How to Use Single Jack Headset on PC Without Splitter

by Malcolm Woods

Quality headsets up until some years ago used to come with two jacks - one for sound and one as a mic. Though most headphones do not have two jacks now, most of the PCs still do.

One way this problem can be solved is a splitter. But a splitter can weaken the signal, cause poor audio quality, and even fail to give service at all.

That is why we are here to discuss how to use a single jack headset on PC without splitter. After we are done, you will know all about this very useful hack.

Why Should I Avoid a Splitter?

Avoid A Splitter
Avoid A Splitter

A lot of you might be wondering if splitters are actually that bad. Let us take a look at why it is better to avoid splitters and why so many people choose to avoid them.

Splitters often degrade the sound quality unless they are of a very good standard, to begin with. Moreover, many of them do not carry sound as effectively as they should.

Some splitter cables also get damaged quickly or stop working unexpectedly only after being used for some time. Splitter cables in most cases do not affect volume but significantly degrade audio quality.

How to Use Single Jack Headset on PC without Splitter

Without further ado, let us take a look at how to use a single jack headset on your PC without a splitter.

On a PC

How To Use Single Jack Headset On PC Without Splitter
How To Use Single Jack Headset On PC Without Splitter

By going through some easy steps, you can use the device on the PC without any splitter.

  1. Take the cursor on the start option, and click it
  2. After that, click on Control Panel and launch it.
  3. Depending on your OS you may see 'Sound' or 'Hardware and Sound'. Select whichever one pops up for you and launch the sound options.
  4. Click on 'Recordings'. Several device options will appear. Locate the one you want to use and make that default.

If this does not work, click 'Set Up Microphone'. Any audio input will be detected by your PC. After this, apply changes, test your headset, and enjoy!

On a Mac

How To Use Single Jack Headset On PC
How To Use Single Jack Headset On PC

For a Mac, you also need to follow some steps. Let us guide you through each of them.

  1. You can press the volume icon or search for sound settings with the help of the finder.
  2. Click on Sound Preferences.
  3. A popup will appear. From there, go to the inputs tab.
  4. From the list of available devices, select yours and set it as default.

After this, test your headset and enjoy! If this process fails, it usually means that your jack or even your port might be corrupted. In which case, we recommend you get your PC repaired.

Why Do Some PCs Have Separate Audio and Sound Jacks?

Compared to mobile and tablets, PC has more space and more opportunities to have separate input options for sound and audio. This means that the final audio quality is better, uninterrupted, and not disturbed. Except for some exceptions, most modern PCs and laptops only have one input jack for both audio and video.

Those of you who need good quality audio and sound input for work or study purposes can choose to build your own PC. This is often costly and troublesome, but the end product will surely be a lot more useful. Some laptop models also come with separate audio ports though the number is limited.

Headphones and Earphone Factors to Keep in Mind

Headphones And Earphone
Headphones And Earphone

No matter what you choose or do not choose to use, headphone or earphone quality is a factor that is important for all of us. Let us take a look at some such headphone and earphone factors.

  • The quality of your headphone and their mic function determine sound quality greatly. Cheaply made headphones serve the purpose but neither the audio nor the sound input will have good quality.
  • In many cases, longer headphones that have more length have poorer sound quality
  • In-ear earphones provide better sound, are more comfortable, and provide accurate performance
  • Headphones with very high frequencies (generally over 23,000 Hz) do a better job and generally sound clearer than those that use low frequency.
  • Over-ear headphones that come with a mic are better suited for those who need to use headphones for professional purposes.

Final Words for Single Jack Headset Buyers

Final Words for Single Jack Headset Buyers
Final Words for Single Jack Headset Buyers

After reading our article, we hope you have learned how to use single jack headset on PC without splitter. We hope you have a good time working with your headphones.

About Malcolm Woods

Malcolm Woods is a blogger who enjoys writing about technology and solar power. He has a passion for learning new things, and loves to share his knowledge with others. Malcolm is also an advocate for sustainable living, and believes that everyone has a responsibility to do their part in preserving our planet.

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