Best Printer For Home Office 2023 (Top Picks)

by Malcolm Woods

If you're looking for the best printer for home office 2023 then the features such as wireless printing, cloud storage access, built-in protection, or double-sided printing, are essentially, basically, there's a printer out there to fit almost every form of office. Choosing the correct type of printer depends on many variables, such as the amount of printing and function, the need to repeat documents, and the kinds of documents handled by your office.

As a result of the pandemic, with many of us now operating from home, the need for office equipment is greater than ever, such as the best home printer options. And now home printers have become the same vital resources they once were at home. However, they're more than just for your home office needs. The best home printers will do just as good as they can your work documents from a job printing your holiday snaps, and can save a lot of money from commercial printing costs. And either laser or ink-based, they can be.

We applauded the print quality of the 8025 All-in-One HP Officejet Pro, especially the text. They are matched by the Officejet Pro 8025, delivering excellent-looking documents that rival what you get from a decent AIO color laser. Characters, even at small point sizes, came out well-shaped and highly legible, making the text more than suitable for even the most exacting business applications.

Best Printer For Home Office 2023

Best Printer For Home Office 2023
Best Printer For Home Office 2023

Top 8 Best Printer For Home Office 2023 Reviews

 Top 8 Best Printer For Home Office 2023 Reviews
Top 8 Best Printer For Home Office 2023 Reviews

1. 8025 All-in-One HP Officejet Pro

Best Printer For Home Office 2023
Best Printer For Home Office 2023

At a low cost per page allowed by the Instant Ink software, HP's Officejet Pro 8025 produces good-looking performance. For small offices and workgroups that have light- or medium-duty production needs, it is a sensible solution.


The Officejet Pro 8025 is a few inches larger all over (and about 10 pounds heavier) at 9.2 by 18.1 by 20.1 inches (HWD) and weighs just under 30 pounds than the Officejet Pro 9015, but many inches smaller than HP's flagship model, the 9025.

The Officejet Pro 8025's basic networking includes USB 2.0, an Ethernet jack, 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi Direct. The last is a peer-to-peer networking protocol that enables you to connect your printer to your mobile devices without either being part of a local network.

Other mobile access, in addition to Wi-Fi Direct, includes Apple AirPrint, Mopria, and the cross-platform print and scan utility HP Smart App from HP. The last one is a universal printer interface that enables all HP printers and scanners to be configured and controlled across Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS platforms.

At 20 monochrome and 10 color pages per minute (ppm), HP scores the Officejet Pro 8025's throughput. The Officejet Pro 9015 and Officejet Pro 9025 are rated higher, respectively, at 2ppm and 4ppm (both monochrome speeds). For midrange AIOs, these speeds are respectable. From our standard Intel Core i5 testbed running Windows 10 Pro, I tested the Officejet Pro 8025 over Ethernet.


Instant Ink is a significant portion of the appeal of the Officejet Pro 8025. The printer has very little to worry about but little separates it from a variety of identical models at the same time. At its price point, it's a decent value; it prints well, and if you couple it with the proper ink plan, it doesn't cost much to use.

  • Relatively Quickly
  • High quality of printing
  • Up to letter-size borderless printing
  • Competitive operating expenses with Instant Ink
  • Just one source of paper input

2. HL-L2350DW Brother

Best Printer For Home Office 2023
Best Printer For Home Office 2023

The low-cost, entry-level Brother HL-L2350DW is a reasonably fast monochrome laser printer with competitive running costs


The Brother HL-L2350DW, which is similar in price, characteristics, and capability to the Editors' Choice Canon Imageclass LBP151dw, is about as entry-level as you can get when it comes to monochrome laser printers.

The HL-L2350DW is also quick for its slim price, close to another top choice, the Dell Smart Printer S2830dn, and it prints well overall, tooth Dell Smart Printer comes at a purchase price much higher than the HL-L2350DW, but the former has considerably lower operating costs, making it a better value over time.

The Brother HL-L2350DW should represent your low-volume home-based or small office or workgroup reasonably well if your print volume does not exceed a few hundred pages per month. A successful personal monochrome laser printer should also be made, too.


