Best Wireless Printer 2023 (Top Picks)

by Malcolm Woods

Are you breaking the web for finding the right printer for you? Or hunting an all-in-one wireless printer then you are good to go with our review of the best wireless printer 2023 . Printers are a necessity of the modern world required both in the professional world and for home use. Since printers are so magnanimous and a significant part of the professional bringing to life the heaps of files on your desktop or PC, so, are the staggering numbers of these printers hitting the market.

This staggering influx of so many printers coming out is although a good perspective for enabling choice and customization but it does complicate the task of finding the right one for your needs. To cut short the numbers and sort out the best product we have brought this review of the best Wireless Printer 2023 to help you pick the ideal one. So give it a read for getting your hands on your desired product.

Are you busy enough to miss out on reading the entire article? Don't worry we have got you covered and brought for you our top pick of the best all-in-one wireless printer 2023. Brother HLL2395DW is the right contender for this spot as it is coming with a wireless printer cum scanner combo having the facility of cloud-based and NFC printing.

Best Wireless Printer 2023

Are you ready to have an immersive view of the top eight wireless printers coming your way in the market? If you have made up your mind then you are good to begin this in-depth review of the best wireless printer 2023.

Product Rating Price
HP ENVY Pro 5SE45A ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Brother HLL2395DW ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Canon ImageCLASS MF267dw ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Canon PIXMA TS5320 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Lexmark MB2236adw ⭐⭐⭐
Brother MFC-J995DW ⭐⭐⭐⭐
HP LaserJet Pro Multifunction M428fdw ⭐⭐⭐

Top 8 Best Wireless Printer 2023 Reviews

The list of unbiased reviews given below is enough to help you pick the best wireless printer in 2023.

Top 8 Best Wireless Printer 2023 Reviews
Top 8 Best Wireless Printer 2023 Reviews

1. Brother HLL2395DW Wireless Printer

Brother HLL2395DW
Brother HLL2395DW

Brother monochrome laserjet printers are the greatest lineup of all-purpose printers that are allowing the users to have a multi-functional and highly versatile printer capable of offering the goodness of printer, copier, and scanner all in a single item. These printers are coming compatible with both Ethernet connectivity and are generally wireless for prime facilitation to the users.


This wireless printer is a monochrome laserjet printer cum scanner and has a flatbed scanning facility that allows it to have quick glass scanning for optimum satisfaction of the users. The flatbed scanning features enable the device to be utilized for a great photocopying machine.

The connectivity of the printer is half of its significance and efficiency as it will allow you to have a comfortable and quick action converting your soft Microsoft presentations and docs into the handouts. This brother printer is having a flexible range of connectivity enabling it to be connected with AirPrint, google cloud, and the onboard brother iPrint media.

The best and most innovative thing about this printer is its cloud-based printing and having this onboard is a remarkable thing and you will be good to go with printing directly printing from your cloud media such as google drive, dropbox, or any other similar platform.

The printing capacity of this product is 250 sheets, which is a gold standard in the field and will prevent you from refilling the tray again and again. The speed of the unit is about 36 pages per minute that is a swift action worth each penny of your investment.


This brother is an all in one wireless printer and scanner that is the foremost choice for the Best Wireless Printer 2023.

  • 250 sheets capacity
  • Efficient speed of 36 pages
  • 30/50 dB sound level
  • Cloud printing capability
  • Convenient NFC printing
  • Suitable for legal & letter-sized paper
  • Doesn't support faxing

2. Brother MFC-J995DW All in One Wireless Printer

Brother MFC-J995DW All In One Wireless Printer
Brother MFC-J995DW All In One Wireless Printer

Another product by the brother appearing in our list confirms the belief that brother all-in-one wireless printers are the top-rated products in the field and for this simple reason you will always end up finding the brother printers in every possible listing of Best Wireless Printer 2023.


