Top 10 Best Solar Gutter Lights Reviews By an Expert

by Malcolm Woods

Somethings may sound too good to be true.

For example, an effective and wholesome gutter light that costs you almost nothing except the initial purchasing price. However, we may have found just that magic bean for you.

In this guide, we'll introduce you to the best solar gutter lights in the market that'll keep your place shining through the dark and glamorous through the day, without increasing a single digit on your electricity bill.Sounds too good to be true?

Well, let's jump right in and find out.

Summary Table for Solar Gutter Lights

Do You Want To Easily Choose A Product? Just Follow This Table

Product Image Name Editor's Rating Price
FALOVE, Outdoor Solar Gutter LED Lights 4.6 / 5.0 Price Check
JSOT, Wireless Solar Powered Deck Lights 4.7 / 5.0 Price Check
Roshwey, Solar Gutter Lights 4.6 / 5.0 Price Check
InnoGear, LED Solar Lights 4.6 / 5.0 Price Check
BAXIA TECHNOLOGY, Wireless Outdoor Solar Lights 4.6 / 5.0 Price Check

Our Top 10 Best Solar Gutter Lights Reviews

Our Top 10 Best Solar Gutter Lights Reviews
Our Top 10 Best Solar Gutter Lights Reviews

1. FALOVE, Outdoor Solar Gutter LED Lights (4 Pack)

FALOVE, Outdoor Solar Gutter LED Lights
FALOVE, Outdoor Solar Gutter LED Lights

Falove has always been one of our favorite brands for their spontaneous design and simple yet effective features. In this product, you get 4 outdoor solar lights that truly embodies those qualities.

Each light has a dimension of 3 by 5-inches, designed with triple LED beads. They weigh only 140-grams individually, while running on a voltage of 5-Volts and a power of 5-Watts.

They have a trendy UFO shape (in line the with the current craze of the market). The shape provides a practical value as well, multi-functioning as a shade protected light.

The product is equipped with an on/off switch and offers a bi-directional lighting system. It is made from Polypropylene, in addition with a white thermoplastic shell. The structure is made from grade-A stainless-steel. However, due to the thermoplastic shell (ABS), you shouldn't put it near high temperature sources.

Each gutter light uses a 100-Milliampere, 2-Volt solar panel. The panel absorbs energy through exposure to direct sunlight.

It is then stored in a Double A, Ni-MH battery.The 1.2-Volt battery can store up to 1200-Mah energy. It can be fully charged within 4 to 5 hours and is capable of keeping your space lit up for the entire night.

The IP44 waterproof lights are immune to corrosion, rust, UV-damage, fading, and discoloration. They can also tolerate a substantial amount of heat.

And, if we are talking installation, there isn't much to talk about it. It's that simple.

There's no wiring involved. You can directly connect them to the sockets and start using. The manufacturer also adds an extra screw-hole to secure the installation.

The product also features one of the most accurate "automatic light sensor" technology in the market. Thus, it charges by itself throughout the day and turns on at evening, sensing the absence of light.

The product is concerned about your health as well. It uses Polypropylene, which is one of the safest plastics to use.

Highlighted Features:

  • Offers a bi-directional lighting system
  • Uses Safe Plastic (PP) for construction to protect your health
  • Provides a screw hole to ensure a proper fit during installation
  • Immune to damages caused by UV light, absorbed from sunlight
  • Features a state-of-the-art "automatic light sensor" technology

2. JSOT, Wireless Solar Powered Deck Lights (12 Pack)

JSOT, Wireless Solar Powered Deck Lights
JSOT, Wireless Solar Powered Deck Lights

If you want to decorate any outdoor surface of your home or office, this pack of 12 solar power gutter lights will definitely be a bang for your buck. Considering the price, the product gives out an enormous amount of value.

For example, each light is designed with 3 LED beads and a quick-charging feature. The 3D rectangular shaped lights with a bright silver finish delivers a powerful decorative value.

Each gutter light is produced from a stainless-steel structure with a combined ABS and Polycarbonate shell. Even the switches are coated with silicone weatherproof sealing. These IP44 waterproof lights, combined with shelter from weather degraders, provide a foolproof protection.

The (79 x 28.5)-millimeter surfaced solar panel runs on 0.3-watts.

