertically and horizontally to play games and turn pages while reading books.

While making videos or taking pictures, one needs to take shots from different angles, including shots from up and down. MAGIPEA cell phone clip is perfect if you are into such stuff. It works perfectly and definitely, can be your desired smartphone holder for the bed for versatile activities.

The phone holder is well made and easy to use. Attach the clip to any table or desk and fit the phone in the holder. Then bend it according to your need, and you are all set to enjoy.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy flipping around
  • Adjustable height and angle
  • 360 degrees rotatable
  • Have long arm
  • Great stability

6.  Lamicall Gooseneck Phone Holder

Lamicall Gooseneck Phone Holder

Are you one of those people who is used to read books before going to sleep? In this case, this one from Lamicall can be an ideal iPhone holder for reading in bed. With a phone holder for bed, you can easily turn over pages and enjoy comfortable reading.

Other than iPhone, you can use other brand’s smartphones and mount onto this. It is adjustable in different angles with a 360 degrees full rotation. So, you do not need to worry about your sitting or lying positions to use this holder.

Making a film, doing photography, overhead videos, and also taking pictures will be more comfortable using this phone holder.

Lamicall phone bracket is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy. An alloy is a mixture of different metals that make any product stronger and more durable than each metal used in that composition. So, it is sturdy, flexible, and long-term usable.

The material used in the holder makes it stable for bending and creating loops. You can use it on the table, beside the bed, shelf in the kitchen, edge of a reading table and many other places.

Highlighted Features

  • Aluminum-magnesium alloy build
  • Holds phone firmly with decent grip
  • Does not wobble
  • Adjustable height
  • 360 degrees rotatable

7. B-Land Neck Phone Holder Gooseneck Cell Phone Holders

B-Land Neck Phone Holder Gooseneck Cell Phone Holders

Imagine you are watching a movie in bed, keeping the phone in a holder. As you maintain a safe distance from your eyes, it is difficult to touch it and change the playlist because of the distance. You might be thinking that if you had a remote to change programs while lying, it would be much convenient for you.

Your dream came true because of this remote control phone holder manufactured by B-Land. This thing allows you to control your phone from a distance.

The phone holder is made of aluminum and silicon to give the sturdiness along with enough flexibility that a phone holder needs.

It can help you take group pictures when you just do not want to take a selfie on the phone. During product photography, you can take shots from any angle with just one touch using the remote control.

By attaching down the bed or with any side table, it can be used as a bedside phone holder to give you relief from neck or back pain.

It has silicon pads in the bended part so that you can wear it around your neck without any painful experience. The holding part is removable and attached by a magnet. So, you can easily remove it and store the arm and the holder separately.

Highlighted Features

  • Great piece for photography
  • Padding on the neck part
  • Includes a wireless remote
  • Convenient bending
  • Removable upper part

8. Naham Gooseneck Cell Phone Stand Holder

Naham Gooseneck Cell Phone Stand Holder

Phone holders become more useful and convenient with a 360 degrees rotation feature. If you are looking for this particular feature in a smartphone holder, Naham presents you to their holder with a long and extended arm, which you can adjust to your comfortable height and angle.

Although you can adjust it as you like, it is always better to make a loop in the arm than to keep it straight. A straight arm cannot provide enough stability.

This bedside phone holder is made of aluminum and magnesium alloy that is strong enough to hold a heavier phone without issues. You can use it for a long time for sure. Regardless of your purpose of using the phone, bend and rotate the holder as you like; it takes minimum time.

It is fully wireless, so no cable-management hassle. You can place your phone in the holder even with a pop socket or phone cover attached with it. Any desk, table, and shelf with standard thickness will be more than enough for it to get attached to.

The NAHAM phone mount clamp is easy to install with your phone. You need to open the screw to place the phone on it and then screw it up to secure your phone. After that, attach it with something near you, and that is all you need to do.

Highlighted Features

  • Great piece for photography
  • Padding on the neck part
  • Includes a wireless remote
  • Convenient bending
  • Removable upper part

9. SHAWE 360 Degree Rotation Cell Phone Holder

SHAWE 360 Degree Rotation Cell Phone Holder

You would obviously want a phone holder that keeps your eyes safe by holding the phone from a safe distance. This holder can also give you relief from holding the phone for hours. So, there won’t be any neck, back, and shoulder pain. It has a long adjustable arm so that you can adjust it to your preferred height.

This type of mount clamp and gooseneck holders are a bit different from others. In a gooseneck holder, you can make loops, and without any loop it is not generally enough stable. But in case of SHAWE mount clamp, you do not need to make loops, and it will be stable enough for your smartphone.

So, all you will need to do is to attach the holder to something firm, and it will be stable enough. The long arm is adjustable to different angles. Due to its sturdy construction, the holder jiggles less while touching and typing. So, you can turn over pages while reading without shaking.

Flexible 360-degree rotation enables you to set your desired angle. Adjusting the holder is convenient and easy. Its no-leg design doesn’t feel wobble like conventional phone holder mounts. Be it for taking selfies or videos; you will find the mount firm and solid.

Highlighted Features

  • Doesn’t require a loop to make it stable
  • Adjustable long arm
  • Easy folding
  • No wobbling
  • Doesn’t scratch on furniture

10. bSamhousing 360 Degree Rotating Bed Tablet Mount Holder Stand

bSamhousing 360 Degree Rotating Bed Tablet Mount Holder Stand

Last but not least, another tablet holder on the list. But this one from Samhousing offers 360 degrees rotation along with some other useful features that make you feel more comfortable using the tablet while lying on the bed.