The most notable and praiseworthy feature of this device is its built-in ink storage tank and this will allow you to fill enough ink in the tank that can be used optimally for a year. This one-year ink storage is more than enough for your needs and you will be greatly satisfied with its quality on paper.

This efficient ink investment is due to the exceptional cartridges and these cartridges will be holding more ink than the rivals in the market and thus you will be having an uninterrupted jet of ink flow giving quality prints on paper.

This printer will be allowing you to have full control over ink consumption and eliminate the guesswork out of this consumption. This guesswork elimination is based on the efficient intelligent page gauge and this will brief the about the consumed amount of ink user after each print, and this will also notify about the remaining ink in the storage box.

The printer is fully compatible with all mobile printing devices like AirPrint. Google Cloud, cloud print, or the onboard Brother iPrint. You can also connect it directly to the WIFI and this WIFI direct will be enabling it to connect with every possible type of file being shared with the Printers.


This brother inkjet printer is all known for its efficient yet quality ink consumption and its budget-friendly storage for about a whole year without any additional refilling within the timespan.

  • INKvestement Tank
  • Duplex Printing
  • 1-year ink-in box
  • Dash replenishment by the Amazon
  • Mobile device printing
  • Plain paper printing only

3. Lexmark MB2236adw

Best Wireless Printer 2023
Best Wireless Printer 2023

The Lexmark printers are enjoying a pristine position in the market and have a wide plethora of many amazing products that are either wireless printers or all-in-one scanning and printing device. This brand is specifically known for its laserjet printers, which is an immensely popular lineup of the brand and has garnered a big name for them.


This is a monochrome laserjet printer and you will be having the best quality black and white display on your page that will be giving the perks of a professional document even when you have used it for professional purposes.

The printer is compatible with all types of paper and can be utilized for printing over the hard card paper and this will prove to be a worthy addition in any wireless printer since you can use it for customizing memos within your organizations.

The storage capacity and the speed of the laserjet printer are exceptional and this item is offering you a fast and effective processor coming with the 1 gigahertz processing capability and as far as its storage is concerned you can store your data within 512 MBs of its onboard memory.

The printer has a display panel on its lateral side and this display is having the control techs for the working of the printer and the commands will be displayed on an LCD panel that will show you the ongoing action.


This monochrome laserjet printer is coming with an onboard memory of 512 MBs and has a processing speed of 1 GHz along with the LCD panel for controls and have flexible connectivity.

  • Monochrome Laser Printing
  • 1 GHz Speedy Processor
  • Storage memory of 512 MB
  • Menus display on LCD screen
  • Doesn't support scanner and faxing ability

4. Brother 2764645 HL-L2370DW

Wireless Printers Of 2023
Wireless Printers Of 2023

This is a third brother printer among the top four wireless printers of 2023 and this is a black and white printer that has the laserjet orienting technology coming with its monochrome printing. The outlook of the printer is like an old conventional ink box but the performance of it will leave you deeply amazed by the quality prints winning the hearts of the users and critiques alike.


This brother printer is a wireless printer that has not cut down upon the conventional connectivity options but rather you can use both of them whenever and wherever you required them. This means you can get benefited from the wired Ethernet cable connection and still be capable of using the wireless connectivity.

Apart from that this printer is also supportive of direct USB printing and thus you don't have to connect it with your PC and save your files for printing with a desktop-only printer. Keeping in mind the modern-day technological developments and the fast-paced lifestyle it is offering you compatibility with all the voice commanding tools.

This printer is compatible with both Alexa, Siri, and google assistant technologies for having the best bang for your buck. The printing capacity of the Brother printer is about 250 sheets and the unit is built in a way to yield a maximum of 15,000 pages each month.

This is a good number and let the users use it for quite a long run with as much utilization as they want. The speed of the unit is 36 pages per minute that is again a good enough value for optimum working.


This monochrome laserjet printer is having a good range of connectivity and is compatible with all mobile printing devices include cloud-based printing.