This feature increases the energy conversation rate to provide a full charge in less time. The panel too, is designed with a stainless-steel structure and wrapped with Poly-crystalline, guarantying you a long-lasting usage period.

The energy is captured in a 700-mAh battery. It can run up to 10 hours, while taking less than 6 hours to acquire a complete charge.

Each light disperses 300-lm, making it significantly brighter than regular outdoor lights. They also strongly resemble the shape of stadium lights.

The installation process is quite easy.

You can either use included screws to set them at tricky surfaces, or apply the manufacturer's dual-surface adhesive tape to station them at plain surfaces, like walls, outdoor fences, etc.

The devices are designed maintaining a specific 31-degree angle, which places the solar panels at a more efficient position to receive sufficient sunlight.

Though they are designed for specific outdoor use, you can use them to decorate the house for festivals like Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, etc. as well. Users largely report positively about its efficacy on in-house use, such as lighting up the staircase or a pathway to an indoor swimming pool.

A final highlight would be the light sensor feature. This completely automatizes the charging and activation procedure, freeing you from any manual effort at maintaining the illumination system.

Highlighted Features:

  • Offers silicone sealed switches for superior water-resistance
  • Provides a highly accurate light sensor mechanism
  • Includes a quick-charge feature with the solar panel
  • Constructed with ABS + Polycarbonate shells for a foolproof weather-proofing
  • Equally effective for both indoor and outdoor use

3. Roshwey, Solar Gutter Lights (6 Pack)

Roshwey, Solar Gutter Lights
Roshwey, Solar Gutter Lights

Roshwey knocks a sixer right at the beginning, as it provides a solar gutter light with 9 LED beads. This is 3 times more than you'd get in a regular solar light.

The 0.9-watt lights are designed in a symmetric shape, containing a dimension of (133 x 127x 68)-Millimeters. They illuminate in a flood-style method, challenging our expected range of coverage from a solar-powered device.

Each light showcases an impressive 3500-kelvin color temperature, making them one of the brightest solar gutter lights around.

They are also functional from -20 to 70-degree Celsius, allowing them to stay active through extreme weathers. This product exhibits an advanced auto turn off/on feature.

The internal sensor senses slight changes in the voltage, created by the amount of lumen input. Then, it uses this mechanism to automatically charge the lights at day and turn them on when darkness starts to ascend.

We also liked the enlarged panels, made from Polycrystalline. Functioning on 2-Volt and 0.5-Watts, they can comfortably compete with the best solar gutter lights in the market.

After the absorption of energy, the panels store it in 1600-Mah, 2-Volt batteries. You can also replace the batteries with 3rd party, high capacity AA brands. We recommend sealing the battery storage for protection.

Each 100-lumen light has IP55 standard waterproof protection, gauged in battery compartments as well as LED beads, and transparent Acrylic sealed solar panel. These features will keep your lights safe through a multitude of hazards like blizzards, rain, desert storm, etc.

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You also get quadrupole options to choose from in terms of installation.

You can either set them at flat surfaces using the singular long or short brackets. And, in terms of uneven surfaces with a difficult shape, you can use the clip brackets, which give you an adjustment range between 0 to 50-Millimeters.

Lastly, a pro tip: set them significantly away from other light sources to avoid illumination dissonance.

Highlighted Features:

  • Offers three times more LED beads than regular solar lights
  • Provides 4 installing options to offer compatibility with different surfaces
  • Includes clip-on brackets that can be adjusted between 0 to 50-millimeters
  • Uses Acrylic coated solar panels for protection and a glossy outlook
  • Features a flood-style illumination to provide more brightness and coverage

4. InnoGear, LED Solar Lights (Pack of 4) IG-20LED300LM

InnoGear, LED Solar Lights
InnoGear, LED Solar Lights

Containing one of the highest LED beads per light, InnoGear is here with the spirit to impress. Each solar gutter led light is designed with 24 LED beads, constructed from SMD 2835 chips.

The rectangular shape, with a mixture of curves and flat surfaces, provides a unique and pleasing view as well. The exterior is designed from an impact-resistant thermoplastic polymer (known as ABS plastic).

As a result, you receive a tough light that can persevere through the rough outdoors.