The bottom line here is that as a single function laser printer, the hl-l2350dw prints well enough and inexpensively enough to hold its own. The hl-l2350dw should serve your home-based or small office, workgroup, or personal laser printing environment well if you need to churn out 200 pages or so of simple graphics and highly legible text per month.

  • Decent price
  • Small footprint
  • Good overall print quality
  • Competitive operating costs
  • Quick for an entry-level appliance
  • No external disc support

3. HP Officejet Pro 9025

Best Home Printer
Best Home Printer

As a small office all-in-one printer, HP's stylish and lightweight Officejet Pro 9025 prints well at a reasonable cost per sheet, making it a good value.


The HP Officejet Pro 9025 is an all-in-one color inkjet printer intended for use in workgroups or small to medium-sized offices. It prints well, comes with two wide 250-sheet paper drawers, and has a single-pass automatic document feeder (ADF) for multiple two-sided pages for scanning, copying, and faxing. The Editors' Choice Epson Workforce Pro WF-C5790, which suits most of its features and costs $30 less, does not quite nudge back. But the excellent feature set, admirable print quality, and reasonable running costs of the Officejet Pro 9025 make it one of the best available SoHo-centric AIOs.


The HP Officejet Pro 9025 is an outstanding printer that we have no major reservations about. The issue is that it is up against some very high priced, rigid competition, like the Epson Workforce Pro WF-C5790.0. Editors' Choice The model costs $30 less and the Officejet Pro 9025 mirrors or enhances in terms of its performance and many of its features. That said, for small offices and workgroups with midrange volume requirements, the Officejet Pro 9025 is a fine unit.

  • Printing with Borderless
  • Strong quality for text printing
  • Competitive costs for operating
  • Special, lightweight construction
  • Pricier than rival rivals

4. 450 Dymo LabelWriter

Best Printer For Home Office 2023
Best Printer For Home Office 2023

The Dymo Labelwriter 450 offers more than reasonable speed and can use the Endicia Web site to print on a range of labels, including postage labels (with an upgrade).


The Dymo Label Writer 450($75.42 at Amazon) provides a much more simple design at a lower price, a distant cousin to the Editors' Choice Dymo Labelwriter 450 Twin Turbo. The most noticeable distinction between the two is that the Label Writer 450 is a single printer that carries just one label roll at a time, instead of being two printers in one case, which allows you to load two separate types of labels at once. It's also a little slower than the 450 Twin Turbo, as you might infer from the missing Turbo in the name. As a simple label printer, on the other hand, it's everything that most small offices need.


Ultimately, nothing is offered by the Dymo Labelwriter 450 to make it stand out from the competition. Faster label printers, like the Brother QL-700, or more capable printers, like the Label Writer 450 Twin Turbo, with the ability to hold two label rolls at once, are not difficult to find. It gives, on the other hand, enough to do the job for which it is intended. And that makes the Dymo Label Writer 450 more than a fair option for simple label printing in a small office.

  • It can be updated to print mail
  • Comes with fantastic label printing tools
  • Word and Excel driver and add-ins
  • None

5. Canon Pixma TR8520 Home Office Wireless

Canon Pixma TR8520
Canon Pixma TR8520

It may be a little expensive, but the all-in-one Canon Pixma TR8520 printer produces fantastic text, graphics, and images, and it has a good collection of features.


Canon replaced its obsolete cube-shaped MG-series (consumer-grade photo) Pixma printers earlier this year with new Pixma models from the TS series. Meanwhile, one of two versions in the Canon TR series (it has a slightly lower-end twin, the soon-to-be-reviewed Pixma TR7520), the Pixma TR8520 Wireless Home Office All-in-One Printer, beats out the Pixmas past-its-prime MX-series (family and home-based office). The TR8520 replaces the Editors' Preference Pixma MX922 in particular. The all-in-one printer TR8520 is smaller than the Canon MX922, revamped in and out, and supports Bluetooth, making it our new top option for low-volume printing and copying, family, and home-based office.

