How to Clean Motherboard ( 5 Easy Different Methods)

by Malcolm Woods

We have to use our personal computer every single day for work or for studying. Whether it is a desktop computer or a laptop or any other type of personal computer, it will eventually get dirty over time with use.

There are millions of dirt particles flowing in the air and they can get inside your computer and pollute the motherboard of the computer.

Knowing how to clean motherboards of computers is important. Every few months when you get a break, you should definitely take a look at the inside of your computer. You will be amazed to see how much dirt there is on your motherboard. This cleaning task is what we will help you with.

Methods to Clean a Motherboard

There are many different methods for cleaning a motherboard properly. The details for each of these methods is given below:

Methods to Clean a Motherboard
Methods to Clean a Motherboard

1. Using an Air Blower or Compressed Air

Using An Air Blower Or Compressed Air
Using An Air Blower Or Compressed Air

This is one of the safest techniques to use for cleaning the motherboard of your computer. There are cans of compressed air available at departmental or hardware stores which you can just directly buy and use. Air blowers are also popular to use since the air remains compressed without having to be heated.

You obviously have to start off by turning your computer off. In the case of a laptop, turn it over and take the back cover off to reveal the motherboard.

In the case of a desktop, you need to take apart the CPU (Central Processing Unit), since that is where the motherboard is. Use your compressed air or air blower and begin aiming at all the corners of the motherboard. Use a soft brush as well if needed.

2. With Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl Alcohol
Isopropyl Alcohol

Air blowers and compressed air might be helpful, but it only helps with dry dust. It could never help you with stains that are wet, oily, or sticky. For that, you need to use isopropyl alcohol to clean up your motherboard.

Since using any kind of liquid on electronics is risky and could damage any circuits, you need to be extra careful with this process.

When choosing isopropyl alcohol for cleaning motherboards, make sure you get one that is about 90 to 99 percent pure. That way the liquid will dry very quickly and will not be runny.

It will also be nonconductive in that form. Take a cotton ball or a cotton swab and dip it in the isopropyl alcohol. Squeeze out the excess liquid and then dab and swipe it on the stains on the motherboard.

And in case of stains being hardened, you can take the motherboard out and give it an alcohol bath by pouring the isopropyl alcohol onto the motherboard.

3. By Employing Thinner Solvent

Employing Thinner Solvent
Employing Thinner Solvent

The method of using thinner to clean the motherboard of a computer is pretty much the same as cleaning it with isopropyl alcohol. After dismantling all the parts and carefully getting the motherboard out of the CPU part of the computer, you need to set it aside on a clean workstation.

Use an air blower, cloth, or duster to clean off the dry dust or dirt from the motherboard's surface. After that is cleared, you will be able to see the stains on the motherboard that were hidden under all that dirt.

Thinner is a solvent that also consists of a type of alcohol. It helps dissolve the stickiness or oiliness quickly. It is more available in departmental stores compared to specific types of alcohols.

Use cotton swabs for large stains, and Q-tips for small stain spots. And if there is a lot of stickiness or oiliness on the motherboard, then go ahead and let it soak in some thinner before you scrub it clean and dry it.

4. Using a Cleaning Spray

Using A Cleaning Spray
Using A Cleaning Spray

After unscrewing the motherboard from your personal computer and putting it on a clear workstation you can now begin cleaning it. Use an air blower or compressed air at first so that you can get rid of the dust and dirt particles on the top surface of the motherboard.

At the same time, you can also use a brush with soft bristles if the dust is stuck on certain parts of the motherboard.

After you are done with that, take your cleaning spray and begin to gently and carefully spray along the stained parts on the motherboard. The cleaning spray should look like a bottle or container with a long and thin pipe or nozzle.

The length extension is needed so that you can insert it into all nooks and crannies or corners that are hard to reach. Let the spray solvent sit for a while. The stains will start to loosen up a bit. You can then take a cotton swab or Q-tip and wipe the areas clean and dry.

5. With a Hand Vacuum

Clean A Motherboard With Hand Vacuum
Clean A Motherboard With Hand Vacuum

This method is a bit risky compared to the rest of the methods. There are small hand vacuums that you can just hold in one hand and wave it around dusty areas while the dirt gets sucked right in.

It is commonly used for cleaning up car seats and car floors, or even couches at home. But right now, you will not be using such a vacuum in soft places by sliding or rubbing the vacuum nozzle on the surface. A motherboard is a very delicate part of the computer and must be handled with care.

If you do plan on using a hand vacuum, then make sure you hold it far away from the motherboard. Several inches should be enough. You need to prevent the hard vacuum machine from accidentally bumping onto the motherboard and causing any kind of damage.

Static can also build up and tiny parts on the motherboard could also rip off the motherboard from the powerful sucking of the vacuum.

You just need enough distance to let the loose dirt and dust get sucked into the vacuum machine from afar. You can also buy a special computer vacuum for cleaning computer parts. It is easier to use and will not cause static to build up.

Final Words for Motherboard Buyers

Computer maintenance is not something you need to do every day. But it does need to be done timely. There are various types of pollution that come from the air and get into the motherboard of the computer.

In some places, there are airtight rooms with an air conditioning system that are used for any technology department in educational facilities or in workplaces. It decreases the chances of dirt getting into the motherboard and also prevents all the electronics from overheating.

You will have to clean less or more but knowing how to clean motherboards is vital for your PC.

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