We also took a closer look at the 0.8-Watt solar panel, running at a voltage of 5.5-Volt, which has been enlarged to increase the absorption efficiency rate by 17-percent.

The lights disperse at 150-lm, making them powerfully bright. You can use them for nighttime security like lighting up the garage, gutter, driveway, front & backyard, as well as decorating the patio, garden, and deck.

The installation method can be described by the phrase "as easy as breathing". Just arrange the included screws to the keyholes at the back end. Then fit the lights at any desired surface.

It has a comfy push-button at the top middle, which saves you the trouble of using clunky keys to turn the light on. There's no need for wiring arrangements or using adapters either.

The product also allows a maximum 3-meter installation height.

The IP certified solar lights have a phenomenal motion sensor technology.

It provides a 16-feet range and a 90-degree detection angle. This means, the lights stay in a dim mode to conserve energy but floods up if it detects movement along with the above-mentioned range and angle. This saves you a ton of electricity bill, while providing complete security.

The package also includes 8 hinges (for clipping on pillars) and 8 pure steel screws. So, you can start using them right out of the box, without running to the utility store to buy extra accessories.

Highlighted Features:

  • Offers 24 LED beads in each light
  • Uses SMD 2835 chips to produce quality LED beads
  • It provides a 90-degree angle motion sensor, covering a 16-feet range
  • Features IP certified lights with an energy-saving feature
  • Includes a user-friendly turn-on/off feature

5. BAXIA TECHNOLOGY, Wireless Outdoor Solar Lights

Wireless Outdoor Solar Lights
Wireless Outdoor Solar Lights

Well, we've all heard of IP55 waterproof solar lights.

But, guess what?

Baxia just changed the game with an IP65 waterproof solar light. On top of that, they have managed to keep all the standard features to match their competitors.

For example, you get the standard 28 LED bead equipped lights, running on 0.2-Watts. They also provide a color temperature of 6500-kelvin and disperses at 400-lm.

Another thing to focus on is the unique design of the lights. They combine the shape of the stadium and flood-lights to provide a truly memorable design, which will distinguish yours outdoors from the entire neighborhood.

The solar panel is made from Poly-silicone, which provides it the required flexibility to endure outdoor use.

The 0.55-Watt panel takes less than 9 hours to charge and can provide illumination to your place up to 2 days. The energy is stored in a 1200mAh, 3.7-Volt, Polymer Lithium battery, which comes included with the package.

The lights are temperature tolerant, shipped under the protection of dense film material, and provides an electronic pin for digital security. The included lampshade protects the lights from external debris, dust, and rain.

These lights are perfect to add a touch of style to your patio, glam up the steps leading to the main entrance, or ensure security for the garage, front & back-yard, etc.

The installation process itself also keeps the bar of safety high.

You'd need to unlock the lights with the provided key. After that, the process is quite straight forward. Use a power drill on your preferred surface and use the screws to fit and set the lights according to your wish.

The product also includes the latest motion sensor technology (PIR) with a wide-angle motion detector feature. This feature has auto-turnoff after 30-seconds of inactivity and with a 120-degree angle, range can provide wholesome security for a wide area.

It can detect motion as far as 5-meter from the source and immediately lights up. Otherwise, it stays off to preserve battery life.

The energy-saving light has an option for a side-mount, comes with a durable black paint finish, and also includes mounting accessories like expansion pillar hinge, steel screws, etc. to increase customer convenience.

Highlighted Feature:

  • Offers PIR motion sensor-equipped lights with a 120-degree angle range
  • Capable of detecting movement as far 5-meter from the source
  • Removed the dim feature to preserve battery life
  • Disperses 400-lumens at a color temperature of 6500-Kelvin
  • It comes equipped with a PIN security system to improve the level of safety

6. InnoGear, Solar Gutter Lights & Wall Sconces (Pack of 2) SL2P

InnoGear, Solar Gutter Lights & Wall Sconces
InnoGear, Solar Gutter Lights & Wall Sconces

If you want to own InnoGear solar lights but with a higher LED bead count, we have just the product for you.

Each SL2P is constructed from 80 LED beads, unlike the previous product in this list by the same manufacturer which holds 24 beads per light. The beads are made from hi-tech SME chips, so you can be rest assured about the longevity of the lights.