  • Monochrome printing
  • USB, Ethernet, wireless connectivity
  • 250 sheet paper capacity
  • Printing speed of 36 pages
  • Duplexing printing
  • Plain printing only

5. Canon PIXMA TS5320 All-in-one printer

All In One Printer
All In One Printer

If you are looking for an all-in-one printer that is coming with wireless connectivity and will allow you to get advantages of print, copy, scan, and fax then this canon PIXMA is the right choice for you. This multi-function printer is best in town for its connectivity and has a range of connectivity options both cloud-based and mobile devices connectivity.


This is an inkjet printer that has five distinct types of cartridges that are designated different letters specifying M, C, Y, BK and, PGBK for the various types and styles of printing. This printer is supportive of glossy photo paper printing and this is a most notable aspect of any multi-functional laserjet printer.

The compatible paper is the A4 and legal size papers and any other paper size will not be entertained within the paper. Connectivity is also a satisfying aspect of the printer and is supportive of both the Ethernet and wireless connectivity. It is also good to go with WIFI, USB, and Bluetooth.

The printer is also equipped with an SD and a card slot. The speed of the printer is not at par with the brother printers and this is retained at 15 pages per minute for the monochromatic prints and while going for the multi-chromatic or the color prints the speed is only 10 pages per minute.

This printer, like all the latest additions, is compatible with Alexa, and google assistant and you can use the voice commands for discovering the nearby compatible devices and starting the printing process once connected.


This is a medium-range printer that is versatile and multi-function and will prove to be a great investment for many coming years.

  • Glossy photo printer
  • Inkjet printer
  • OLED Display
  • Elegant and fancy outlook
  • Low ink and toner detection
  • Glossy photo paper might be expensive to buy

6. Canon ImageCLASS MF267dw

Canon ImageCLASS MF267dw
Canon ImageCLASS MF267dw

This printer is another worthy addition to our selection of the Best Wireless Printer 2023 and is coming with a flexible range of features that are not only good as a quality printer but is also equally reputed for a scanner and copier.


The most praiseworthy feature of this unit is its highest speed that is way too higher than most of the monochromatic printers coming in the market and the speed of this all-in-one wireless printer is 30 pages per minute and this is the highest speed for any product in our list.

The maximum efficiency of the printer is provided by its 5 seconds optimum speed and this allows you to get your hands on the first page within mere 5 seconds and that's pretty much good for your cause.

The printer has two trays that are termed as cassette tray and a multi-purpose tray and the capacity of both differ unanimously. The cassette tray can contain up to a maximum of 250 pages while the multifunctional tray can only have a single sheet at a time in it.

This printer is compatible with both monochromatic and color printing and this is the probable reason for its slight off pricey price tag but that is worth the money the printer is also good to go with the air print and cloud printing services while it is also supportive of the Morphia and the cannon cloud printing.


The all in one functional printer is exceptionally good for scanning and photocopying and is equally good as a fax machine as it is an excellent printer.

  • Highest speed
  • Multipurpose tray
  • Print scan, fax, and copy
  • The capacity of 250 sheets
  • 6 line LCD touch display
  • Plain paper printing

7. HP LaserJet Pro Multifunction M428fdw

Best All In One Wireless Printer 2023
Best All In One Wireless Printer 2023

HP is unarguably the most popular brand of the computer, monitors and related accessories both for desktop, PCs and, laptops and that is a unanimous decision agreed upon by most of the users in society. This is the best quality printer and is our runner-up choice for the Best Wireless Printer 2023.


The reason for so much hype of the HP products is its user-friendly appearance and simplicity of the control. This printer is no exception to the legacy of the HP products and is an immensely all-around product that will prove to be a worthy choice by all means.

The striking difference of this product from others is the highest speed and sheet capacity. This printer is coming with the average 550 sheets capacity optional tray and this is giving it a maximum volume of 40, 000 pages per month and this is just commendable.