When it comes to high-quality AIOs, there are certainly a lot of contestants here. For the right price, the trick is to find the right function combination. If the print quality is your primary requirement, you will be served well by most of the AIOs I've listed. Together with its TS-series siblings and the Epson XP-640, the Canon Pixma TR8520 all created exquisite images and documents. The images of the four-ink HP 7855 are more than passable (and the least costly to print when you use the Instant Ink software of that company).


If your need for the finest prints possible outweighs your need for economic picture printing, the HP model is a sensible alternative. Alternatively, the TR8520 is our Editors' Choice AIO for home office and family use, given its wide range of features, including an ADF, and excellent overall print quality.

  • Slot SD Card
  • Compact and light
  • Two inks of black
  • ADF 20-sheet
  • Support from Ethernet
  • Two input trays for paper
  • Outstanding print efficiency
  • Disposable XXL ink cartridges
  • Slightly costly
  • Slightly high running expenses

6. HL-L8360CDWbrother

Best Printers For Small Business 2023
Best Printers For Small Business 2023

A fast color laser printer with good performance quality, low running costs, and versatile expandability for its class is the very well rounded HL-L8360CDW.


Essentially, the new Editors' Pick Brother HL-L8260CDW on steroids is the Brother HL-L8360CDW, a color laser printer. The HL-L8360CDW provides you with greater expandability, twice the memory, a higher duty cycle, access to higher-yield toner cartridges, lower operating costs, greater security, and a few additional features, such as a color touch screen and near-field communication (NFC). It prints well and at a fast speed, just like the HL-L8260CDW. All this makes the HL-L8360CDW a great option for just $70 more, and hence our new top pick for a moderate-to-heavy volume color laser printer for a small office or business.


The Brother HL-L8260CDW is an exceptional value in its own right, but the HL-L8360CDW offers far greater value for only $70 more. Both models are printed at about the same speed faster than competing models) and quality (equal to their competitors). And if you print thousands of pages per month, the lower operating costs of the HL-L8360CDW will soon outweigh the price gap and start saving you money quickly. For several office environments, the higher yield cartridges, higher duty cycle, improved security, and enhanced mobile access would also make it a better offer.

  • Rapid printing rates
  • Latest features in security
  • Toner cartridges with high-yield
  • Excellent overall print efficiency
  • Competitively low costs for running
  • Highly expandable potential for paper
  • Slightly below the picture quality norm

7. Multifunction Printer HP Page Wide Pro 477dw

Multifunction Printer HP Page Wide Pro 477dw
Multifunction Printer HP Page Wide Pro 477dw

For an all-in-one inkjet, the HP Page Wide Pro 477dw Multifunction Printer is fast, has fair running costs, and prints text and great-looking graphics of close-typesetter quality.


The all-in-one (AIO) HP Pagewide Pro 477dw Multifunction Printer works more like a laser than the inkjet that it is. The 477dw is fast, prints generally excellent graphics and good-looking text, and its running costs are competitive, like its more costly, higher-volume sibling, the HP Page Wide Pro 577dw Multifunction Printer. It costs a few hundred dollars less than the 577dw, and more than the WF-6590 of the comparably equipped Epson Workforce Pro; it is, therefore, a little too pricey to take the place of the WF-6590 as our Editors' Pick. Even so, the 477dw, particularly as a laser-printer alternative, is a fine small-to-midsize business AIO.


The HP PageWide Pro 477dw Multifunction Printer stacks up well against comparable laser all-in-ones, much like the higher-capacity HP 577dw. It prints easily enough and it prints very well. In one single pass, it can search for two-sided papers. The level of production is higher than that of the WF-6590.0 Epson Workforce Pro. And there are competitive operating costs for the 477dw. It is only because of its high purchasing price that the Epson WF-6590 cannot be dislodged as our Editors' Option. It is only because of its high purchasing price that the Epson WF-6590 cannot be dislodged as our Editors' Option. But when production quality is your main concern, you can select the 477dw.

  • Decent speeds for printing
  • Competitive costs for operating
  • Many options for mobile access
  • Strong text and outstanding print quality
  • Single-pass
  • two-sided scanning and copying are provided
  • Relatively poor cost of purchases

8. MB5420 wireless Canon Maxify

MB5420 wireless Canon Maxify
MB5420 wireless Canon Maxify

The Canon Maxify MB5420 Wireless Small Office All-in-One Printer has good production quality, generous paper capacity, and low running cost as an inkjet multifunction printer targeted to small and home businesses.