Though the company kept its unique rectangular design for the lights, in this particular case an extension stick has also been added. Thus, they increase the coverage area by almost 3 times compared to other solar lights and can be installed in spots less sunlight.

The 2.6-Watt light exuberates 450-Lumens with a color temperature of 6500-Kelvin. Which is why we can say with confidence that brightness won't be a concern for you.

The body of the lights is created using industry-grade and shock-resistant ABS plastic. The semi-transparent solar panels are scratch-proof and run on 2.5-watts of power and 5.5-volt voltage.

Each panel is made from monocrystalline silicon instead of polycrystalline. That means each panel is produced from a single cut of a silicon sheet to increase structural strength.

It is also equipped with more refined absorption technology, moving its efficiency rate over 16-percent.

The power is streamlined into a Lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2600-Mah. It takes about 6 to 8 hours for charging, depending on the weather condition. Once completely charged, the lights will provide a continuous service of 10-hours.

Rain is always a concern for outdoor lighting.

Thus, the lights are equipped with IP65 waterproof protection. They are also constructed using the "Hermetic Seal" concept, which uses two entangled layers for creating an airtight and temperature resistant object.

Each light provides an installing height up to 10-Feet.

The final highlight feature would be the different illumination modes.

You can choose between four different settings, each presenting a unique combination of brightness levels and motion detection. This feature provides you a full-range user comfort. It also has an automatic flush feature.

Highlighted Feature:

  • Offers 4 different operating modes to maximize usage potential
  • Comes with an aluminum extension stick to give 3 times more coverage
  • Equipped with Monocrystalline panels to increase structural strength
  • Disperses at 450-lumens to provide a super bright lighting atmosphere
  • It provides an automatic flush feature

7. CREATIVE DESIGN, Outdoor Solar Lights SMSL46

Outdoor Solar Lights SMSL46
Outdoor Solar Lights SMSL46

The creative design shows a great amount of brilliance in both producing an innovative product and giving attention to the little details.

The white ABS shell, with a perfect matte finish, can upgrade the look of your home in and of itself. The lights are constructed with 46 LED beads and disperse at 500-Lumens.

However, what's more, interesting is the way they are arranged. You get 34 LED beads on the front surface and 6 beads on each side. The intelligence of this design is that it powerfully enhances the coverage without increasing the size or disrupting the symmetry of the lights.

The 2.6-Watt, the 5.5-Volt panel is made from polycrystalline silicon, a material that is ideal to endure the rough outdoor weather. It also has a quick-charge feature and an extended service period.

The absorbed energy from the sunlight is stored in a 2600mAH, Lithium-ion battery. The battery can be charged individually or through the panel under 13 hours. Once charged, it can provide a full-capacity working output for an 8-hour period.

The manufacturers also impressed us with the protective features of the lights. It's IP65 level waterproof, can withstand a high range of temperature, and also provides protection for the circuits.

Remember, our opening line with the detail factor?

Well, this is where that comes into play. The durable gutter lights are equipped with features to protect against over-charge and discharge, overwhelming flow of current, and even short-circuit issues.

The product also offers 4 operating modes, a 2-way installation method, an included extension stick, an integrated stick-mounting hole, and free-angle rotation. The lights also have low battery indicators, which is displayed using a quick, blinking method.

Highlighted Feature:

  • Provides a low battery indicator, using a blinking method
  • Includes an integrated stick-mounting hole for ease of use
  • Prevents over-charge and discharge, high-flow current, and short-circuits
  • Each light disperses at 500-lumens, ensuring phenomenal brightness
  • Arranges the beads in an innovative way to enhance coverage

8. JSOT, Solar Gutter Lights (Pack of 6)

JSOT, Solar Gutter Lights
JSOT, Solar Gutter Lights

Let's be honest here:

These gutter lights are hands down one of the coolest looking solar lights on this list. If you want to stage a mini UFO invasion in and around your home, go for this product.

The lights are designed with a central, shiny black body made from a combination of Polycarbonate and ABS plastic, 2 of the elite plastic materials on the market. The 0.9-watt lights are designed with 9 LED beads each and provide 250-milliampere of power.