As tablets are heavier than smartphones, the manufacturer used more sturdy and durable material to make this holder. Even if your tablet weighs more than the standard tablets out there, still the holder will work perfectly with the additional weight factor.

It includes a mount bracket that enables 360-degree full rotation in different angles. So, you can adjust it to any position that feels comfortable for your viewing. Also, you can adjust its long arm for a more comfortable user experience.

This tablet stand has four joints and high-quality springs for convenient movement and easy bending. Because of the joints, the tablet mount will jiggle less while touching and typing on the tablet.

Comparing to a gooseneck stand, you do not need to create any loops to make it stable. The sturdiness of the mount clamp can provide enough stability to hold the tablet securely. You can place it vertically and horizontally and treat it as a headboard. There is padding to prevent scratches on your phone and the surface it will be attached to.

Highlighted Features

  • Springs prevent it from jiggling
  • Easy rotation in every direction
  • Can support the weight of a tablet with enough stability
  • Adjustable height and angle

Things to Consider Before Buying Phone Holder for Bed

Among different phone holders in the market, it is pretty confusing and also challenging to find the best one for you. Here are some features you need to consider before buying a phone holder.


Strong material made phone holder can ensure full safety to your phone. Generally, aluminum and solid steel are used in phone holders. Among them, aluminum is sturdy despite being lightweight. Solid steel is not much heavy but heavier than aluminum. They both provide strong support in a phone holder.

You can also opt for a plastic one if your smartphone’s weight is not much, and it’s not made of entirely glass material.


If the phone holder is made of strong material, it will last long for several years. You should check if it is well built and ensures good quality or not. If there are joints in the mount clamp, make sure the joints are perfect for long-term use with convenient bending.


Different holders have different measurements for phones. The holder you like might not be suitable for your phone’s size. So, keep the fact in mind about measurements before buying.

If you are looking for one for your tablet, make sure it’s large enough to fit your tab easily.

Easy Bending and Adjusting

A phone holder is used to get relief from holding your phone for hours. You can watch movies, connect people and read books on your phone, keeping it in a holder that can be bent according to your comfortable positions. Easy bending and adjusting can make a phone holder more comfortable and convenient for you.

Scratchproof Padding

The clip in the bottom of the mount clamp and the phone holding part should have a strong grip to hold the surface and the phone. If there is no padding in these two parts, the holder may create scratches on delicate surfaces. So, make sure that the phone holder you are buying has safety pads for its clip.

Easy Assembling

An easy-to-setup phone holder is more convenient to use despite having fewer features than complicated ones. Every time, you don’t need to spend a few minutes setting the holder up to a perfect position for holding your smartphone. If you want something really quick and fast, look for one that is easy to assemble.

Top 6 Phone Holder for Bed Brands in the Market

The numbers of phone holder manufacturers are too many. But only a few seem to deliver the quality and convenience that a user would want. Brands don’t make flimsy and stupid holders because their reputation matters a lot. If the brand value is something you care about, here are the top phone holder brands for you.

1. bLamicall

This is one particular brand that primarily manufactures holders for smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Their vest study and experience of making stands for various devices actually helped them to deliver the right features to the products.

2. B-Land

Phone holders and tablet holders are the products of main concern for B-Land. Among different designs and sizes, you can pick the most desired one for your smart device.


This manufacturer also makes different electronic accessories, including phone and tablet mount. Their products are well-built and ensure high quality as well as great value at affordable prices.


In the beginning, Megipea used to manufacture accessories and tools for smartphone photography. Then, they started selling phone holders as an expansion of their business. Their phone holders are sturdy, flexible, and comes with useful features for the customers.


In the case of customer services, nothing on the list comes close to Naham. It provides the customers quality phone holders with all-time available customer service for any problem. So, it’s a name that you can put your trust on.


If you want a feature-dense phone holder, Samhousing is the name to rely on. You will get an easily adjustable long arm with joints for a more comfortable user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which material is best for phone holders?

Aluminum and solid steel are the best materials for phone holders. The material is sturdy and stable enough even for bulky smartphones and tablets.

2. Can I use gooseneck phone holders in my car?

If you can find any surface suitable for attaching the holder, you can use any gooseneck holder in your car as well.

3. Do neck holders cause neck pain?

In most cases, neck holders do not cause neck pain because they have soft silicone padding to protect the neck from getting hurt.

4. How can I bend the gooseneck holders?

You can bend and create loops in gooseneck holders with one hand. But sometimes, it might be hard. In that case, you can use both your hands to bend it.

5. Do phone holders jiggle while touching the phone?

Conventional phone holders without joints jiggle more or less while touching the screen. So, if it’s not solely for entertainment usage, be sure to get one with durable joints.

6. How to attach the phone to the holder?

Pull out the screw and place the phone in the holder. Then screw it up to attach it securely.

Final Words

I hope you find the best phone holder for bed that meets all your needs and comforts. Consider the holding capacity when you are buying it for a tablet.

Regardless of the materials used, be sure not to abuse this piece of accessory. Don’t use smartphone devices lying on the bed all the time. It’s not good for physical well-being. Even though you are looking for comfort, don’t get used to this kind of comfort level for your own benefit.

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