This feature is alone is more than enough to classify the printer as a professional product but HP manufacturers have got is more and are offering auto on and off features that will automatically switch off once the last page has been taken out of it.

For the smooth and simple display of menus and navigation, it is coming with a touchscreen display at the lateral side and you can view from there your selected commands and menus.


This is a highly secure and praiseworthy printer that is offering you a best-in-class speed and high sheet capacity that lets you use the printer all day long for numerous needs in the office counting on the scanning, copying, and faxing features of this all in one wireless printer.

  • Highly secure
  • Able to print on card stocks
  • Glossy photo paper printing
  • Ethernet and USB connectivity
  • 40 pages per minute speed
  • Default two-sided prints

8. HP ENVY Pro 5SE45A


HP ENVY Pro is another lineup of HP all-in-one wireless printers and this is a reputed product that is highly regarded as a versatile and multi-functional one. The versatility of the product allows it to be used for scanning and printing as well as copying and faxing.


This printer is a wireless all in one gadget but is offering you a flexible range of connectivity options to choose from the Ethernet USB Bluetooth, WIFI direct, or PC sharing.

You can also connect to the printer using your HP smart app and this will track down your needs from afar sitting in your cabin and your prints will be served right in the tray of the printer. Faxing is most commonly carried out over recycled paper that is 20% recycled from the barely used plastic.

As far as the printing capacity is concerned HP has got the knack to attract the users and this model is offering a good enough feed of 35 pages per minute and the best thing is that it is an automatic feed and you don't have to insert the papers on your own.


This HP all in one wireless printer will be offering you a range of connectivity options and is exceptionally good for its automatic feeding capacity along with the HP smart app control and cloud-based printing facility.

  • Auto document feeder
  • Alexa compatible
  • Label type of printing
  • HP Smart APP control
  • Default two-sided prints
Best Wireless Printer
Best Wireless Printer


Before starting your hunt for the best wireless printer you must be well aware of the underlying techs and the necessary features coming in your way. For enabling you to be aware of the worthy features of a printer, we have compiled this comprehensive buying guide where you can find out the solutions to your queries.

The foremost feature, to begin with, is the seed and capacity of a printer and you should never ignore this aspect of a printer either wireless or wired. Most of the printers available in the market are coming with 30 to 50 pages per minute capacity and you should determine your needs and choose accordingly.

Paper Format

Paper format is a more tan necessity for your printer and this is to ensure that your printer is compatible with the format of the pages that you plan to have printed. Most of the official settings are running on legal or A4-sized papers therefore you must find yourself a printer that is compatible with these paper formats.


What is the best wireless printer for home use?

Brother HLL2395DW is the best printer for home use and this is because it is a reasonably priced item coming with a 250 sheets capacity on average along with the speed of 36 pages per minute and will be good for most of the tasks in a home.

Do wireless printers need WIFI?

Yes, for sure, wireless networks require some sort of connecting technology and WIFI is the leading one these days cutting short on Bluetooth. Therefore you will require connecting your WIFI with the printing unit for making a wireless connection.

How long does a wireless printer last?

The average life of a printer is usually ranging between 3 to 5 years and giving weightage to the fact that you keep the printer properly maintained and in a good shape it will be good enough to last little months longer but not more than six to seven years.

Are wireless printers safe?

Wireless printers are as safe as wired ones and there is no exception to the WIFI connected devices. The only thing that users have to be sure of is that of the technology and you must ensure that it is properly running in your device with no viral infections to it.

Can a wireless printer be hacked?

No, a wireless printer is pretty much secure and a computing device connection is not sufficient to hack the data from a printer.

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Epson Expression Home XP-5105 Ad inchiostro 33 ppm 4800 x 1200 DPI A4 Wi-Fi - Walmart, Etsy, eBay


If you're on the hunt for finding the best wireless printer 2023 then this is the list for you. We have performed extensive research to help you quickly choose the right product for your needs. Regarding the top pick, our experts have suggested one product to save you some time with the research.

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