The new flagship product in the company's line of small-office inkjets, Canon's Maxify MB5420 Wireless Small Office All-in-One Printer ($399.99), offers high-quality performance, a low running cost, and generous paper handling. As an all-in-one printer targeted towards small and home offices, it has a strong feature set. Although it does not bring enough to the table to unseat the Epson Workforce Pro WF-5690 ($399.99 at Epson) as the Editors' Pick, the MB5420, especially if the production quality is paramount, is worth close consideration.

The Maxify line is aimed at home and micro offices full-time, as well as small businesses, and lacks some of the household features such as a memory card reader found in the more common Pixma line of Canon. Instead, business-friendly features such as fax capacity, high duty cycle, and low operating costs are solely oriented.

The MB5420 multifunction printer (MFP) measures 13.9 by 18.3 by 18.1 inches (HWD), is heavier, and weighs 28.4 pounds than you would like to share a desk with. With a pair of 250-sheet trays for a regular paper capacity of 500 sheets and an auto-duplexer for two-sided printing, it has very good paper handling. It has a monthly cumulative duty cycle of 30,000 pages, making it suitable for heavy-duty printing. The MB5420 has a letter-size flatbed for scanning, plus an automatic document feeder (ADF) of 50 sheets which scans both sides of a document in a single pass. A port for a USB thumb drive is to the left of the output tray.


For a small or home office looking for an all-in-one inkjet printer with excellent performance quality, low operating costs, and generous paper power, the Canon Maxify MB5420 Wireless Small Office All-in-One Printer is a good option. The MB5420 does not equal the heavy-duty printing capacity of the Epson Workforce Pro WF-5690 and its feature set, but it has better standard paper handling. Although it falls short of unseating the Epson WF-5690 as the Editors' Pick, the MB5420, particularly if the production quality is paramount, is worth a close look.

  • Two-sided single-pass scanning
  • Elevated standard paper power
  • Constructed for heavy-duty printing
  • print or scan from a USB thumb drive
  • Strong quality of production across the board
  • Speed is unimpressive
  • Wi-Fi Direct is absent

Buyer Guide

You should look into the following things when purchasing a printer:

  • Laser or Inkjet
  • Printers with Multifunction
  • Printers with pictures
  • Claims for tempo, resolution, and color
  • Connectivity Inside
  • Costs for ink
  • Duplexing (printing or scanning on two sides)
  • Manipulation of document


What is the best printer to buy for small businesses?

One of the first important purchases you make might be to buy a printer for your small company, and you want it to be a good one. We've compiled a list of the best small business printers, based on factors that we believe will be important to you when you make your own choice, including:

Wireless Black-and-White Laser Printer Brother HL-L2370DW.

How do I choose a printer for my home?

  • For your unique needs, select the right printer.
  • Occasional Printers at Home. All-in-one, low-cost printers for all of your home printing needs.
  • Daily Printers at Home. For all your home printing needs, All-in-One printers.
  • Office Small Printers.
  • Printers for Enterprise.

Which printer is good for office use?

You get the ability to scan, print, copy, and even fax pictures and documents with all-in-one printers, whereas online single-function units print only. Whether a laser or inkjet printer is the right option, the office must also consider: laser printers offer greater print volumes and quicker printing, but they are offset by high costs.

What printer has the longest lasting ink?

If you are looking for a printer for home or small business use, considering both the initial cost and the cost of replacement cartridges includes choosing one that is easy on your budget. You must also pay close attention to how many pages are produced by those cartridges. There is no "standard page yield, so you need to be mindful of how much you get for your cash.

4 Printers with the longest-lasting cartridges of ink.

Which brand of printer is the most reliable?

HP is going to be one of the best companies if you want to hear about the most reliable brand name for printers. Any printers in their collection will be found. They preserve the quality of each product. Canon is also the most reliable printer brand when it comes to printing something or something about the ideal color contrast.

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