They disperse 100-lumens each, using an elegant white color, with a 6500-kelvin CT (color temperature). The polycrystalline panel has also been enlarged to absorb more energy and functions at 0.5-Watts with a voltage of 2-Volts.

The AA, Ni-MH battery can store 1600mAh of energy. It takes about 10 t0 12 hours for a full recharge. Once entirely charged, it can shine up to 8-hours non-stop, keeping your place lit up through the night without the hectic tension of rising electricity bills.

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The IP55 waterproof lights can weather through wind slashes, snow-storms, and blizzards. It also provides both a clip-on (with adjustable brackets) and mounts installing options, allowing you to freely use the product regardless of a vertical or plain surface.

There's no wiring involved. The included brackets allow you to install the lights at places where otherwise you couldn't through drilling or mounting.

To add a cherry on top, they've also included lampshades that can be attached and taken off at will.

Highlighted Features:

  • Provides a futuristic design
  • Includes adjustable brackets to mount the lights at any surface with ease
  • Allows installation through clipping, mounting, drilling, and using brackets
  • Constructed with polycrystalline panels to increase outdoor durability
  • Perfect for decorating themed festivals like Halloween, thanksgiving, etc

9. DBF, Outdoor Solar Gutter Lights (pack of 6)

DBF, Outdoor Solar Gutter Lights
DBF, Outdoor Solar Gutter Lights

From our in-depth examination into this product, we concluded that DBF's motto is simple: "Don't fix it if it ain't broke".The product is elegant and most importantly effective.

Each light is made using 9 LED beads (considered as the standard amount for new generation solar lights). The beads are designed using SMD chips, which are specifically constructed to use in devices that are used in a mounted position.

They disperse a warm white color at 100-lm. The upside-down, pan shaped main body fits in smoothly with the removable lampshade, providing a piece worth showing off in your living room.

The shell is made from Green materials like ABS mixed with Acrylic materials.

The ABS plastic provides structural strength while the acrylic brings in a shining clarity to the warm, black body. It also helps to create a surface that is easy to use with adhesives and adds to the overall constructional integrity of the lights.

In line with the top manufacturers, this product also uses poly-silicon solar panels. They are enlarged for maximum sunlight consumption, has a voltage amount of 2-Volts, and provides 250-Milliampere power supply.

The battery can store up to 1500-Milliampere of energy. It takes around 8 hours for a full charge. However, it can provide a longer service time (8 to 12-hours) than the charging time, which is a nifty feature to have.

The lights are well prepared for continued outdoor use. Each uses an IP65 waterproof protection, along with various weatherproofing features, such as sealing and air-blockage that doesn't allows bugs, sands, and debris to get in.

An integrated light-sensor automatically charges and turns on the lights at appropriate times, saving you the trouble of managing the system manually.

The lights also provide a digital energy-saving functionality, the ability to dim the brightness at multiple levels, a modern slide switch, and best of all: the ability to manipulate the direction of the light per your wish.

Highlighted Feature:

  • Offers a digital energy-saving feature to provide a prolonged service time
  • Includes the option to dim the brightness at multiple levels
  • Uses acrylic materials to increase shell clarity and overall surface strength
  • Provides a unique slide style switch
  • Allows you to freely adjust the direction of light dispersion

10. Leeyarlam, Black Outdoor Solar Gutter Lights (Pack of 4)

Black Outdoor Solar Gutter Lights
Black Outdoor Solar Gutter Lights

We know, "glamour" isn't the first word that comes to mind when you think about solar gutter lights. However, Leeyarlam has decided to change that notion, while still keeping the product phenomenally functional and rugged.

This is one of the few solar lights that come in the packaging you could mistake for a gift.

The Acrylic & ABS combined body packs in the next surprise. A strong ABS shell, supplemented by acrylic to increase the gloss of the body, meets creative and futuristic design. As a result, you get a solar light that's worthy of placement at any in or outdoor décor.

The lights each contain nine LED beads, with 6500-kelvin color temperature. It can shine your home with a soft yet powerful white glow, dispersing at 110-lumens.

Every gutter light is also equipped with an adjustable lamp cover. Though, you can't adjust the lighting direction as they are fixed to flow downwards.

