The Clean Energy Economy

Nevada’s potential economic gain within the clean energy industry is recognized both nationally and locally. Nevada’s clean energy sector has not only been a focus of every economic development plan in the Silver State for the past ten years but is also known to be one of the highest resource potential states in America according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

As Nevada’s premier clean energy advocacy organization, we’ve compiled several reports and data showing just how beneficial a clean energy economy can be.

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How the Spring Valley Wind Farm benefits Nevada

Renewable energy projects often generate millions of dollars in revenue for state and local governments. The Spring Valley Wind Farm is but one example. See below.


Total property taxes that will be received by state government $11,221,189.00
Total property taxes that will be received by local government $13,714,778.00
Local school tax support $5,409,635.00

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Clean Energy Investment

Since CEP’s inception, it has diligently worked to help educate policy leaders throughout the West as to the benefits of clean energy. In Nevada, CEP has seen clean energy large-scale project investments grow to more than $6.7 billion alone with 31 clean energy projects completed. Many of these projects were made possible by tax abatement programs implemented by the Nevada Governor's Office of Energy. To date, the total amount abated in property taxes and sales and use tax is $734 million. This represents an estimated 10-to-1 return on investment.           Click here to learn more about clean energy investment in Nevada.