The 250-milliAmpere panel stores energy in an AA, NI-MAH battery. Each battery has the ability to store up to 1500 mAh of energy.

It can achieve a complete charge within 6 hours under good weather conditions. Once charged, it can shine up to 12 hours, providing you a full night of uninterrupted decorative beauty and security.

The lights are IP65 waterproof and offer weather-protection features through a meticulously sealed structure with industry-grade electronic molding.

For installation, you can either drill the lights into flat surfaces like walls using included screws. Or, use flexible brackets (with a range of 0 to 50-millimeters) to set them into curvy and fragile surfaces like a fence or stair-rail without causing harm to the infrastructure.

The product also comes with an instant-on feature and a dual-way switch mechanism.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes in beautiful packaging that can be used as a gift for ceremonies
  • Uses a sealed structure with electronic molding for weatherproofing
  • Offers a soft but powerful glow, which increases safety and is easy on the eye
  • Equipped with an instant-on feature and a dual-way switch mechanism
  • Can provide a full nighttime service after one complete charge

Solar Gutter Lights Comparison Chart

Name Waterproof Standard Number of LED Beads Per Light Lumens
Falove, Pack Of 4 IP44 3 21-lm
JSOT, Pack Of 12 IP44 3 300-lm
Roshwey, Pack Of 6 IP55 9 100-lm
InnoGear, Pack Of 4 IP65 24 150-lm
Baxia, Pack Of 4 IP65 28 400-lm
InnoGear, Pack Of 2 IP65 80 450-lm
Creative Design, Pack Of 2 IP65 46 500-lm
JSOT, Pack Of 6 IP55 9 100-lm
DBF, Pack Of 6 IP65 9 100-lm
Leeyarlam, Pack Of 1 IP65 9 110-lm

Solar Gutter Light Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I Purchase A Solar Gutter Light If I Live In An Area With Inadequate Sunlight?

Answer: This is a common concern for many of us looking to buy solar lights. Though this can be an issue in certain cases, there are multiple ways to eliminate it.

For example: proper placement, an efficient battery with a strong backup feature, etc.

Also, from our experience, the best solar gutter lights are guaranteed to have these features and more (e.g. options to rotate the panel's placement in an exact angle to get the most amount of sunlight, etc.), which will help you tackle complicated situations like these.

2. Are Solar Gutter Lights As Efficient As Electric Gutter Lights?

Answer: Yes.The solar light production technology has evolved significantly over the years, which resulted in a continuous refinement of the product's efficacy.

With the surprisingly innovative and effective features integrated into modern-day solar lights, they can easily beat outdoor electric lights in pretty much any viable criteria.

3. Are Solar Gutter Lights Really Good For The Environment?

Answer: According to many solar gutter lights review articles, they are significantly more environmentally friendly than artificial lights.

A large number of studies also show that electric or artificial lights tend to emit radiation that can be harmful to the ecosystem. This means, they can negatively affect nature as well as humans and animals.

However, since solar lights are run by energy absorbed from the sun, much of the harmful radiation is already blocked by the earth's atmosphere. Thus, they tend to be greener and better for the environment.

4. How Economically Beneficial Is A Solar Light?

Answer: We would say very beneficial.

Other than the purchasing and installment cost (which is often eliminated, as the installation accessories come included), the cost of the lighting is basically paid by nature.

Since there's no wiring involved, no electricity is consumed in running the lights. Which leads to a significant decrease in your total electricity bill.

So, despite a few maintenance costs from time to time, you actually get a free illumination system for your place.

5. How Long Do Outdoor Solar Lights For Gutters Last?

Answer: It depends.

You need to pick a reputed brand, equipped with the latest and effective features, and maintain the solar lights properly.This way, they can outlast wired outdoor lights by a long margin.

Final Words for Solar Gutter Light Buyers

Once you get to see the beauty and benefit of having a solar gutter led light dazzling at your patio, there's no going back.However, some people get over-excited with this discovery.

They rush to buy products that don't fall in the category of what we'd define as the best solar gutter lights in the market.

Which is why, we've carefully crafted this guide to protect you from being that impulsive buyer. Even if you skim through this piece, we guarantee you'd still be more prepared than the other 90-percent.

So, use our provided tips to the fullest and make a purchase that'll keep making you proud every time you use it.

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